Molkki 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini leaves stealthily to meet her boyfriend

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Virender holds Nandini’s hand. I haven’t raised hand on any woman till date but I will forget it that you are my daughter if you so much as even raise a finger on Bawri! Vir says you have forgotten it long ago that we are your kids. Wish you knew how to abide by your duty along with your rights. Wish you had remembered that we came in your life before this Molkki! Wish you could remember that we are your own blood and not some relation that you bought! Virender and Purvi are taken aback by his words. Vir says Nandini is my sister. As her brother, I cannot see or let anyone do anything wrong to her. she is my daughter and my responsibility. I wont spare whoever will try to come in her way, even if it’s you! Virender asks him if he is threatening him. You know I wont hurt my kids at all. Vir says this relation has been broken long ago by you. Purvi stops Virender. Nandini is right. I should have been careful. I admit my mistake. Nandini asks Virender if he heard how his beloved Molkki accepted her mistake. Will you still try to save her? She gives first and last warning to Purvi. I will punish you if you try to spoil my stuff again. No one, not even your Mukhi ji will come to save you then. She heads upstairs followed by Vir. Prakashi and Anjali smirk and walk away as well.

Priyu and Purvi are drying clothes. Purvi asks her if she is a human being or a stone. You don’t budge at all. You have been through so much and now Vir and Nandini have come to boss over you. Purvi reasons that they hate Mukhi ji. Priyu tells her to let them boss on Mukhi ji then. You are the Mukhiyayin. Answer her back and silence her for once and all. Purvi says I want to win them over with love and not anger. That is how I want to silence them. Priyu says people only get reprimanded for good deeds in today’s time. Nandini thinks of herself to be some queen of London while Vir is dumb. He follows his sister blindly. Purvi tells her to stop it. Dry the clothes instead of badmouthing them.

Purvi brings dinner for Virender. I know oyu are still worried over what happened in the afternoon. Please forget it. Virender asks her how he can. You know I cannot bear it when someone points finger at you for no reason. I am more hurt this time as it is my own blood that’s doing this to you! Purvi says things will mess up further if you will lose your cool now. He jumps on the bed and screams lizard. She follows his example but he is panicked. She smiles. He tells her to shoo it away. She teases him by trying to send the lizard his way. He asks her why she is laughing at him. She asks him how a Mukhi can be afraid of a small lizard. He denies that he isn’t afraid. She smiles. My Tau ji is right. A big man can get afraid of small things. He retorts on her Tau ji’s logics again and starts teasing her. She slips and falls on him. They share an eye lock. She tries to get up but he pulls her back. She hears a noise from the bed and rues that she will have to bear this noise now. You wont be able to sleep on the floor anyways. He asks her why. She reminds him that the lizard can come back anytime. Shall I call it? His eyes widen in shock. We can sleep on the bed together with this noise. Let the outsiders think of whatever they want! She asks him what the outsiders will think. He tells her to think. She feels shy. They hear a knock on the door just then and see Juhi and Manas at the door with their bags.

They take the kids inside. Purvi asks them why they are here. I put you two to bed. Juhi and Manas want to stay with them. Purvi says we came here so Nandini and Vir can stay their peacefully. Juhi tells her not to lie. We saw everything. They misbehaved with you and even pushed you out of the room! Manas nods. They love us but it is wrong that they don’t love you too! Purvi says it isn’t true. Manas says you know we cannot sleep without hearing lullaby from you. We will sleep with you here only. Juhi agrees. I will sing it for you in your room tomorrow. Virender smiles. Manas tells her to forget about tomorrow. Sing it for us now. They keep their heads in her lap. Purvi sings lullaby for them. Kids fall asleep in no time. Virender falls asleep as well.

Nandini is sleeping when she receives Aarav’s call. She gets up excitedly. You promised to meet me when I will reach Rewari! He apologizes to her. even I am missing you a lot. It’s not good if we can’t meet even though you are in Rewari. She agrees to come over asap. He tells her to make sure no one sees her. She does not mind but he still tell her to be careful. Nandini agrees.

Purvi covers the kids with a duvet. She goes to kitchen to get water when she notices Nandini leaving the house stealthily. Nandini leaves in her car. Purvi wonders where she went to at this hour.

Nandini comes home in the morning.

Purvi wakes up. There is still an hour before their alarm time. I will make breakfast for everyone by then.

Nandini comes inside quietly. Purvi watches Nandini remove her shoes so as to keep the noise down. I saw her leaving at 1 am and it is 6 am. Where was she all this while? I should ask her. She asks Nandini where she is coming from. Nandini says I am coming from morning walk. My whereabouts are none of your business, Mrs. Molkki! Purvi says if you can dare to call me that then dare to tell the truth too. I saw you leaving the haveli stealthily at 1 am last night and you are coming back now. You have come here a few days ago only. It isn’t safe to go out at odd hours. Being Mukhi ji’s wife, it is my right to know about his daughter’s whereabouts. Nandini says parents have a right to know about their kids, not a Molkki. I am 18+ and an adult. It is my right to vote, to live and move around freely as per my wish. You are no one to give me permission or to question me! Stay in your limits, Mrs. Molkki! She walks away. Purvi wonders if she should tell Virender about it. No, I have to decrease distance between them. I wont tell him anything till then.

Nandini tells Aarav that she does not have to tell her dad anything as they share no relation anymore. You should tell your parents about us though. She notices Purvi’s portrait on the wall and ends the call. She thinks of her convo with Purvi in the morning. Prakashi and Anjali come there just then. Prakashi reminds her how Sakshi’s beautiful portrait was here earlier. This wall looked so beautiful then. This Molkki has put her picture here since she has come here. Don’t worry, she wont become Mukhiyayin this way. You and Vir have to teach her this in your own style. Vir comes there and looks at Purvi’s portrait too. He asks Dadi about Sakshi’s photo. Prakashi says she burnt it. She asked Virender and he complied. He put Molkki’s photo here instead. They have hurt Sakshi a lot. Sakshi was crying badly that day. I couldn’t bear to see it. She asks Anjali if she remembers that day. Anjali nods. Please don’t remind me of that day. I cannot bear to think of it either. She exaggerates and cooks a story. Nandini says it is time to take revenge from this Molkki. She will pay for everything. Just wait and watch what we will see to her now. Prakashi smiles.

Purvi is kneading dough. Virender asks her what she is making. Purvi says you told me that Vir and Nandini love halwa puri so I am making it for them. Virender offers to help her as well. I can do this much to pacify my angry kids. She smiles. They cook together. Purvi tells Virender that the fragrance of this halwa is telling her that it is amazing. This will surely bring sweetness in your relation with your kids. He hopes it come true. She assures him about it. I will make puri’s now.

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