Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 4th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit and Randhir get Nalini’s blessing

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 4th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Randhir asking Amrit to feed the halwa to Nalini. Kaveri says no, don’t eat it, they can add anything in halwa. Amrit says don’t refuse to this prasad made with love. Nalini says I don’t want anything, just go out of my room. Amrit says fine, we will sit here until you eat the halwa, we will not eat or drink anything. Nalini says I don’t care. Randhir says I know a mother’s heart can’t see her children hungry, I will see the strength of mum and son’s love. Kaveri says don’t believe them, they are using your emotions, maybe they added poison in it. Amrit asks what are you saying. Kaveri asks why are you insisting.

Amrit says we are doing this to get Nalini’s blessings and love, why don’t you taste it before Nalini, you always say that you care for Nalini more than us. Randhir says yes, its a big chance to prove your loyalty, its fne if you don’t want to do this, Amrit and I will eat the halwa and show her. Nalini says no, Kaveri you don’t need to prove anything. He says Kaveri also wanted to say this. He taunts her. Kaveri says I will taste the halwa for Nalini’s sake. She eats the halwa. Randhir smiles and recalls seeing Kaveri adding the salt in the halwa. He asks what happened, you didn’t get the taste of salt right. Amrit says we know you will do something, we made halwa for Nalini aside, you had added salt in halwa, it reached its place. Vijender and Mohan spit the salty halwa. Randhir says now its proved that this halwa doesn’t have any poison, Kaveri always tries to defame us, you have some halwa. Nalini refuses and leaves.

Kaveri thinks why are they stubborn to feed halwa to Nalini, something is wrong. She leaves. Randhir asks Amrit not to worry, a mum can’t see her son hungry. He asks Amrit to have something. Amrit says we said our child will raise a voice against the wrong, this test is imp for the child, we will get mum’s blessings. She sings itna pyar…. Nalini and everyone hear the song. Randhir and Amrit fall asleep, sitting at the door. Randhir sees her sleeping and sleeps in her lap. Amrit sees Naman with Kaveri, and thinks what is he doing with Kaveri. Nalini sees Amrit and Randhir sleeping at the doorside. Vijender asks what happened, you aren’t well, you didn’t eat anything, take rest. Randhir talks in sleep. Nalini hears him and recalls his childhood.

Vijender asks what happened. She says Prem used to murmur in sleep. He says many people murmur in sleep, I wish our problems end, Randhir has come to trouble us. Nalini gets up and opens the lights. Amrit and Randhir wake up. Nalini asks Amrit to feed her the halwa and end this drama. Amrit happily feeds her. Nalini asks them to go to their room and rest, and let her sleep. She shuts the door. Amrit says I can’t believe, our baby got his Dadi’s blessing. Randhir says yes, mum had the halwa by your hand. Kaveri and Naman look on. Vijender comes. Kaveri asks how did Nalini eat the halwa. Naman shouts on Vijender. Vijender slaps him and shouts on him. Naman says I made a mistake, think of something. Vijender says I called a lawyer to throw them out of the palace. Kaveri says this kalash rasam is done at a special occasion, I have to find out. Randhir and Amrit talk about Kaveri and Naman. Amrit feels dizzy. Randhir cares for her. He says we have to find out Naman and Kaveri’s truth.

Its morning, servant says I m not finding Manak, even Bindu is worried, she went to his school. Mohan asks did anyone come. Servant says Uday had come, I didn’t let him come in. Randhir asks Amrit to do it. Amrit coughs. He says louder. She coughs a lot. Servant asks what happened. Randhir says mattresses have much dust, she is finding hard to breath, you have to clean the mattresses. Kaveri taunts Amrit. Amrit answers her. Randhir asks the servant to get Kaveri’s room mattress also. He says get all the mattresses and clean it. Vijender says no need to do it, cleaning is done monthly. Randhir says its fine to do it again. Vijender thinks why is he doing this. Naman says no need. Randhir says cleaning is imp for me. Naman goes. Vijender says take the mattresses to the terrace. Randhir asks the servant to do as Vijender said. He says I will also go on the terrace and see if they are working well. Kaveri thinks they have something on their mind, I will find out. She asks servant what’s cooking today. Servant says Amrit told it already, its all Nalini’s fav. Kaveri asks him to keep Amrit’s fav dish as well, make cutlet and add raw papaya in it.

Randhir sees Naman with a pic, and thinks who is this child in that pic. Vijender shows the new will and reads it for everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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