Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#57

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Vansh gets the unknown girl admitted in the hospital and finds out about her that she belongs to Dehradun. He thinks to not tell about it to Riddhima. Aryan punishes himself for some unknown reason and cries alot for the past menories consoled by Ishani. Ishani and Aryan has a new bonding forming up between them unknown to both. The engagement ceremony takes place and Mrs. D’Souza enters the mansion.


Chapter 57: “A New Mission”

The episode starts with everyone getting attentive hearing the voice of Mrs. D’Souza. She looked weary and scared. She was limping and crying miserably. Her clothes were untidy and her hair were messy. As soon as she found Riddhima in front of her, a ray of hope arose in her which made her utter her name in a broken voice and falling on her knees,

MD: Riddhima!!!
She fell on her knees on the ground and started crying more miserably with heavy breaths. Everyone rushed towards her including Riddhima. She ran and sat down on her knees in front of MD and cupped her face,
R(panicked): Mrs. D’Souza! What happened? Why are crying? You here all of a sudden!!
MD(panicking and crying): Riddhima! My child!! They took her! Please save her. (Folding her hands in front of her) Please save me child Riddhima!
Riddhima held MD’s hands in hers and said,
R: What are you saying? Save who! (Wiping her tears) Please don’t fold your hands in front of me!
Vansh asked Waiter to bring water for her and asked Riddhima to make MD comfortable. Riddhima nodded and with help of Aryan and Kabir, she made MD sit on the sofa. The girls with Angre went to see off all the guest so that MD can be more comfortable as the event was over too. Waiter brought water and Riddhima made MD drink it. After the guests had left and MD has relaxed a little bit, everyone gathered in the hall.
R(gently placing her hand on MD’s shoulder): Now tell me from the start. What happened?
MD(sobbing): My…My Annie! They tt..took away with them. My Annie! (Crying) My child! she has been kidnapped!
R(shocked): What! Annie! How could….But….
She didn’t know how to react. She was shocked beyond imaginations. She had met Annie only once but she could understand MD’s pain very well.
V: Who’s Annie?
R: Mrs. D’Souza’s daughter! Annie D’souza! A very smart, intelligent and beautiful girl! MD’s only daughter! (Turning to MD) but how this all happened! Did they call for ransom?
MD: No!! They will not call for ransom. (Sobbing) They will never!
R: Who took her and why? I am not getting anything!
MD: It all had happened some years ago when Some unknown gangs came out of nowhere and started the abduction of girls. Many girls from different cities were kidnapped or gone missing. No one demanded the ransom money and those girls were never seen again. Those girls were someone’s daughters, someone’s sisters, someone’s wives and someone’s girlfriend. God knows where they took all of them and what they did with them. It had happened mainly in Shimla, Manali, Kolkata and Goa Many cases were reported there and some were reported in other cities too. When the no. of cases increased so much, the gang stopped it activity and vanished. But…..(Sobbing again) They came back again! And this time in our city and nearby. In Mussorie, Siliguri and my city….Dehradun!!

At the mention of this, Both Kabir and Aryan clenched their fists. Riddhima became serious too. MD continued.
Md: My Annie! She was…she went to buy a gift for her friend’s birthday and they….they came out of nowhere and took her with them.
She started crying miserably.
MD: I told her not to go out so late in the evening! Many girls had gone missing from our city! But she didn’t listen. She was adamant on going! Its been five days since she had gone missing. There is no call for ransom. My child! I don’t know what they will do with my daughter! I have been finding her like a mad woman but I got no clue. You are my last hope Riddhima! I beg you please save my daughter! Please! Save my child! My pride! My Honour! She is just a girl! How will she save herself!

Vansh had a doubt in his mind. He was conecting some dots. He looked towards Angre who gave him back the suspicious look. Out of curiosity, Vansh asked,
V: How does your daughter look? I mean some ways to identify her! Do you have any picture of her?
MD: Unfortunately No! My Mobile had her picture but Someone snatched my purse when I was coming here. I had no money that’s why, I got late in reaching here. But… I can tell her features to you.

And then, She told about Annie’s age, height, features and many more things about her. Connecting the dots, Vansh thought to himself,

“If My guess is right, The girl whom I got admitted in the hospital is none other than Annie, Mrs. D’Souza’s daughter. She also came from Dehradun. I have to tell this to Riddhima but before that I have to make sure that the girl is fine otherwise, It would be a huge problem.”

