My Love Is Harmful For You – Riansh ff Chapter – 5

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Episode starts here:- 

(Hello guys!! So I came with the next chapter today. I hope you will like it and some parts of the mystery will get unfold in next chapter. Stay tuned for it. So let’s start with today’s episode,,)

_____________ ________________

The episode starts with continuation of past. Riddhima was driving and Vansh was sitting beside her. It was raining heavily outside and songs are playing. There was an awkward silence between them like they don’t know each other. So to broke it Vansh starts.

Vansh:Tell me something about your family members. Like who are there, though I have heard but I want to know more. I hope you will not mind anything. Moreover what is there to mind…. 

Riddhima to herself:Urgh!! This man talks too much. Silence was better than his useless talk. I have to make him quite otherwise my ears will get damaged very soon.

Riddhima:Don’t you think you talk too much? (irritated). Hold your horse. So we have a joint family but both my uncles lives in Europe. Only my father is living over here after his retirement. My mother is a simple housewife now and my brother is a criminal lawyer. We four lives together in our mansion.

Vansh:What about your grandfather?

Riddhima:He passed away in previous year. (sad).

Vansh:I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to…

Riddhima:It’s okay, you were unaware of it. Actually my mom, dad and bhai are always busy in their own work. I was raised by servants and my grandpa. He was very close to me. He was my first friend. I used to share everything with me and same for him. After grandma’s demise he was also all alone and after that I make an entry (smiling). Everyone says my grandma’s soul came in my body that’s why grandpa loves me so much. But we know how much strong and unique bond we have.

Riddhima wipes the tears that have make place in the corner of her eyes and continues.

Riddhima:What about your family?

Vansh:My? Huh!! (smiling sarcastically ). They died when I was 8 and 10 years old.


Vansh:My mother died because of heart attack and my father had an accident. I am alone from childhood only. Now I have learnt how to stay alone. And believe me I don’t feel sad now.

Riddhima:I have heard that the persons who have too much of pain in their hearts talks a lot to lessen it. (smiling).

Vansh looks towards Riddhima and she was looking on the road to avoid eye contact. Till now Vansh saw Riddhima as a very rude, bold and dominating lady but he understood she has a very good heart which is hidden from the outside world. Again there was an awkward silence. The car stops in a traffic signal. They were waiting for the red light to turn green when there was a knock in Vansh’s window. They saw a boy is knocking on the window glass. Vansh scrolls down the window.

Boy:I have fresh rose wanna buy it?

Vansh:No, we are not interested.

Boy:Please buy it.

Vansh:Why are you selling all these instead of going to school?

Boy:No no don’t say about school otherwise he will beat me. Just buy it and give me the money. I didn’t eat for last two days.

Hearing the boy Riddhima starts the engine. Vansh thought Riddhima maybe wants to ignore him but to his suprise she parked the car aside. And she comes out of the car and went towards the boy. Vansh also went.

Riddhima:I will give you everything you want but say me who will beat you?

Boy:No I will not say.

Voice:I will beat him!!

Vansh and Riddhima turns and saw a man in his mid – forties was standing with a stick.

Riddhima:Who are you to beat him? (angry).

Man:I am his father. And I can beat him, make him do work. Who are you to say?

Vansh:You can’t make him work. His age is still below 18.

Man:So what? Look you people looks from rich family. You people go to school. But we poor people have to do work so that we can get food for one day. Being a father it is my responsibility to see my child is eating or not.

Riddhima:Responsible father? Oh really? You are sitting in a chair and asking your son to do work. If he don’t do then you beat him. Is this your responsibility?

Man:Please keep your lectures aside. You rich people can’t do anything instead of giving such lectures.

Saying this he starts to beat the boy with the stick.

Man:No one buy a single flower from you? What were you doing?

Seeing this Riddhima tries to protest but in all this the man beats her mistakenly and this was enough for Vansh to get angry. He took the stick from his hand and breaks it by twisting it and kicks him on his stomach. The man fell down on the ground. Many people have make a circle seeing their fighting. Riddhima was trying to control Vansh but he didn’t pay any attention. He was busy kicking him.

