Kumkum Bhagya 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Pragya vows to take revenge from the Mehra family

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Tanu replies the Pragya they knew loves Abhi a lot and would not live without meeting Abhi, she is therefore not that Pragya who standing up replies she is not that Pragya and has died because when a person dies they do not care about what happened however she explains that she will now make their life a living hell because she doesnot have any promise to fulfil, she only serves her own interest and would make sure they both are in jail if they every try to interfere in her matters but she is now just going to give them a warning, she asks them to also in form Mr Abhishek, she leaves and Sushma jee also asks if they have met the new Pragya, Tanu replies that Abhi has also met the new Pragya which is why he is not with her.

Abhi is walking when the neighbor stops him, Abhi asks him to massage his feet as his feet is hurting, he questions if he has received his salary, the neighbor explains he has received so Abhi asks him to buy something to drink for Abhi, he suggests tea but Abhi replies he doesnot want to have tea, the person asks why did Abhi say he did not meet the lady whose purse Tanu stole, Abhi explains it is because he did not want Tanu to know, the neighbour says that he might be in love and this is why he is hiding it from her, the neighbour starts singing and Abhi says that he feels like throwing tea on his face, the neighbor asks if Abhi desires to get the Rani but Abhi explains the Rani is not in his fate, he leaves thinking what is the reason Pragya is angry with him, he would do anything he can to find out the truth and end the barriers that are amongst them.

Prachi appreciates Ranbir for making such delicious mix vegetables while he also praises her for the delicious tortilla, he asks for his mobile, she says she has sold it, he asks the amount which she was able to get, he sees that Sid has called three times, Prachi advises him to answer it but Ranbir exclaims he would ruin their candle light dinner, Sid texts Ranbir explaining he needs to talk with him and not Prachi, Ranbir answers the call, Sidharth explains that he has found a girl but needs Ranbir to see her face and in form him about her so that he can proceed ahead, Ranbir is excited that Sid finally found a girl and would now leave them alone, Prachi also comes and is eager to see the girl, Sidharth says that he is going to take a selfie and they can see her, Prachi leaves because of the milk, Sid asks Ranbir to see the girl in the extreme left side but Rhea kneels down before Ranbir can see her, Sid asks how did Ranbir feel about the girl but he replies that he doesnot like her for Sid as she is not of his calibre, Prachi hears the voice of Rhea so asks if she was with Sid but Ranbir refuses however Prachi replies that she is sure that it was Rhea.

Abhi is helping Dadi sit down, she asks if she can talk with him, he refuses but then mentions she is the only one who can say a lot to him, Dadi explains that she knows Pragya is angry with them but it is their right to mend the relationship, Abhi replies that she doesnot want to listen and has got the anger issues which he used to have in the past, Dadi explains he must tell her the reason he is with Tanu, Abhi explains that whenever he tries to talk with her she starts getting all frustrated and doesnot even listen to anything, Dadi requests him to not fight with her but Abhi asks if she thinks he can fight with her, Dadi requests him to in form her the reason he is with Tanu as no wife can bear that her husband is with another women.

Tanu is sitting when Aliya asks if she is still thinking of her, Tanu replies that she felt that Pragya would not be angry with Abhi however they way she took his name, it really shook her, and she now is wondering if Pragya hates Abhi to the extent then how much will she hate them all.

Abhi exclaims Pragya still has a lot of love for Dadi even after what she said to him, Dadi mentions she also loves him a lot but has kept it down in her heart, she explains Pragya came to meet him but got angry after seeing that he is with Tanu, questioning what would he feel after he came to know that Pragya got in a relationship with another person, Abhi explains he would reveal the entire situation to her, but if she doesnot understand him, he will take revenge, Dadi asks what is he thinking, Abhi explains that he only desires Pragya to also take a step because if she takes one step then he will end all the differences, Dadi kisses him when he asks her to sleep.

Tanu mentions that now Pragya would take revenge from all of them, Aliya exclaims she would not be able to do anything as they will stop her, Tanu mentions they have also done a good thing as a family asking if she remembers what they said that first Abhi came and now them, they have as a family stopped the auction of the family house, they hear Abhi coming so stop the conversation, Abhi think that both of them have also made a good decision as they were able to stop the auction of the house, it was close to Pragya but they now think they are the winner.

Sushma jee explains that Pragya warned Aliya and Tanu but did not say anything to Abhi, she heard everything about them from her but now finally was able to meet them and knows what they are, she has not done anything but is still in love with Abhi, she might have fallen for him because he is a good actor as he first came to her as the husband of Tanu and now at the auction, she felt that Pragya doesnot want to give them any sort of punishment, she is not that old Pragya and the only reason she was allowed to come to India was when she met them, they could see the anger in her eyes and fear what she would do to them but she instead gave them a warning, Sushma jee explains that she would now have to end the attitude that is present in the eyes of the Mehra family, she would not do anything, Sushma jee advises her to forget each and every vow which he took as he has not fulfilled even a single one of them, she must now take the rope of Maa Durga to seek the revenge which is her right, she explains that she was saved in order to fight for the case of every women and this is the only way she can give purpose to their lives, Pragya accepts that she deviated from her path but would now once again only work towards taking her revenge as Sushma jee has made her realize her path.

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