Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#58

Maybe this episode seems boring but it is just to show the developing bonding of IshaYan. I wanted to focus on other couple’s bonding too apart from Riansh❤

Mrs. D’Souza enters the mansion in an extreme bad condition and pleads Riddhima to save her daughter, Annie. Vansh had a doubt that Annie is the same girl but soon the doubt is cleared as Riddhima shows him Annie’s picture. The only common thing between both were that they were from Dehradun. The girl got kidnapped again from the hospital after a deadly encounter. Riansh decides to go to Dehradun in search of Annie and shifting the wedding venue there too. They convince Kabir to let them stay in their uncle’s farm house for which Kabir was first hesitant but then agrees. The main problem was created by Aryan who for some unknown reason denied going to Dehradun


Chapter 58: “IshaYan”

The episode starts with Aryan sitting on his bed in extreme rage. Riddhima and Kabir were banging his room’s door vigorously. Everyone had gathered outside his room.

R(serious): Aryan! For God sake! Open the door.
K(serious): Aryan! Please stop it! Listen to us for once!

Aryan’s voice comes from inside.

Riddhima and Kabir stopped banging and were too much worried.
R: He is in so much anger right now. He can do anything to himself. Kabir! You know his anger well. If he stays locked like this, then he…..
V(confused): But what happened to him all of a sudden?
I(tensed): He was fine a while ago but….
Ang: Why doesn’t he want to go to Dehradun? What’s the matter?
Sia: Kabir! Have you both had a fight?
K: No way Sia! (Hesitating) Its because….
Ish(banging the door): Aryan! If you didn’t open the door in next one minute, I am ……Vansh bhai and Kabir are going to break the door. (Banging it being tired) Please open it yar! What happened to you!……..(Determined) Okay fine! You don’t want to come out! Let me in then! If you didn’t open the door in next one minute, I am going to bring a hammer to break it and you know I mean it! You know well how stubborn I am! I can do even the worse Aryan! Please Aryan! Open the door for my sake!

Everyone was noticing Ishani’s concern towards Aryan. Ishani was about to knock the door once again when Aryan unlocked the door from inside but he neither open it nor spoke anything. Ishani understood it to be a cue for her to come in. She slightly opened the door to go in not before giving an assuring smile to Riddhima. It surprised everyone.
Sia(To sejal in whisper): Are you thinking the same what I am thinking?
Sejal(whispering back): Yeah! They both remain at loggerheads always. Strange! (Smirking) Is it…..
Sia(happy): Of course It is!
They high fived each other but then stopped looking at other’s What-the-hell expressions.
Ajay: I think its high time I send you both to some mental asylum. The more your wedding date is coming near, the more mad you both are getting.

Riansh, Angre and Kabir also understood what the both girls were thinking and in the tense situation, it made them smile a little too. Riddhima said,

“I think we should leave Aryan for sometime. He will not listen to anyone at this moment. He will be better soon. I just hope Ishani’s efforts bear some fruits”

Everyone smiled and nodded. Leaving both of them for soemtime, they went to the hall.

Meanwhile, Ishani enters the room hesitating a little and sees Aryan sitting at the edge of the bed facing his back towards Ishani. She did not speak anything and slowly goes towards Aryan and sits beside him on the bed. Aryan was in extreme rage and breathing heavily. He didn’t even look at her. She gets up and pours water in the glass. She forwards it to him and acting a little rude, says,

“Take it!”

“I don’t want this!”

“Don’t show your attitude to me! It can make everyone worried but not me. Drink this water silently or I have my own ways!”

Aryan looks up at her in confusion and says,

“Have you come here to fight?”

“You tell! You want to fight?”

“Ishani! Go from here”

“Then, why did you let me in?”


“I don’t know”

“Don’t know what?”

“I don’t know why I let you in!”

“Because You knew that I am stubborn!”

Aryan smiles inside but stern outside.



Aryan’s anger was gradually melting down. But he didn’t know what to do. At one side, he wanted some alone time but on the other side, he wanted her to stay. Not able to think what to decide, he just said in a polite and pleading tune,

“Ishani……Why are you so stubborn? Wouldn’t it be better if I had not unlocked the door? (Berating himself) Why did I let you in?

