Love Is In The Air Episode 54

Hai hello everyone, I know it has been more than a month since the last episode was uploaded. Lets go to the Sagaai of Keesh today. It will be long with some twists

Recap: Polo tries to attack Mishti. It is discovered that Polo is Kartik’s mama and he killed Anurag’s dad as he loved Mohini. It is revealed that Polo raped Mithali Gupta and she has a daughter. Aditya comes out on bail. Keerthi fears his presence on the night before her Sagaai with Naksh

Its Sagaai Day

Basu House

Anurag enters the party hall dressed in a sherwani and looks dapper

Anurag: Arrey jaldi kardo…ladke waale will come soon

Anurag takes his mobile and dials a number. He hears the ringing sound behind him and finds Kartik holding the mobile and standing behind him.

Kartik: How may I help you sir?

Anurag: Where are aunty and uncle?

Kartik: Coming with Abir..woh I came straight from Singhania house

Anurag: Singhania house?

Kartik: Haan wahan bhi help karna tha na…after all he is my saale saab

Anurag: Point hai..and Kartik what about the welcome drinks..someone had to collect it from Krishna right..

Kartik: Abir will be doing it

Anruag: Where is Abir?

Abir enters with a grin. Behind him Manish , Swarna and Dadi too enter the house.

Abir: Did I hear my name? Missing me?

Kartik: Haan haan..tere bin ek ek pal ek saal ki barabar tha

Hearing this Anurag bursts out laughing

Abir: Bhai dont try these lines to me Im not Naira bhabhi

Anurag: Good one yaar Abir

Kartik: Perhaps you are missing your Lailas

As soon as he mentions them..Prerna and Mishti enter the venue dazzling and grabbing all attention 

Abir: …Jinka naam liye wahi aagay..

Kartik in a louder tone: You are calling them a devil?

Abir shuts Kartik’s mouth

Abir: Bhai..dont create troubles na..please

Prerna: Whats going on?

Anurag: Brotherly love..

Kartik  pushes Abir away and : Yeah..something like that

Abir: Bhabhi..Mishti why don’t you help Keerthi di with getting ready?

Mishti: Thats an amazing idea

Mishti and Prerna leave from there

Abir: Kya bhai why are you planning to spoil my love story

Anurag: Dont worry Abir we will get our chance once Naira arrives

Kartik stares at them who burst laughing. The scene freezes

An unknown dungeon place

Aditya and Polo are talking to each other

Polo: She is getting engaged today man..

Aditya: I know…Ill not let that happen..either Ill get her or no one gets her

Polo: Thats the spirit..I can very well understand your emotions now…my love…kair chodo..whats your plan now Aditya?

Aditya: You will know once I execute it

Polo: Oh come on man…tell me na

Aditya smirks and leaves from there without a reply. Polo sighs and picks up a gun from the box . He is shocked to find it empty

Voice : What happened Papa is the gun empty?

Polo turns to see a girl figure standing in the dark. The face is hidden by the darkness. She slowly walks towards him with a gun in her hand. As she walks closer Polo gets shocked

Polo: Mithali?

The girl laughs in a mocking way

Girl: Wow you recognise muma..thats nice

Polo: Muma?

Girl: Haan..papa muma..

Polo: That means you are

Girl: Yes you are right

The girl shoots Polo and he falls dead. The scene freezes

Singhania house

Akash Naina Rahul and Ishani reach the Singhania house . Naira runs to them . Seeing her they are shocked

Naina: Naira you aren’t ready yet…arent we getting late

Naira: Sorry bhabhi woh thoda kaam tha..Ill go at once

Ishani: Come Ill help you

Naira and Ishani leave for her room.

Naina: Ill help Aunty

As soon as she leaves Akash’s phone rings

Akash: What..? When ?

Rahul senses tension in Akash’s face

Moments later the call disconnects

Rahul: What happened Akash?

Akash: Polo is dead..someone shot him

Rahul: What? Who will do that?

Akash nods in a confused way. He looks up to see Naksh coming down dressed as the perfect groom. Seeing him Akash makes a fake smile and in a low tone to Rahul

Akash: Lets focus on the function now. Rest can be handled later

With them joining Naksh the scene freezes

Basu House

Kartik is walking here and there seeing to the arrangements. His eyes yearn to catch a glimpse of his Naira. Rupali’s words make him concerned for the safety of everyone and he tries hard not to show his tension outside. Thats when he hears the cars entering and realises that others are there. Kartik rushes to the entrance and dashes on someone

Kunal: Bhai..careful..where are your thoughts?

Kuhu: If you are like this now ..then what will happen when you see Naira di?

Hearing Naira’s name Kartik blushes

Abir: Woah my brother KG is blushing..see..see..

Kartik pushes them off and rushes to the gates. His eyes search for Naira but he is unable to find her. Ishani and Naina walk to him

Naina: Whom are you searching for?

Ishani: Kya yaar Naina dont you know whom he will search for?

Kartik: this engagement of Naksh and Keerthi or is it mine? Why is everyone teasing me?

Rahul: Thats because…you are so sweet

Kartik stares at them and realises a tension in Akash’s face. He walks over to him

Kartik: Everything fine Akash?

