Norwegian thriller Utoya: July 22 to premiere this Friday on &PrivéHD World Box Office | Television News

Mumbai: It isn’t easy to forget and recover from the lifelong trauma of having been a part of history’s more horrific and gruesome event. No consolation is ever enough to comfort from the horrors of the past that linger on. 

&PrivéHD is set to premiere the multi-award-winning Norwegian film, ‘Utøya: July 22’ that sheds light on the plight of such victims through the eyes and perspective of a survivor. Premiering this Friday, April 16th at 9 PM, the premium destination of nuanced cinema, presents yet another thriller based on a true-life incident that shook a whole nation and brought to light several issues wrong with the system.

Coming to Indian television for the first time as part of the channel’s latest property, ‘Privé World Box Office’, this drama film will air at 9 PM for the entire week till next Thursday. With this, movie fans are set to be entertained with new blockbuster foreign films every week that promise to make you feel at home, no matter the language.

Based on a true terror attack in Norway on the 22nd of July, Utøya: July 22 is a Norwegian multiple award-winning movie that narrates the incident from a young teenager’s point of view attending a summer camp that was the target of a politically-driven orchestrated attack that unfolded on the dreadful day and came to be known as the Utoya Massacre. 

This foreign movie captures a very realistic and frightening experience retold by the actual survivors of this attack that is bound to remind you of a similar attack that took place in 2008. Until date, grappling with disbelief, the nation still mourns for the few who but lost their lives in a terrorist attempt meant to seed chaos, hate and misdirection. Find yourself questioning the ethics and ideals of some people and the length they go to be heard.

Bringing new premieres every week, &PrivéHD’s World Box Office promises entertainment for everyone with movies of varied themes and genres. The line-up includes movies that are each blockbusters in their country of origin and are from varied genres ranging from romantic dramas and comedy to fantasy and adventure.

Watch A film about a survivor’s guilt and the devastating impact that lay bare on the innocent lives lost to a fight not of their own with Utøya: July 22 premiering this Friday on &PriveHD.


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