Ishani smiles and sits beside him saying,

“Because you knew that only I can help you come out of this! You were trying to divert your mind but you weren’t able to. And then, you heard me knocking your door and you knew the very next moment that you need a friend!”

Aryan looks back in her eyes being stunned. Ishani smiles back and says,

“I know its strange! But I am not a typical girl who will wait for the boy to say his heart out. I say what I feel. And I don’t know how after fighting and arguing even on the slightest things, I found a friend in you. Not just a simple friend, you know like…..

She thinks for an appropriate word but Aryan speaks up to complete her words,

“Like a best buddy!”

I(happily): Exactly! Didn’t you feel the same? (Chill)You know whenever I fight with you, I enjoy the most. Its a kind of fun activity for me. Tell me! Don’t you feel like fighting with me again and again just for fun?…….(forwarding her hand) Will you be my buddy? Best buddy?

She was trying to be chill and cool to divert his mood. She knew the seriousness will not work at him at this moment as whatever the matter is, its deep and sensitive.
Aryan was absolutely understanding that she was acting cool to to divert his mind and mood. And he actually did it. Listening to her nonstop chattering, he was actually coming out of his stressful thoughts. He smiles finally, shaking his hand with hers and says,

“Yeah I feel the same. I have always flirted with the girls but never found a stubborn like you! And the strange thing is….I like the way you are! You are different….. You are straight forward not like the other girls who always flirt back on my antics. (Smiles) You can prove to be a good crime partener.

I(winks): And you know what I like about you?
A(raising his eyebrow): Is there actually something you like about me? I thought you hate me the most!
I: No!…I mean Yes! I had hated you the most when you had spilled your coffee on me in the very first meet. I had hated you the most when you pushed me to sit in the middle seat when we were going to Delhi. I had hated you everytime when you showed your antics on me but….that’s what actually I like about you! The way you are! Chill cool but mature and understanding!
A: Mature and understanding?
I: Of course! And……I like the way you give respect to ever girl! To Riddhima, To Sia, To Sejal and……To me! (Serious but calm) Aryan! Apart from Vansh bhai and Angre, no one has ever protected me the way, you did that night! No one had respected me the way you did! Whoever I met, either he tried to flirt with me or tried to impress me with his acts but never did something that could…..That could make me respect him! But you….what you did, you don’t know how much respect you have earned in my eyes!

Aryan didn’t speak anything. He was just listening to her and observing her. How calm she was! He had never thought that one day, she would be the one to calm him down. Ishani sees him staring at her and places her hand on his, saying,

I: Aryan! I don’t know what is making you so much worried, angry and disturbed but I cannot see my buddy like this. I want him to argue with me the way he always do. I want him to prank me like he does always. This seriousness doesn’t suit you at all. I don’t know why you don’t want to go to Dehradun but I know that you respect women alot. And you will never want any girl to be harmed. (Holding his hands more tightly) Aryan! Its about Annie! She needs us the most at this moment! Don’t you think nothing is more important than a girl’s respect at this moment? Aryan! This anger of yours is not helping at all. Nothing can be solved by anger. I know that thing is much more deep and important for you but right now, I want you to show your strengths that you have hidden inside you by the cover of this anger. You are not weak and I trust this fact completely.

Aryan removes his hand from her grip gently and says,
“I know! But I can’t go to Dehradun! My worst memories are associated with that city. I am sorry! I can’t go there!”

Ishani gets a little disappointed but doesn’t say anything. She just smiles and says,
I: Its ok! I understand.

She gets up and says,

“Take your time to think. I am sure you will save Annie the way you saved me that day. I trust you! How much stubborn you be at this moment but I know you are a true soldier at heart!”

She was about to leave when she feels a splash of water on her face. She was shocked. She cleaned her eyes blinking them continuously and looked at Aryan who was smiling. She didn’t understanding what this was for. She was mute and jaw dropped. She finally spoke being pissed,

“Are you an idiot or what?”

