Let it be as it is (Part 1)

Episode starts with Riddhima reaching her home,it ws just one room small house,she was ,very happy,her face,had different happiness,as she reached inside,and lit up the lights,she saw Rano standing at one corner,
Riddhima jumped to her,
Riddhima: One thing,don’t be like a ghost always scaring me ha,and see what i got,
(And then she took out some photographs from her camers)
Riddhima: This is…guess…this is the turtle which we saw in canal 3 months back,and I wished to see that again,
(And Riddhima jumped in happiness)
Riddhima: This is,remember that bush,you said there will be no flowers,it bloomed Rano,,,
(And then she swirled with her too,Rano was not,even smiling,just seeing her)
Riddhima: And this one,the cuckoo,her eggs are finally hatched,see the chicks,I managed hard,getting up on roofs of that old lady house but…
Rano forwarded towards her something,so she just stopped midway and looked at it.
Riddhima saw ,it was a wedding card,”Vansh weds Ragini” .
Her eyes got filled within a moment,but she blinked and smiled,pretended as,if nothing has happened.
Riddhima: Acha…had it got printed,wow…its beautiful na..but colour combination could have been better na,I think,Vansh’s name would have been highlight..
Rano was just staring her so she stopped,and then ,tear made their way through her cheeks,which were,smiling a moment back.
She wiped tthem and again smiled.
Rano: From whom are you hiding.
Riddhima kept the card back,and sat down ,at the main entrance,removing her shoes.
She was just untying her laces,
Rano: Its still,not that late Riddhi.
Riddhima: Let it go Rano
Rano: I will let it go,but will your heart,allow you for this?Comeon Yaar,grow up na.
See these curls ( getting her hand through Riddhima’s tangled hair strands), get these untangled,manage youself a little bit,get a little touch up,and go straight to him,( removing the husk straw from her hair tangles),go straight to him,( Looking in her eys),tell him,that you love him.
Riddhima turned her face and smiled,shaking her head in a no.
At night,
Riddhima was on her terrace,doing nothing,just watching the moon,and in the beautiful moonlight,she always used to forget her all day pain and problems,she felt that yes,atleast she also deserves some moments of,peace.
But today,with that card,on the table downstairs,was making her restless even in that moment,
Flashback shows,
Riddhima on the same terrace,and Vansh was managing some files.
Riddhima: vansh..leave it na.Till when will you do this.
Vansh: Just two minutes.
Riddhima smiled adoring him,as she used to do ,from her childhood,they were ,neighbours,lived in same street,she loved him,from her childhood,had loved nothing ,more than him,she was an orphan,her parents died when she was 8,he was,from an medium family,but had great ambitions.
Vansh: ya its done.Riddhi,yaar why don’t you study well,see ,in last exam too,you didn’t get that much score.
She bowed down her head.
Riddhima: Vansh you know me well,I like to study ,but ,See,when I start stuudying,every single topic,makes me dive in itself,and when I come out,the exam bell rings.
He laughed.
Vansh: When will you change
Riddhima: Never,
Vansh: When will you see dreams for your future
Riddhima: vansh,is it necessary,that we have to make a dream ,and get behind achieving that/…
Vansh: ofcourse it is.we all have to make a goal ,and live for achieving that
Riddhima: I am not telling that we should not have goals,I am just saying that,we can have them ,if we wantAnd if we are happy,at the place where we are,then why is it wron.
Vansh: No one can make you understand.
Out of flashback,back to reality,Riddhima smiled,and laid down on the net swing ,closed her eyes,
all her memories with vansh ,was runing through her mind,
their talks.,
Riddhima telling that she ishappy ,where she is,she doesn’t want to move on ,but stay still,that she can spend her life,and even many more lives ,in the same way she is.
Rano telling her about earning,Riddhima replying her,that she can manage about money with small jobs,and is ,satisfied with herself.
Vansh telling her that he got a job,Riddhima dancing with him.
Ragini getting in a huge car,Vansh getting impressed,that how she,managed to change her living standard wih efforts,
Vansh praising Ragini in front of Riddhima and telling her,that he loves ragini because of her passion to grow.
Riddhima telling Rano ,that Vansh is a flowing River,and she herself is just a still pond,
Rano; You are ocean ,he will come to you only
Riddhima: Before that,he will merge in another river
Riddhima enoying ,nature,everyone telling her that time once gone never return and she has to improve her living conditions,but the way she was ,relaxed and full of pleasure in the things that she had,
Ridhima hearing Vansh’s proposal to ragini,
Riddhima saying that I love Vansh but can not change myself for him,he has to accept ,the same Riddhima,who wants to just,stay still.
All these messy thoughts ending in her mind,and she opens her eyes,tears flowing through them,
she then hears some music,and lights getting in street,moved to the corner of terrace,and saw,Vansh ,all dressed up as a groom,and was on chariot,signed Riddhima to come down,she just,smiled and signed that,she is fine.

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