He said,
V: Riddhima! Take Mrs. D’Souza to the guest room and make her comfortable there. You all also make yourselves comfortable and then, we will think what we have to do. And You! (to one of the servant) Make dinner table ready for Mrs. D’Souza’s meal. She had come a long way. She will surely be hungry. And Riddhima!

He signalled her with his eyes as if asking her to be with MD. After that, everyone went to their rooms to get changed and relax as they all were tired. Aryan was in his room super angry and tired. He seemed restless and shivering. Suddenly, Kabir with a bang entered his room being in the same condition like him and locked the door from inside. Aryan started talking in anger,
A: I will not let them go this time! They snatched my everything! I will not leave them! I will kill them all!!
K: Stop it Aryan! Control yourself! Don’t do the same mistakes again! Control your anger! (Thinking something) So much is happening! I am worried about……
A(completing him): Divya and Disha!
K(worried): They and Annie study in the same class. If Annie had gone missing, I fear that….
A(pacifying him): No,nothing will happen to them. Your dad knows how to protect them. Even your uncle(father’s brother) is also there. If anything would have happened , you might have got to know it!
K: I am not getting good vibes as if something bad is going to happen. I hope everyone is safe! I miss my sisters badly!
A: Don’t worry! Nothing bad will happen this time. (Rageful) Its time to pay back!
Aryan tried his best to pacify Kabir though he himself was in burning in rage.
K: You should also….
A(cutting him): No! You know I will never go back! I will never go there until I punish the culprits with my own hands.
K: Don’t make any decision in haste Aryan!
Aryan looked away clenching his fist and avoiding his advice.

The scene shifts to Vansh in is room calling at the hospital repeatedly and roaming from corner to other in frustration. No one was picking up the call. He was in extreme rage. He angrily threw his phone on the ground and at the same moment the door of his room opened. Angre came inside being extremely worried.
A: Vansh!!!
V(shouts): No one is picking up the call at hospital! I warned them that nothing should happen to the girl. I am sure there is some problem! I am going to check the hospital.
A: That’s what I am hear to tell you Vansh!
V: What?
A: When Mrs. D’Souza described the features of Annie, I also became suspicious. So I had called at the hospital and….
V: And what?
A: They took her!!
V(shocked): What!!!! But how? I had ensured safety in the hospital.
A: There was a deadly encounter between our security team and thise intruders. And somehow they get inside the hospital and threatened the girl. She had gained consciousness just one hour ago. The security told that they threatened her to burn out the whole hospital and infact, they had spilled kerosene inside the building too but the girl herself agreed to go with them when being threatened.
V: Damn it!!! Fire all those security guards! They are useless!! What will I say to Riddhima now!! If that girl is Annie, Then….

Vansh looked towards the door and find Riddhima standing there staring him with suspicious eyes. Vansh became quiet.
V(shocked and embarassed): Riddhiimma!?
She came inside being a little angry.
R: What’s going on here?
A: Actually…
R(serious): Sorry Angre but I asked him! Not you! (Eyeing Vansh) What are you hiding? Who’s the girl you both are talking about?
V(taking a deep breath): Riddhima! She…..If my thinking is correct then she is Annie!
R(shocked): What!! But…How did you know!!! Why didn’t you tell me!!
V: Relax Riddhima! Listen to me first!
R: I am listening.