Aryan smirks and says,

“Now, that’s like the Ishani I know. Actually, I was just checking either I am in dream or you are! Because….(winks) The Ishani I know, usse smajhdari ki umeed rkhna…thora tough hai! You are good as a stupid girl with attitude! This smajhdari type things doesn’t suit you at all”

Ishani smiles and turns to go saying,


Aryan thinks to himself,
“Thank you Ishani! I never expected that one day you will be the one to calm my anger. I don’t know what you think of this but…..its not a buddy type thing at all”

He again takes a deep breath and remembers his past memories. He then, thinks about Ishani’s words and says to himself,

“If she had been here, she would say exactly what Ishani said today. She would never want me to fall weak. (Serious) I cannot let her culprits go away so easily. Not just for her or for Annie but Its the matter of every girl’s self respect! I cannot let my fears overcome me!”

In the hall, Vansh was in his thoughts when he saw Kabir and Riddhima talking with their eyes as if they both were in a dilemma. Ishani comes downstairs.

V: Kabir! Riddhima! Will you both speak up?..

Kabir looks towards Riddhima and Riddhima looks back in his eyes as if both deciding whether they should tell or not. They didn’t wanted to disrespect Aryan’s privacy. Ishani, though convinced Aryan alot but somewhere in her heart, she was deeply worried for him and nothing was able to convince her. She couldn’t see him like this. It was aching her heart. Everyone looks at her expecting a news to relieve them. She was in her thoughts. Looking at all of them staring her, she just said,

“He is fine! He just needs some time to think and I am sure he will agree.”

Vansh was not understanding a thing. Ajay was also quiet as he knew about the reason to some extent. Vansh looked towards Riddhima and asked,

V: Speak up!

She finally does so.

R: Vansh! Its…..its nothing like we don’t want to tell. It’s his personal matter.
K: And I don’t think we should reveal such a sensitive matter about him to all of you without his concent.
Sej: What sensitive matter? What happened?
V: I understand that its something really sensitive and personal but if a chill and cool man like Aryan behaves like this, then it really makes me curious and worried at the same time. Maybe I can help?
Ang: Exactly! We really respect his privacy and I am sure after knowing it, no one will judge him.
Sia: Don’t worry! Tell us! He will not be upset if you tell us about this. He will understand, We all know him well.
Ajay(looking at Ridhbir): Tell them! Aryan is a sensible man! We all know each other inside out. We are a family. Aryan will be okay with it! And after the way, he reacted, it totally makes sense that everyone wants to know the reason behind his state.
Ishani: Yeah Maybe we could help him.
R: No one can help him except he himself! He has many bad memories associated with Dehradun! And I was damn sure about this reaction when I had planned to go to Dehradun!
K: He will not be comfortable there. (Looking at everyone’s faces that were expecting some piece of information about him) I don’t know what I should say to convince you all but the least I can tell you is……..

“I lost my sister in Dehradun!”

Everyone looked back at the stairs and found Aryan standing there in extreme serious and in pain but a bit relaxed state.

Sia(low voice): Your sister?

Aryan smiles in extreme broken state remembering his sister,

“Yes! My sister! The love of my life! My very dear, Nayra!”

He starts descending the stairs slowly,

“They will not tell you anything without my consent. That’s what we call true friends right? Indeed, they are much more for me! But today, a new buddy of mine made me realize that anger is not going to help me in fighting this battle. Its the strength and the immense amount of trust that you all have in me! Today she reminded me of my Sister! (Eyeing Ishani who was looking at him with proud) My Nayra! My one and only sister! Whose word started on me and ended on me! Nayra! N-A-Y-R-A! The inverted spellings of Aryan! I gave her this name! And our bond was such too. We both were complete with each other! I was her ideal and for me, she was my princess, my life! (Turning serious) But one day, one incident took my life away with it!

A lone tear escaped his eye. Hiding his emotions and pain deep inside, he said,

“They Killed her! (Supressing his rage) After molesting her brutally, They killed her right in front of my eyes!”

(To be continued)


(If everything remains fine, then the next episode will be out either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow😊)

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