Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update: All kids come to stay at Samaira’s place

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 31st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Harsh comes to meet Anand. Anand says I didn’t recognize you. Shubhra comes in. Anand welcomes them in. Shubhra says he’s doctor Harsh. Rishi was consulting him. Anand says all okay? Shubhra tells him the entire plan. Anand is shocked to hear it. Shubhra gave Samaira many conditions but first asked Samaira to apologize to Anand and Vaidika first. Vaidika hugs her. Anand says how can I send her to Sameera? She will take away her smile. Vaidika says how are Rishi and Roli? I want to meet them. Harsh says she will be so happy to meet them. Shubhra says trust me. I won’t let any hurt come to her. She’s like rishi and roli to me.

Scene 2
Kuldeep massages Samaira’s shoulders. She says you are hurting me. He says your shoulders are stressed. Shubhra ruined our plans. We had to go on a honeymoon. Shubhra calls on Kuldeep’s phone. Samaira picks it. Kuldeep says why are you calling me? Shubhra says my commands have started. Your half-wife has to come there. Kuldeep says what do you mean? Shubhra says it’s Anand’s address. Be there. We won’t like to wait. Kuldeep says what does she think of herself? Samaira says she thinks she’s a queen to order us. I am the super queen. I will meet Anand and Vaidika but not there. I will meet them here. Bring all the kids here. You will also get to get spend time with the kids. Kuldeep says okay.

Kuldeep comes to Anand’s house. Shubhra says let him come. The kids hug Kuldeep. Shubhra asks where is Samaira? Kuldeep says she didn’t come. Shubhra asks Vaidika to take Rishi and Roli to her room. Kuldeep says she wants to meet the kids at her place. Shubhra says kids won’t go there. Anand says she won’t go anywhere. Kuldeep says I will be there. I won’t let anything wrong happen to the kids. Shubhra says I can trust you but not her. He says we don’t have many options. Send the kids with me, we have to do this for our plan. I won’t let anything wrong happen.

Scene 3
Everyone comes to Samaira’s place. Anand recalls all that she did. Vaidika recalls how she hurt her. Samaira says Vaidika.. sorry. She says to Anand sorry with a dead face. Samaira says done? The condition is done. Why are you scared? For Rishi and Roli or Vaidika? You can’t trust Kuldeep and Anand? You can’t trust these two fathers? Or you think I am so smart I can outsmart all of you? You are so scared of me. If you want me to do what you want, then do what I ask. So go from here. Or this wedding and everything would be over. Shubhra takes the kids inside. Roli says I am scared of her. Vaidika says me too. Harsh takes Rishi inside. Kuldeep says Shubhra you can’t decide all the rules. Samaira can also have some conditions. You want Samaira to make it up to Vaidika right? and fix her relationship with her. Shubhra says that’s enough for now. There are many other stages. Kuldeep says you can’t rule our lives. Shubhra says I didn’t ask you to dance. Samaira said sorry but it didn’t affect Vaidika. Kuldeep says you have to give them time. Samaira will convince Vaidika. You have to give her time. Shubhra says why should I go then? Kuldeep says you would have to listen to her. Kuldeep says you must be dying to be part of this family picture too right? Samaira’s idea is brilliant. Vaidika will get time to spend with Rishi and Roli and I would get tome with Roshi and Roli. Shubhra says you can spend time with kids at my place. Samaira says Kuldeep won’t go anywhere. Kuldeep says trust me. Shubhra says okay, kids would stay here in this house with their dads. Kuldeep and Anand both will stay here. I will take the kids back in the morning. All the very best Samaira. Tomorrow I will come back with a new challenge. Samaira says I will only do it if it’s worth doing. Shubhra says wait and watch. She leaves.

Scene 4
Samaira gives milkshakes to the kids. Vaidika says I don’t want it. Roli says neither do I. Samaira says what do you want? Chocolate? Ice cream. Kuldeep says I will handle the kids. You go and sleep. She goes to her room. Rishi and Roli say they don’t want to stay there. Vaidika says don’t leave me alone. Kuldeep says your aai will come tomorrow. Anand comes too. Kuldeep says both papas are here. You kids are with your papas today. Roli says not Samaira’s aunty, right? Rishi says I want to go home. Kuldeep says I know which is my Rishi’s favorite milkshake. Rishi says how would you know? Have you ever stayed with me?

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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