And then, Vansh told her about all the happenings of previous night and everything about the girl gone missing again. Riddhima was pissed.
R: How can you such a big thing Vansh! Didn’t you find it important to tell me! How will we find her now? (Holding her head) Oh God! What will I answer MD now!
V: Relax Riddhima! That’s why, I didn’t tell you anything. Look! You are taking so much stress.
R: That’s not my concern Vansh. Nothing is important to me in front of my duty. You know it well. It my rule!
V: Its your ruke not mine. My priority is your health Riddhima!
R: Vansh! You are not understanding! If she had been caught once again then we don’t know what they will do her with now.
V: I know Riddhima! That’s what, I am fearing about. What should we do now?
R(to Angre): Angre! I am sending you Annie’s picture. I got it from her social media. Get some print outs of her photo. It will help us finding her. (To Vansh) Vansh! I am sending this picture to you too. Ask your personal informers to find out about her. I don’t want to involve police in this as its the matter of a girl and you know how police acts so unprofessionally in such affairs. If its about Girl’s Abduction and Trafficking then we have to be extra careful.
Angre and Vansh nodded. She sent the photo and Vansh opened it. He became shocked.
R(observing his expression): What is it!
V(looking at the photo): Is this Annie?
R: Yeah! She is! Why are you asking?
V: But….(confused)
A: What happened Vansh?
V: This is not the same girl! (Looking at the picture) If this is Annie, then who was that girl in the hospital?
R: Vansh! Do you remember her face peoperly?
V: Yes Riddhima! I remember her very well.
R: Then, Get her sketch made! Appoint a sketch artist and get her sketch made by him! We have no other clue right now!
A: We do have!
R: What?
V: Yeah! He is right! That girl also came from Dehradun. Maybe we could get to know something there. If the girls are getting missing from Dehradun then we will find clues to find them only there as well.
R: We should go to Dehradun!
A: But What about the wedding events going on?
Riansh: We can shift the venue there!
R: Obviously, Its a big day for all of you. In my duty, I can’t compromise on the happiness of you all.
V: Exactly, the marriage will not stop. Afterall, Sia and Sejal wanted a destination wedding. In this way, we will be able to focus on both.
A: But isn’t it too risky to get there. I mean its unsafe for the girls.
R: We will appoint special security there. Trust me! I will not let anything happen to anyone else.
V: I trust you. I know as far as we are together, nothing will happen to our family.
A: But where will we go? Dehradun is a tourist place. We will not get reservation in any resort on such a short notice and that too for wedding.
R(thinking something): I know a place where we all can stay. But that will be needing a little effort.
She seemed a little worried.

The scene shifts to the hall where everyone had gathered. Riddhima and Kabir were arguing over something.
K(pissed): You know its not possible Riddhima! He doesn’t allow me to step in that city and you are asking me to step in that house again.
R: For God sake Kabir! He is your uncle! Your father’s brother! If you will tell him the situation, he will surely understand.
K: I know he will surely understand and allow me to come but the thing is…My Mom and Dad also stay in that same house. They will never want to see me again just because of their insecurities. What do you expect? They will give us a grand welcome? The very moment he come to know that I have called, he will take Divya and Disha far away. He wants them to stay far away from my shadow even.
V: Kabir! We understand your situation! But right now, we don’t have any other way. He has a big farm house enough for all of us to stay. If we had any other way, then we would have booked a resort for sure. Just for some days. As soon as we get a resort booking, we will leave from there. We cannot wait as we cannot waste any other moment in finding Annie! Just think like a soldier for once.
MD(fusing her hands together): Please for once Kabir beta! Please help me! You have two sisters. You can understand my sitaution. I am a mother. How can I be in peace without my daughter.
K(taking a deep breath): Okay! I will try. But if he didn’t agree, You will not force me again.

Saying so, he hesitatingly dialled his uncle’s number and went to a corner to talk. Everyone was waiting impatiently. After sometime, Kabir came back and hding his excitement, he said,
K: He said yes!
R(relieved): Really? Did your father agree?
K: No! He didn’t.
V: Then what?
K: Actually, Mom and Dad are out of the town. They will come back in a week. He said we can stay there till then and after that too if Dad allows. But I think we will find some resort reservation in this time. Uncle said that he will make all the arrangements. We can leave tomorrow morning.
Sia and Sejal who were listening, not able to hide their excitement , gave a high five to each other and hugged each other with excitement.
Sejal: A destination wedding!
Sia: I am so happy!!
Ajay glared both of them at which everyone chuckled forgetting their stress for a moment.
Ajay: Look at these two! Such a big issue we have right now, and they are dying to get married!
Ishani: Marriage is for once only Dad! And look its really good na! When we will be together, everything will get fine. We will all work together to find Annie and I am sure she will be with us soon.
Dadi: That’s like my girl! Nothing is difficult when will be together. When there is love and care in a relation, no one can harm us.

At Dadi’s words, Ishani stared Aryan and remembered how he saved her.
Mrs. D’Souza with teary eyes came forward cupping Sejal and Sia’s face with her hands and staring all three brides to be, she said,
MD: I wish in this auspicious moment, I find my daughter soon.
V: You surely will!
Riddhima nodded. Her gaze fell on Aryan standing there quiet and totally lost. She understood what he is thinking. She said,
R: Aryan!
A(serious): I will not go to Dehradun again! And No one will force me for this!

Saying so, he left from there and banged his door closing it from inside.
Riddhima stared at his retreating figure and became stressed.


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