Akash nods but that only makes Kartik suspicious. Before he could ask anything he sees Naira hiding in the group and walking in avoiding him. He leaves Akash and runs into the group. Kartik holds Naira’s hand and pulls her to the corner. Once out of everyone’s sight his eyes scan Naira and he is dumbstruck

Kartik: Hayee…

Naira blushes and bends down

Kartik: Mar daalne ka iradha hai kya?

Naira: How can the dead kill someone?

Kartik: Kya ..kya kaha tumne

Naira: Nothing..

She tries to leave but Kartik tightens his hold

Kartik: just…

Naira: look dapper can I not compliment you

Kartik: Not bad huh Naira…

He bends to kiss her but she runs away

Kartik: Go..go..wherever you have to come to me atlast. Ill seize a moment before this function ends

Meanwhile Naksh is taken inside. He is made to sit. Mishti and Prerna go to him

Naksh : Im not talking to you both

Prerna: Why bhai?

Naksh: left your bhai and became a part of the bride na..thats why

Prerna and Mishti hold their ears

Prerna: Sorry bhai..please forgive us..

Mishti: Actually we helped you only

Naksh: How?

Mishti: By helping bhabhi in getting ready.

Prerna: And she is looking stunning

Naksh under his breath : How is that a help? That’s actually putting me in grave danger…I may even need an ICU here

Anurag: Waah jijaji thats amazing..but dont worry we have two great doctors here to save the day

Naksh turns red in awkwardness

Akshara: Mohini ji..can we meet Keerthi?

Mohini: Why not? ..

Prerna: Maa Ill go and get her

Prerna walks up. Anurag too follows her. He pulls her closer as they get out of the hall

Prerna: Anurag chodo..I have to bring Keerthi down

Anurag: Whats the urgency huh..

Prerna: Its not urgent for you but for Naksh bhai it is very urgent

Anurag: Love is selfish Prerna..from the moment I saw you I have been waiting for a moment to be alone with you

Prerna: Intention is good but it is a bad timing my dear

She tries to move away but her chain gets caught in his shirt button

Anurag: See even God doesn’t want you to move away from me

Prerna tries to take the chain off but Anurag holds her hand and stops her

Prerna: Anurag please…

Mohini: Prena…prerna beta

Prerna takes the chain off in a reflex

Prerna: Maa is calling..baaki ka romance baad mein

Anruag smiles and the scene freezes


Jia: Tanvi …I am ready..lets leave for the function..where are you?

Tanvi runs down from her room and hugs Jia in happiness

Tanvi: I found it out Jia..we did it

Jia: Did what?

Tanvi: Found out where Mithali Gupta is

Jia: Where is she?

Tanvi: Jublee Hills

Jia: What next?

Tanvi: Naksh bhai’s engagement and then to Jublee hills..come lets go

They hold each others hands and rush out in happiness. Once they open the door their smiles fade off

Jia: Tannnnn…viii..whats this?

Tanvi bends down and picks the cut off hand lying on the floor with a handkerchief

Tanvi: Kisi ka haath

Jia: What…Ill call Akash bhai now

Basu House

Akash is with Kartik in Anurag. They tease Naksh as Keerthi is brought down. She looks pretty and Naksh is lost in her looks.

Kartik clears his throat

Kartik: Saale you need an oxygen mask

Abir comes there and : Bhai..that wont be very useful..bring an ambulance

Dadi : Chup..shubh din mein hospital..ambulance..kaise baatein kar rahe ho dono

Mishti: But dadi ji Keerthi di is a doctor herself and as we say work is worship those words are shub in such an occasion

Dadi: Brilliant girl huh..

Mishti beams with happiness on hearing it

Abir in a low tone: Woah..impressed Dadi so easily

Akash: Behen kiski hai

Anurag: Haan…

He leaves a deep sigh seeing which everyone bursts out laughing . Akash’s phone rings bringing a silence to the laughs

Akash: Haan Jia

His face turns grim which is noticed by Kartik , Abir, Anurag, Rahul and Kunal

Akash: You both dont worry..Ill inform my team…

The call disconnects

Rahul : What happened to Jia and Tanvi?

Akash gestures them to come away from the crowd and they follow him in silence

Kartik: What happened?

Akash : Polo is dead..someone shot him and now Jia and Tanvi have found a cut hand at their door step

This shocks everyone

Kunal: This is all like a crime novel bhai

Abir: Kunal yaar we are indeed dealing with criminals

Anurag: Is that hand Polo’s?

Akash: A hand is missing from Polo’s body so we can easily connect the dots

Kartik: Who killed him?

Akash: No idea Kartik. We need to investigate it

Anurag: Then why are we waiting?

Akash: Let the function get over Anurag..then we will look into it

Naira: Kartik…Akash bhai…come soon ring ceremony will start now

Akash: Dont tell about this to anyone else. Lets not spoil their happiness

Everyone agree and move to the function arena

Mishti goes to Abir

Mishti: What happened Abir?

Abir: Nothing yaar..just some random pulling legs

Mishti: Everything is fine nah?

Abir: Of course chashmish..

He hides his tension and hugs her

Naira: Now we will be starting the ring ceremony of my bhai and pyari bhabhi

The rings are brought and Naksh and Keerthi exchange the rings. Everyone rejoice the moment

Naksh and Keerthi share an eyelock. They are lost in each other’s moments.

With them enjoying the moments the episode freezes

Precap :

1. Mysterious parcel at the function hall

2. Investigations gain speed

3. Kaira on the ramp

4. Rupali breaks down

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