not a chapter – notifying the changes !

This is not an new chapter! I was trying from 20mims for changing and selecting a different thumbnail but it was not showing so  had to use it!




Hello everyone, just a short notice!

Though I have notified you all earlier, but many are asking the reason!


So guys I am having my tests from6th to 16 of july!

Due to which it’s not possible for me to post my ff nor os till then!

But if I will get time I will post!

But I can’t be sure of!


So hope you understand!



Sry for taking your time!

But had to inform!

So this is the new cover! Which I will be using!

(Anyone of them I will use)


( thanks to my dear editor- SWEETY

Thank you so much for this cover)

Or the previous one!

Now you can tap back button because next part is about explaining the process of posting ff! 🤗!



Now this for the ones who want to post their ffs!

Basically for jayashree!

Hope you are reading!

Sory sorry though you were not registered, so I couldn’t find you!



Here is your answer dear!

Any problem ask me below😉😉.!



You first need a account here,

So after opening Telly updates, pn the home page, you will three parallel lines vertically on the top left corner!



1-tap on that!

2-choose the option submit your article.

3 -if you are registered then write and post. OR

(This is for those who haven’t registered!)

It will give you options, in those select make an account!

Make an account !


4-after completing all the procedures, you will have an registered account,.


5- now write your article and wrote the title and other fields and post!



Then you finally start your ff!


(Mostly after 20 or 22 posts , you get qualified for instant approval…many a times after 25 posts too)



Hope it helps,




Thank you,









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