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It is universally demonstrated by many enthusiasts, business and social personalities that not only education and subsequently secured job can fetch career but desires and commitments can also assist to move to the very impressive and inspirational profession. A young and talented lad based in Gurdaspur, Loveveer Singh has illustrated that passion and dedication can make a career reach new heights. At a young age, Loveveer Singh had envisaged that photography would be the best profession for him.

However, his family hauled him to study in a career-oriented field that is Information Technology. Hence, he graduated in IT and then flew to Australia for higher studies but thrust for photography did not leave him at all. Loveveer Singh alias Pannu, affectionately called by family and friends, left Australia and returned to the native for establishing his passion into reality. He initiated by picturing surroundings in Gurdaspur, and gradually his efforts progressed

and contributed to gaining reputation around Punjab and Haryana and presently he has positioned himself as classy and a creative photographer of India.

Loveveer Singh is a master in seizing live flashes of wilderness lives and in capturing vital pictures for his extended audience around the world. Furthermore, Singh says, “Travelling and patience are essential aspects of photography because unique pictures of nature and capturing live moments of wild creatures are only possible with these qualities.” Apart from this, he suggests that the application of the right lenses should be used to capture the breathtaking pictures of nature, beauty and living creatures.

While capturing scenic shots of mother nature, Singh has valuable advice. “Exploring new places whether it be forests, mountains, hills, river-side should be thoroughly planned and requisite permissions from local authority should be obtained to eradicate life threats”, he added. Loveveer through his pictures has subsequently narrated stories uniquely. At 25, he is learning other aspects and is participating in several businesses of fashion and brand photography. Looking at his impressive and creative style, Singh has a very long way to go, and he optimistically hopes to flourish more in the coming time.

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