Vansh:First of all you were beating you son and then you beat a lady. From where you got so much guts? Today is your end.

Boy:Please leave my dad. Please!!

He was crying and pleading folding his hands. Vansh stops after hearing his please. He saw the boy sits beside his father and cries.

Vansh:Get some teachings from your son. You behaved so rude with him but see, he cares for you. He still respects you. And you people (to the crowd) don’t you people have eyes and ears? You people can only see like a puppet but can’t protest? Today a father was just beating him, there are many news where a drunk man beats his wife in public area can’t you protest against it? A man molests a girl in public area. Can’t you people protest? You stand and see what happens but when time comes for protest you can’t see anymore. Everyday a girl is getiing molested in a open area but no one protest. Why? WHY? Have we lost the strength of us? We can show our many spirit in a girl by doing wrong things then why can’t we show our manly spirit to stop all those? Answer me?

All the people hungs their head down. Vansh was taking long breaths after shouting for so long. Riddhima was shocked to see Vansh in a different way. Slowly slowly the person got busy again.

Riddhima:Now you will live with us. We have a school for children like you. 

Boy:Thank you Didi.

Man:Thanks for showing me right path.

Vansh leaves in anger and Riddhima also leaves.

In the car:- 

Riddhima: You will live with us in our mansion.


Riddhima:I am saying you my decision, not asking you. It is my order, do it. (fierce).

Vansh:As you wish. 

Then the next journey to Riddhima’s house was silent. In the way Vansh was thinking about Riddhima, how she asked him to live with them in their house. And Riddhima was thinking about Vansh. How bravely he managed the situation and his perspectives. It is true in current time people allow wrong things to happen. And this is providing strength to the criminals and rapists.

Soon they reach their mansion. Nothing less than a dream house. There is large fountain and garden in front of the mansion. In side the mansion it has foreign show pieces. There is a chandelier in the middle of the cieling of the drawing room. Entering the main gate a delicious smell hits on Vansh’s nose.

Vansh: Chilli Chicken!! I can never do any mistake in recognizing the smell.

Riddhima gives a force smile.

Hearing them Riddhima’s mother comes from the kitchen.

Neelima (Riddhima’s mother):You came back. Go and get fresh I have made your favorite dish. (Seeing Vansh) Who is he? Your friend?

Riddhima:Yes mom and he will stay with us.

Then Riddhima says everything about his family.

Neelima:Don’t worry beta. We are there na, never think that you are alone.

Vansh:Sure aunty. (In his mind) She was ex CBI Officer? So sweet officer? How it is possible? Moreover such sweet mother has such angry bird daughter. Oh god!!

Neelima: Tomorrow is your grandpa’s death anniversary. Do you remembered it?

Riddhima:Yes ma, very well.


Saying Neelima leaves and Vansh and Riddhima goes and get fresh. Then they had their lunch.

(Now little bit fast forward mode✌🌚)

Next Day:-

Everyone is busy for the death anniversary. Pandit has came for puja. Kabir,Riddhima and Vansh is distributing food and clothes to old people. Riddhima’s mom and dad sat in the puja. Her uncle and aunty have also come from Europe. It was a very hectic day for everyone. It was evening time when everyone was taking rest. But Riddhima goes to her grandpa’s room.

She opened the door of the room and saw all the things are still in their place. She goes and sat on the bed and rubs her palm on it. She remember how her grandpa died in her lap with a smile on his face. He always wanted to see her marriage before dying but his ill luck. Before dying he said her something.

Grandpa:I will never forget you Chott Di. You are my second love after your grandma. I wanted to marry you but I know you will not accept a old man as your husband. But I wanted to see your marriage. But god took that happiness also from me. But promise in my one year death anniversary, you will come in my room and read this letter. (Handing a letter). Keep this letter with care. You will not open it before that and nor you will say anyone about that. Top secret between you and me. Good bye Chott Di.

This were his last words. Riddhima tooks out the letter and brings it near her face.

Riddhima:Grandpa!! I miss you so much!! Why you went leaving me alone over here?

She wiped her tears and open the letter. She saw in the letter it was written *************.


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