Mere Sai 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai tells villagers to find a land in Dwarkamai

Mere Sai 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The weather is bad. An old couple asks a guy about dharamshala in Shirdi. The guy tells them. The old man thanks him and leaves.

Sai is sleeping in Dwarkamai. Bheema politely apologizes to the old couple. There is an inn outside Shirdi where the fee is minimal. You can find a place there. They nod. The old man says we don’t have money to pay at the inn. His wife asks him if they cannot go to Dwarkamai right away. Maybe we will find shelter as well. Her husband reasons that it wont be right to disturb a saint at this hour. He helps people throughout the day.

Sai opens His eyes.

The old lady is worried as to where they will spend the night. He tells her not to worry. We will find some place. Just take Sai’s name. It starts raining suddenly. They hide under the cart. The old woman points out that they are drenched plus it is very windy. I am feeling cold already. We will fall sick by morning this way. He tells her that there is no other option. They start chanting Om Sai Ram.

Sai looks at the clouds. Please stop.

Rain stops and the weather changes for good. The old man wonders how the weather changed suddenly. They notice Sai standing there and are surprised. Sai asks them what they are doing here. The old man says we came to meet you but we reached Shirdi really late. We thought we shouldn’t disturb you. It started raining suddenly so we hid here. Why are you here? Sai says can I not do this much for you two if you came here to meet me. Let’s go to Dwarkamai. The old man is sure the weather changed because of Sai but Sai says everything happens as per Ram ji’s wish. Whatever happens in future will be as per His wish too! Allah Maalik!

Next morning, Sai and the kids watch a guy bathing bulls. Prahalad asks Sai what’s happening. Sai explains that a puja is held around this time for the bulls. Bala nods. We do it too. He turns to Prahalad. You too have a lot many bulls. Have you not done this puja for them? Prahalad says I think Azoba’s men take care of all that. I have never seen them doing puja of bulls. He asks Sai why people do puja of bulls. Sai reasons that bulls are like their father just like cows are like our mothers. We get crops and food because of the hard work they do. That’s why their puja is done too. He excuses himself.

Santa and Banta are making few workers unload grains. Sai meets Rihana and a lady on His way and tells them to come to Dwarkamai later. Tell others too. They nod. Sai walks away. Santa and Banta overhear it and decide to follow Sai to find out why He has called everyone to Dwarkamai. Banta tells one guy to start following Sai. We will hide behind you and wont get caught while following Sai to Dwarkamai. The guy reasons that they wont be able to hide themselves behind him but they insist and threaten him.

Nanasaheb opens his eyes and is pleasantly surprised to see Ram.

I was planning to meet you before going to Pune for work in evening. Sai nods. Come to Dwarkamai in a while and then you can go to Pune in the evening. I will take your leave now as I have to tell others too. Nanasaheb asks Sai if there is a celebration. Sai says it is an important work. Santa and Banta overhear everything and are curious as to what Sai is up to. Santa suggests telling Sarkar about it but Banta wants to find out all the details before approaching Sarkar.

Villagers have gathered in Dwarkamai. Santa and Banta are eavesdropping. Nanasaheb asks Sai why He has called everyone here. Sai says we have to do an important work for Ram ji. We must find a good land in Shirdi. Baizama asks Him why. Sai says it is an important work of Ram ji. We will find out what it is at the right time. Santa and Banta are confused.

Villagers offer their homes, fields to Sai. Sai thanks them politely. I don’t want to take anyone’s home or field. I want a piece of land which is inside Shirdi and is not being used. Nanasaheb says I will find it and buy it. Villagers agree to chip in money. Sai says it isn’t required. Ram ji has already decided who will do what. We have to only find the land. Ram ji has chosen a very good guy for the rest of the job. He will come here on his own at the right time. Everyone is confused. Baizama wonders who Sai is talking about.

Kakasaheb Dixit gets felicitated at a function. The host gives a brief intro of Kakasaheb Dixit. Attendees clap with excitement. Host calls Kakasaheb Dixit on stage. Kakasaheb Dixit gets up hesitantly. He is not able to walk properly and almost stumbles while climbing the stairs. Host offers to help him but Kakasaheb Dixit declines the offer politely. He receives Saraswati Ma’s idol and a shawl. Host adds that he has also been nominated as their representative for some function. Kakasaheb Dixit gets tensed.

Prahalad tells his Ajji he wants to decorate the bulls. Rukmani asks him why he wants to do it suddenly. Prahalad tells her what Sai had told him. Sarkar says things wont happen in my house because of what that Fakir said. I have told you to maintain distance from all the poor people but you pay no heed to my words. You want to decorate bulls because that Fakir said so? Rukmani requests him to let Prahalad do it. It is our tradition. Sarkar reminds her that only men have a right to make a decision in this house. Prahalad is simply following what that Fakir said. He wont even touch the bulls and it is my order!

Santa and Banta come running just then and tell him everything. Sarkar becomes curious.

Precap: Santa and Banta decide to find out which all places has Sai shortlisted. We must find that map to find that out. They steal the map when Sai steps out of Dwarkamai with the kids.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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