Mine exclusively Mine-a Riansh fan fiction (Part 3)


The day riddhima always wished for finally arrived…a day without her boss, his constant lectures and so called expectations
But what she always assumed it to be was not how it ended
Honestly it was boring, nothing adventurous and no hurry in anything
packing her stuff she walked to the Parking
For booking a cab she pulled her phone out but aangre stopped her

I will drop you riddhima”
“No it’s fine I will manage”
“Come on yaar don’t be formal, come moreover I call you sister”
“It’s nothing like that”
“Then come”

Riddhima would have argued more but thinking of previous day’s incidents she agreed moreover ride with aangre was kinda fun
Getting into the car they moved, switching on the music system they sing no actually yelled as well

Le le le le le number mera baad mein message mujhko Kar Dena
Lucky samajh k khud ko mujhse hook up tu Kar lena
Aankh Meri sau sau baari do sau baari lad lad jaave
Jisse dekh Dil Mera peeche pad pad Jaye

Knock knock Tera baap aaya
Riddhima looked at him confused,aangre scratches his head and spoke

I think that’s a call”

Riddhima pursued her lips to ressist her giggles, like really tera baap aaya

Boss’s call
Riddhima become alert on hearing this, subconsciously she bend towards him to listen their talks
But seeing aangre expressions she knew something was off

“What is it aangre”
“Seems like boss is pissed at something”
“When he isn’t?”
“Come on riddhu he isn’t that bad huh”
“To you ,to me he’s a monster”
“Okay it’s not possible to win from you over this so let it be”
“Well why is he pissed that too at you”
“God knows but asked me to meet him  asap”
“You need to visit office again”
“Nope meet him at home”
“His home?”
“Vansh raisinghania’s home”
He never let me you know once at midnight he called me at office and I requested him to deliver the files at his home as that’s not far from mine
You know what he said
I don’t Invite employees at home”

Aangre chuckled

“Rude , monster”
The remaining ride riddhima sweared on vansh’s Name and aangre mentally giggled

Reaching her home riddhima was unbuckling her belt

Let made it a bit dramatic”
Saying this he get out of car and opened the door for her
Riddhima Chuckled
“That’s romantic not dramatic idiot”
“For me that’s dramatic”

Taking her hand in his,he sat on a knee and placed a kiss over it

“Riddhima find a bhabhi for you”
Riddhima’s eyes grow wide

“You need some help right”
“Hmm.. actually yes”
“Aangre …you”
“Well I will explain you later but now I need to go to boss’s

Saying this he literally ran into car

Riddhima kept standing there shaking her head at his tantrums
Walking inside the house she wished manik
The evening passed like how everyday it passed
With some talking with manik and a little not so good banter with sejal

Thinking about her day she laid on bed when her phone pinged with a message, looking at it she sat

“Not again”
Without reading the message she blocked this time

If only she had read it,aangre would have been safe

Lying on the bed again her memories get  at The time when all this started
That was last year of her collage

Flash back
“Riddhu , riddhu”
Yelled pallavi , riddhima’s Friend over  the whole college

“What happened,why are you yelling, professor Khanna ne suna Naa toh resticate Kar denge”
“Oh God leave all that,Tera letter aaya h”
Hearing this,a cute, Chubby riddhima started running towards the main gate, ignoring all the calls she was getting from her friends and professors
Hitting with different people
Only after reaching the gate she stopped

“Rahim chacha Mera letter”
“Y lo bitiya par ek baat batao y Roz Roz kaun tumhare liye Letter deke jaata h”
Asked Rahim chacha, handing her a beautiful blue coloured envelope the watchman of college
Are chacha koi aashiq deewana h ,jiske raaton ki neend madam ne uda rakhi h “
Speak Aisha one of her friend
Making them hush she run towards canteen and sat in a corner

“Riddhu khol naa”
“Nahi phle tum jao”
“Yaar riddhu,hum kisi ko nahi batayenge plz”
“No you go”

Hushing everyone away, she take that envelope on her hand and looked at it with a glint in her eyes
Opening it with utmost care
She take the letter out,a red rose was attached with it
Keeping the rose aside she opened the letter

Sweet heart,
             You know whenever you put that lavender perfume I can’t ressist myself from coming to meet you,you know how difficult was it for me to not come in front of you, but I know you do it deliberately so that you can meet me but Don’t worry I will meet you one day,well you were looking so cute in that jumpsuit yesterday and I am very happy you attained A++ in your business studies examination, m proud of you and yaa I love you and I know you love me too so, don’t look at other boys and
I love you,I love you and I love you
Don’t miss me so much and no need to go to that prom with Rajiv
Yours and only yours

Putting the letter carefully in her bag riddhima blushed
“He is jealous,I don’t know who are you V but I can’t wait to meet you”

It’s almost a month she was receiving such kind of letter and gifts
Like any other teenage girl she was happy at that Time, she doesn’t find any risk if someone had a crush over her
Chuckling and giggling to herself, kissing the letter she moved to her next class..

Flash back end

Swimming into memories she don’t know when she fall asleep

Reaching the office next day, she followed her routine
Working on a file she wonder why aangre is on a leave but shrugging the thoughts she continued working, suddenly her intercom buzzed and Taking a deep sigh she moved towards Vansh’s cabin

sir you called me
yeah aangre is on a leave for a week so you have to handle his work

Riddhima didn’t moved out of cabin Even after asked to , noticing this vansh eyed her and speak

What is it miss riddhima?”
“Sir aangre on Leave is everything alright”
“Well he met with an accident yesterday”

A gasp left riddhima’s mouth

What how? Can I go to Meet him sir?”
“Miss riddhima these are your Working hours”
“Please boss…he is my friend and if you didn’t allow me then also I would go”
“And this may cost your job”
“I will not mind sir”

Vansh looked at her for a second and spoke
You may go miss riddhima and you can take the day off”

Running out of the building she practically ran towards city hospital
Getting involved at the reception and asking about that details, she entered inside and looked at aangre who was lying with his eyes closed,may be sleeping
Sitting beside him she reminced all incidents and the thing that striked her mind was

“Is this done by the stalker??”

What do you think who’s the stalker?
What happened that riddhima’s crush turned to fear?
What happened with aangre?

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