Kumkum Bhagya 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Rhea manages to save Sid from being arrested

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Abhi thinks to himself that being here was a good decision, otherwise he would have regained all the lost memories from past. Aaliya and Tanu discuss that Abhi never speak to Pragya in front of them. But Aaliya decides to take advantage of their egos and attitude and keep them apart.

Ranbir speaks to Prachi that she must miss her sister Rhea and that is why she must have imagined her in Bangalore. Prachi denies, but Ranbir insists that it is fine as they are sisters, he would not be angry at her. He only advices her to remember the lesson. Ranbir gets a call from Sid and smiles that it seems he has improvised. Sid questions Ranbir what the problem in that girl is. Ranbir says he just did not like her vibe. Sid was angry that Ranbir convinced him to marry and now has an objection with the girl. Ranbir speaks to Prachi that he did not like the girl. Prachi says appearances are deceitful. They pray Sid never get a girl like Rhea.

In the bar, Sid was attracted to Rhea. Rhea looks forward to him approaching her and says he will regret meeting her in his life.
Ranbir throws photos outside. Prachi asks how they will now find a girl for Sid. Ranbir says Sid already found a girl for himself; they must now celebrate Independence Day for themselves. They two dances together in celebration. The two lay on the bed when Ranbir gets a call from Sid. Ranbir had to take the call and asks Prachi to turn off music and turn the light on. Sid was hiding under a table. He says he and the girl are in trouble. Someone snatches Sid’s phone from above. There was a police raid in the bar and the policeman gets hold of Sid. Ranbir could not hear Sid and was worried. Ranbir asks Prachi if Sid has another number and guess that Sid was beaten up by another man.

Abhi lay outside and speaks to his fuggy through broken glasses. He appreciates the new style, and new body language. He exclaims the anger doesnot suit her.

Pragya sat in the bed still aggressive that he proved his relation as illegitimate. Pragya speaks to herself that he wanted to clarify his point and said that he will do what he was not able to two years ago but she wonders what does he want to show her after two years when he doesn’t even want to accept what he has done.

Abhi explains he has a lot of things to show her but she doesnot want to even see, he accepts that ever since she came back, his life has been once again filled with joy but in the moments, there is something which is always with him, the alcohol bottle. Pragya replies after going into the house she was filled with the memories but now is is sure of her plan, Abhi exclaims their story is a little different and filled with a lot of events, but he desires to see her, Pragya thinks that now she cannot be deviated from her path and will take revenge from Abhi for trying to kill her two years ago.

the police have raided the club, they order them all to gather to the side and even orders the constable to search everyone, they are able to catch two of the dealers, who both run and one of them Jennifer places her packet in his pocket, they both run away, the constable searches Sid and finds the packet, Rhea is shocked to see it, they try to run but the inspector fires a bullet threatening them to stay at their position.

Pallavi opens the door, Ranbir is standing, he asks if she has another number of Sid, she asks why does he need the number in the night, Ranbir replies that he was with him when his call ended, he has been trying to call Sid but it is not connecting, Pallavi replies that his mobile is faulty and sometimes is not able to catch the signals but only works when he turns it off, Ranbir asks why did he go to Bangalore with that faulty mobile, Pallavi replies it is because his father gifted him that mobile, Sid knows the value of family and prefers them over anything else, not like Ranbir who only cares for his desires and has married a girl because he likes her, Ranbir questions why does it always comes to a girl, can she not talk of anything else.

The inspector asks the name, Sidharth replies that he is a good and honest citizen and has never done anything wrong, the inspector replies that half of the Bangalore jails are filled with those who are able to speak English, the constable even find another girl who is dealing drugs, the inspector orders the constable to place everyone in the van, Rhea comes saying that he must not arrest Sid, as he only looks like a rich brat but is an honest soul and has not even done anything wrong in his life, he never even jumped a red signal, inspector asks how does she know a lot about him asking if she is his wife, the constable replies they are in a club so would be boyfriend and girlfriend, Inspector doesnot believe her, Rhea accepts she is his wife, she acts explaining Sid got angry and came here, she also had to come to the club but before she could apologize the police came, inspector questions how did the drugs came into his pocket, Rhea replies that she saw Jenny places the packet in his pocket, the inspector calls the manager but he says there is no CCTC camera in the club, inspector scolds him, Rhea then going to her friend exclaims that she would have seen it and she says that she saw so the inspector allows them both to leave.

Abhi is sitting drinking, Dadi comes so he hides it, she gives him the blanket which he left in the house, Abhi replies they do not live in Shimla, Dadi asks how could he feel cold when he is drinking, Abhi replies it is because the bottle is of the medicine which cures every injury that he has, it flushes out everything that is in his heart, he after meeting Pragya feels he should flush out every memory that he has and create new ones, he asks Dadi to leave as she might get cold, she exclaims he doesnot listen to her, he agrees to listen to her for today so places the bottle aside, he picks up the glasses.

Pragya in her room is looking at the photo of Abhi, she vows to make him pay for what he has done.

Precap: Pragya tells Abhi that she is not a carom game that he will win. She has an empire, and it will take Abhi his whole life just to reach there. Abhi tells her that no matter how big a queen is, she loses in front of a king. She says it’s not necessary that future will be like past. If he comes against her, then winning is far, she won’t give him a chance to smile.

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