My Love Where Are You- RiAnsh EPI 3 ‘Siya to be back?’

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Everything starts with the next morning hearing screams of siya. (She’s still in coma)

Vansh who was in deep sleep due to drinking too much woke up when he heard her sister screaming. Siya had still didn’t gain consciousness. But was trying to say something…


Bha…bhai…woh .. Bhabhi….


Vansh: sshh Siya. Relax. Tumhara bhai tumhe kuchh nhi hone dega. Angre doctor ko phone karo!!


The doctor arrived and checked her up. Vansh was walking around. Angre was standing in a corner.


Angre’s POV


What is happening. First Bhabhi comes here and says she is not Riddhima, she was here to kill Kabir but she doesn’t know boss has kept in a different place for sending a betrayer. I want to tell everything to him. But Bhabhi’s only promise…. I can’t break it. She took all the pain on herself just to save our family, and the family she saved threw her out. And I was not able to do anything. Just stand there quietly. I need to meet her.


POV end..


The doctor came out of the room and everyone circled him.

Vansh: Is she fine?


Doctor: She is absolutely fine. It happens when patients try to wake up by their own will due to some reason.


Vansh: She will wake up?


Doctor: It totally depends on her. She was taking some name..Riddhima. Ish she here? If she stays with her might she show some improvement.


Vansh: She is the reason of her state.


Doctor: Maybe she doesn’t know? I gave my advice it’s totally your choice.


And the doctor leaves….


Vansh’s POV

This was the only thing to happen now. I wanted her to stay infront of my eyes. The reason? Even I don’t know. She nearly cried. She wanted to kill Kabir? I would let her do so? Nah. I am sure she wants to free him from my clutches. Want an act, Riddhima. Still I love you. Why? I am not able to hate you? You have to come back now. Meri behen ke theek hone tak tum yahin rahogi.

Vansh’s POV ends


Vansh: Angre dhoondho use, aur lekar aao. Jab tak Siya theek nhi ho jaati woh yahin rahegi.


Ishani: Bhai yeh aap kya keh rahein hai? Yeh toh aap bhi jaante hai ki…


Vansh: Ishani. Mai Riddhima ko Siya ke saath akele chhodne ka risk nhi lunga. Mai bhi Siya ke paas hi rahunga. That’s it. Angre, dhoondho use.


Angre: Sure boss.


Angre had a different level of relief, atleast she would be here, infront of Vansh. Hope she tells him the truth by herself. Why she didn’t? Supressing these questions in his mind he went off to find his Bhabhi or his ‘Elder Sister’ according to him.


In the evening


The doorbell rang and Angre entered the home along with Riddhima. Vansh was standing looking at her while she was busy admiring the whole house.

Vansh: So Riddhima…

Riddhima: Riya. I have told you thousand time that I am not Riddhima. But you don’t have your blo*dy brain. Where is she? What was her name….Piya.

Vansh: Siya!! And stop your god damn acting now!

Riya(chuckles): If I am doing acting what are you doing?huh?


Vansh pulls her to Siya’s room and pins her to the wall.

Riya: Mr Rai Singhania leave me.

Vansh: What if I don’t?


Riya opens her bracelet which had a knife, she puts it on Vansh’s neck. She came near her ear.

Riya: I told you, I am not Riddhima. I am wayy dangerous than her. Stay alert. And never forget that Riddhima was part of your life.


Vansh: Ridhima WAS. And I never remember my past.


Riya: Oh yeah ..big people you see. Use Someone and throw them.


Vansh leaves the room angrily.


At night

Vansh came to Siya’s room and listen Riya talking to Siya.

Riya: Aap jaldi se theek ho jao, phir hum milke sabko maza chakhaenge. Riddhima ko diya hua waada mai poora krke hi rahungi.


Vansh’s eyes were open wide in shock. She was really not Riddhhima? How can two people look exactly the same? Is she trying to cheat him or really she is Riya?


Vansh entered with a storm and held Riya by her neck chocking her a little.

Vansh: Where is Riddhima…..


Angre entered the room and tried to stop Vansh but he didn’t listen.

Vansh: Where is my Riddhhima!!!

Riya: Your?…she…was……s…for you.

Vansh: Shut up! She was the one who betrayed me!

Angre: Boss please stop!!

Vansh leaves her while she sits on the floor coughing. Vansh fells on her knees.

Riya: Want to know what happened? I will gladly tell you. So let’s start from the start …..

It depends in you all when you want the next episode. Comment your reviews..

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