Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update : Raghav gets Romantic

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghav asks what Mandar, Pallavi says I saw him and followed but lost him, Raghav says you are taking revenge of memory loss prank, Pallavi says I am not like you, Raghav says how will I believe that, Pallavi says that is upto you but that’s the truth.

Pallavi shares Mandar news with Krishna and says my past never lets me move forward, I was going to have best moment and I could see happiness in Raghav’s eyes and I feel bad for him and I had promised I will not bring past back, Krishna says may be imagination, Raghav says I believe with you and Mandar had called, Pallavi takes call and finds the call doesn’t exist, Raghav says I am just trying to explain that this is your imagination, Pallavi says this is disgusting and leaves, Krishna says the way you chose was wrong Raghav, its just like the lion story where no one believes tye boy later. Raghav says I will go apologise Pallavi.

Kirti meets Sunny and asks him why did he call her in urgency, Sunny says meet him he his Vedant, he will help us take revenge from Raghav and Pallavi, Kirti says but nothing should happen to Raghav, Vedant says don’t worry, Pallavi will have to repay for everything.

Pallavi sees the house decorated with red ballons and champagne on table, Raghav walks in and says all had dinner and we will have dinner together, and asks Pallavi to take a sit, Pallavi asks why all this, Raghav says I wanted to apologise, Pallavi says nice idea but such bad decoration, childish and immature, Raghav says can’t you appreciate my effort, Pallavi argues in marathi and Raghav in Telugu, Raghav puts his finger on Pallavi’s lips and stops her, and says stop abusing in Marathi and continue what you were saying in hospital and no one will interrupt us so what after Raghav I…
door bell rings, Pallavi goes check and shocked to see Mandar.

Pallavi tells Raghav, its Mandar at the door, Pallavi turns around and sees no one, Raghav rushes to door and finds no one, Pallavi in shock and says believe me he was here, Raghav says relax lets ask watchman, watchman says ambulance driver was here asking for address, Pallavi says he was just like Mandar, Raghav says decide Mandar or just like him and Raghav leaves upset, Jaya sees that.

Mansi asks Amruta to have Poha as Milind isn’t home, Amruta says is this my sister calling or opposite team, Mansi says no team just for your good, Sulochana says your father has spoiled your head, Amruta says I am not fighting infact I want all this to end, Sulochana asks how, your Baba doesn’t stop talking about Raghav Pallavi and now you too,before you use to hate them so much. Amruta says now I realise my mistake and its High time you two should, Mansi says we feel you are going wrong so adviced you, bow your take.

Pallavi tells Krishna about Mandar again, Krishna says don’t be stressed calm down, Pallavi says I want to find the truth, Krishna asks why, you are Raghav’s wife, Pallavi says also daughter to Deshmukh’s and so I have to do this, Krishna says you did Mandar’s last rituals, so this man could be a look alike, Pallavi says we found body after 10 days, and if Raghav admitted Mandar then why did hospital lie Raghav saying Mandar is fine and went with his family, and if Mandar died and hospital lied Raghav in fear why inform us after 10 days, Krishna says may be that was time required to find his real identity, Krishna says Raghav admitted him with different name, Pallavi says body was found 25 Km away from tye hospital, and the body was ruined and we didn’t even see Mandar’s face and Mandar coming in front makes me think Mandar is alive, there is possibility and if there is one percent chance I want that, and watchman said he drove ambulance and I saw KDSM bank batch, Krishna says its far away but, I will come with you and ask Amruta to look after the shop.

Raghav asks Jaya where is Pallavi, Jaya says she went to see Krishna and may be to find Mandar, Raghav asks why did you allow, Jaya says listen to me, he is her first husband and if she thinks he is alive let her find her questions and understand this is wrong and show maturity let her find her answers, Raghav says I won’t let her behave like this

Raghav asks Farhad to get main gate CCTV footage and takes ambulance number as face can’t be seen, Raghav says enough I will find the truth now

Pallavi and Krishna go KDSM bank and ask for Ambulance driver who dropped her to hospital, she is informed Raja dropped her, Krishna says now lets go its Raja not Mandar, Pallavi asks can I see Raja, he says no, Pallavi says can I get some info, he says meet Doctor Ramya he considers him her son, Pallavi and Krishna decide to wait. Pallavi switches off her phone so Raghav doesn’t find her.
Raghav reaches blood bank.

Pre cap: Raghav and Mandar get into fight and hit eachother. Pallavi sees them and asks driver to stop and sees Raghav and Mandar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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