My Love Where Are You- RiAnsh ‘Prologue’

Hii everyone!! This is the prologue and I will post the 1st episode soon!! 

Riddhima was ready in her white lehenga. Tears were escaping through her eyes. Her lips swollen, her body paining. She was still traumised that Kabir forced himself in her. Angre entered the room with red chunni in his hand.


Scene 2

Riddhima is having bottle of poison in her hands. She was going to drink it while a hand stopped her, it was Vansh. She threw herself in his arms to get a little peace but all she got was a push.


Vansh: You are getting married you didn’t tell me Kabir?


Riddhima looks at Kabir who was smirking.


Scene 3

Riddhima is walking on the flooded streets in her white bridal attire which was covered with red blood. She faints on the floor. Riddhima opens her eyes in a hospital. She directly sat at the bed trying to know where she is.


Nurse: Don’t worry. You are fine. Did someone…..

Riddhima: Yes.

Nurse: You will do everything yourself or I should call police?

Riddhima: I am enough for myself.


Scene 4

Riddhima enters VR Mansion with a gun and aims it at Dadi. Hearing dadi’s shouts everyone gathers.

Vansh: Riddhima!!!

Riddhima: Riddhima nahi! Riya! Riya naam hai mera. Aur ab mai yahan se tab tak nahi jaaungi jab tak mujhe woh nahi mil jaata.

Vansh: Who?

Riya/Riddhima: Mera kaatil (smirks)


Scene 5

Riya/Riddhima is wearing a black hoodie and is looking between the files finding something. The lights turn on and Vansh was standing there. Vansh holds her neck chocking her.

Vansh: Kahan hai meri Riddhima?

Riya/Riddhima: Tumhari?… Kab….oh… You…used her…..for..pleasure…for….. satisfaction…..


Vansh leaves her listening her words.


Riya/Riddhima: Mar gayi. Mar gayi Riddhima. Usi din jis din tumhari tarah Kabir ne uska istemal kiya. Fark itna hai ki tumne ijazat li aur Kabir ne zabardasti ki.


It was enough to break Vansh. He fell on his knees, crying ….and fainted.


Tell me you are excited for it or not?? And I will try to post both of them alternatively 😊

Tanvi 💫

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