Obsession : Reborn for your love And Revenge (Intro)

The story start when vansh left ridima in the hotel in manali..he she woke up
See vansh is not there…

When she asks Hotel of the manager about her husband that he told them she come alone.she don,t understand that what happening. For search her husband she went alone.

But not found her husband so she she decided to go to her house. With many difficulty when she reach there…

See her husband introduce another women as her wife.say every one that she Her wife but no one believe him….
They insult her, throw her out of house.

She understand that there no one her own so she leave form their
And Her self that she only live her and Child.. And never forgiven what they did to her in this conditions

After her leave vansh come to Truth and he felt guilty. He try found her
But no result

After 5 month later when he found his but death but 5 month pregnancy
Also know that it is not normal dealth that some one Murder her pregnant wife.he felt more guilty that why he leave her alone in this time

If didn’t didn’t blind in her revenge game. That today his wife will life
They will happy now but for one mistake run every think

After that got new,s her all family members die in bombe blast. Some had plan bome in her house.no one save in her family. All think got mad he Kill her step mother and brother.. And also that women who act as her wife in front of media

He vow to meet her wife again to complete her incomplete love story

Now let see their destiny will complete this time or not, Sitaron Ki Shaadi ab kaun si Khel khelti hai ine donon Ko fir se milane ke liye

Dekhte ab ine donon Ka Pyar kaun si Hath par karta hai Ek dusre ko pane ke liye apni Ishq ki kahani Ko Mukammal karne ke liye

Kia indo is per Ek Ho Payenge ya FIR Judaa Ho Jaenge

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