Kundali Bhagya 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update: The entire Luthra family celebrate the birthday of Dadi

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After a period of three months, Karan and Preeta are sleeping together in the room, the alarm rings, she seeing it is shocked as it is seven in the morning, she asks Karan to wake up as he promised to help her for the preparations relating to the pooja, she tries waking him up however he is sleeping after stuffing cotton in his ears, she going towards the bathroom exclaims that she will herself prepare everything as she should not have believed him, his promises are always false, she hits him with a ball, waking him up, he is shocked saying she is acting as a typical wife and he would have to complain to Maa, she coming out of the bathroom asks if he said but he denies it.

Rakhi comes to the room of the child, she is weeping and Kritika coming asks why is she so sad as it has been three months and she should live in the present and not worry about what was taken from her because if god has snatched something from her it is for the best and she would be give a lot of happiness in return, Rakhi assures she is living in the present, Kritika asks her to come downstairs to the pooja as it would clam her down.

Sherlin is getting ready in her room, Karina coming inside exclaims she is looking stunning and they should both leave for the pooja so she should take the credit otherwise someone else might take all the credit for the work which she done, she cannot bear it and would always be on her side, Sherlin assures that now the entire family would praise her for the efforts and even praise Karina for finding the best daughter in law for the family.

Preeta enters the hall from her room, she is working to help the preparation and seeing Ganesh asks him to come down as she will decorate the flowers, Karan seeing her is not able to take his eyes off her, he goes to stand while she is working, he signals her which worries her and she stumbles, Karan catches her explaining he knew she was about to fall which is why he caught her, Preeta replies she was not about to fall but lost her balance because of him, Karan exclaims he cannot let her fall as then everyone would say he did not save the women who would be the mother of his unborn child, she gets nervous, he exclaims that she will soon be the mother of his wife, he exclaims of not liking her profession as it involves a lot of exercises which he would not be able to do, he exclaims he is romancing with her, she says Pandit jee has arrived, he assures their family would soon be filled with the cries of a new-born child, Preeta takes him inside to the Mandir.

Karan is standing when the entire family comes, he rushes to take the blessings of Dadi, Karina and Sherlin are standing at the balcony, Karina mentions she knows Sherlin is thinking Preeta reached before her but must not worry that she would get a lot of chances to impress the family, Preeta also greets the entire family, She holding the hand of Karan exclaims Mahesh papa has not even come till now, Karan mentions he knows Mahesh would come because it is the birthday of his mother, she has sent Sameer to bring him.
Sameer knocks on the room of Mahesh, he opening it comes down with Sameer to the pooja.

Pandit jee exclaims if they can start the pooja, everyone starts taking part in the pooja and one by one start performing the ritual, Karina signals Sherlin to light the Diya further but Preeta stops her and starts doing it herself, she sees Mahesh going to sit so asks if he needs something, Sherlin even goes to him but Preeta has already brought the water for him, she rushes back to Karan and start performing the ritual, after the pooja ends they all as a family wish Happy birthday to Dadi, Preeta even brings Mahesh to dance with her, Rakhi even hugs her wishing her the birthday, Rakhi explains that Preeta is the one to organize the birthday just same way as she used to celebrate it in an old fashioned way. Dadi asks how did they know she used to celebrate it in that manger, Karan says Preeta would reveal the entire plan, Preeta explains that Karina bua told her about her friend, she then took her number from the diary which Dadi has after which while talking to her she got to know how they used to celebrate her birthday in her home town, Dadi sitting says that Preeta has made her remember her father, she explains that in those days their was not a trend of cutting the cake so her father used to bring Ghewar, Preeta calls Ganesh, she exclaims that they have brought her cake the Ghewar, Dadi appreciates her saying she has brought it for them, Dadi exclaims Karan ha married a really nice girl who takes care of everyone and even brought Mahesh downstairs by sending Sameer, Preeta replies it is because she knew that Mahesh would come down for his mother.

Dadi says she is glad that Preeta gave her the entire happiness as she for the first time saw Mahesh smiling in the three months otherwise he would not even talk seriously, Dadi then explains she would not cut the cake alone and cut it with the daughter in law, Sherlin walks to come but Dadi calls Preeta which shocks her and she is left stunned, Sameer after cutting the cake asks what is the favourite song of Dadi, they all start dancing and enjoying on the favourite song, Sherlin asks Karina why is everyone talking off Preeta because she also helped but no one is even talking about her, Kritika hearing this turns asking her to not feel so wrong, She asks Karina to see how happy everyone is questioning when did she saw Mahesh smile, the last time, Kritika explains if Sherlin had helped Preeta she would also be standing with her, she must now enjoy the party, Preeta sits with the Pandit jee, Karina asks her to bring the gift which is in her room, Preeta agrees but she faints after turning for the room, Karan along with everyone rush to her.
Karan is trying to wake Preeta but she doesnot wakeup, he sprinkles her face with water after which she sits up asking why are they all worried as nothing happened, Dadi mentions it is a situation which is worrying them as she fainted and it has even happened before, Karan replies he asked her to have a check-up but she doesnot listen to him, Preeta replies it might be because she has not eaten anything since the morning and so might have gotten dizzy, Shelrin also exclaims she has not eaten anything but none pays any heed to her, Rakhi sits with Preeta asking her to reveal what has happened, Preeta mentions when she turned for the Mandir she felt weak and so sat down but when Karina asked her to bring the gift she felt a pain in her head and fainted, Preeta replies she is still feeling weak and so rushes to the bathroom, everyone gets tensed wondering what has happened to her, Rakhi and Dadi both realize what has happened so turn to Karan, he still doesnot understands so asks what has happened, Rakhi replies that he is about to become a father, Shelrin is stunned.

Precap: Rakhi replies that today they feel the Kundali Bhagya of the house would have a new beginning, Shelrin is angry, Preeta sitting with Karan exclaims they can test to confirm if she is pregnant, Karan assures her she is but she insists so he allows her, she comes out of the bathroom and is really tensed, Karan asks what has happened.

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