Kundali Bhagya 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahira accidentally pushes Sherlin infront of the truck

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The goon asks how did she call him, Sherlin replies he has to kill someone, the person asks what is the name, Sherlin replies her name is Preeta, he asks when does she want it to happen, Sherlin replies that if she desired she would do it today, she turns to see Mahira standing and is shocked, Mahira questions if what she heard is the truth, Sherlin replies it is indeed the truth because she cannot live while Preeta is alive as she knows all of her secrets, Mahira requests Sherlin to also involve her in her plan because she has understood that till Preeta is alive she cannot have Karan because till Preeta is alive he cannot think of her, Sherlin assures that she will be involved in all of her plans, Sherlin asks Mahira is she knows the time Preeta is going to go out of the house, Mahira recalls when she heard that Preeta is going to go and buy a gift for Karan at eleven, Sherlin orders the person to come and meet her at eleven.

Sherlin thinks that it would be the best time, she asks Mahira to meet her after some time in the parking lot, she thinks that since Prithvi is also shopping with Kritika it is the best time to execute her plan.

Kritika is shopping for the Mangal Sutur with Prithvi, she asks if he likes it, he exclaims he likes it so Kritika places it back in the box, he asks what she did, she replies that his reaction should be that it is awesome otherwise she would not buy it, Prithvi thinks why Kritika not understands that he is not comfortable with the shopping, the salesman shows her another box. She really likes it and picks put one of the Mangal Sutur, she leaves to buy one of the necklaces for her wedding, Prithvi thinks he desired to buy a Mangal Sutur for Preeta but now is stuck with Kritika, he used to love Preeta and will always be her lover.

Sherlin and Mahira are in the car, Mahira asks what is the plan, she also desires to know the name of the person, Sherlin replies he is a contract killer who has done a lot of work her and Prithvi, she must not get acquainted with him, Mahira needs to know the plan, there is a man who knocks on the window, Sherlin exclaims he finally came so asks him to sit in the car, Sherlin shows him the photo of Preeta, Mahira asks about the plan, he shows her the truck exclaiming he would kill her with the truck and run away, Sherlin orders him to go and sit in the truck.

Mahira asks Sherlin how he would manage to kill Preeta because they are standing in a very busy market where a lot of people would see him Mahira replies how would he kill Preeta as she would arrive in a car, Sherlin mentions she has prepared for it also that she did not have any other choice but to choose this location, Preeta arrives in the car when it stops, the driver reveals that the tyre is punctured, she asks him to come back after fixing it while she would walk to the shop.

Preeta is on the call with Karan, she desires to end it but karan warns to start a video call if she ends it, he says that if she doesnot listen to him he would get angry, Preeta says she knows how to calm him, he doesnot agree but she insists that she is able to pacify him at the first attempt, she walks to the footpath and is saved from the truck, he tries calling Sherlin but it doesnot connect so he decides to call Prithvi.

Kritika chooses a necklace asking how it is looking, Prithvi replies it is the best and she should immediately buy it, he gets a call and looking at the name is shocked to see who is it, he makes the excuse that it is the call from the hired killer, he replies that Preeta is not coming out of the footpath and if she takes the turn he would not be able to run her over as it is the road of the police station, Prithvi shouts at him which shocks everyone, he warns the killer that if Preeta gets even a scratch he would ruin his entire family, the contact killer ends the call saying Shelrin is calling, she says she would push Preeta from the footpath so he can run her over.

Prithvi is worried thinking how he would be able to save Preeta, he remembers the road so rushes for it apologizing to Kritika saying there has been a problem at the office.

Preeta is walking while Sherlin is following her, she stars following Preeta who is walking but when she gets near her, she starts feeling dizzy, Mahira thinks that if she is not able to push Preeta it would ruin their plan, she feels fine after some time, Mahira decides to stand behind her and push Preeta if she is not able to however she slips and instead pushes Sherlin who gets hit by the truck, Mahira immediately rushes to the side as she gets scared.

Preeta turning is shocked to see Mahira who falls on the floor, she immediately cries for help. she while crying asks Karan to come as Sherlin is injured he replies that is close so would come soon, he reaches and comes by the side of Preeta, Prithvi also reaches the location, Karan is trying to pick up Sherlin, Prithvi is shocked to see Sherlin is the one who is injured, he wonders how did it all happen while he is seeing that Karan is taking Sherlin, someone hands Preeta the number of the truck which caused the accident, Prithvi also follows them, Mahira is however perplexed, Prithvi sees her so wonders why is she hiding and not standing in the front, he after seeing her body still wonders how did the accident happen.

Rakhi in the house asks them to bring the paratha, Karina and Dadi are playing card, Mahesh gets a call from Preeta and is shocked, when they all question what has happened, Mahesh replies Sherlin got in an accident, Karina is worried for the baby, so they all leave for the hospital.

Preeta and Karan reach the hospital, Rishab also reaches, they take Sherlin to the operation theater, Rishab asks Karan how it happened, karan replies he doesnot know because he was on the call with Preeta when it happened and reached because he was near the location.

Prithvi also comes inquiring about the condition of Shelrin, Rishab replies they are performing the operation, Prithvi assures they would not leave the one responsible because he has filed the complaint against the truck driver who was involved in the accident, Preeta coming from behind questions how he knows that a truck driver is behind the accident.

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