Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Dev reveals the truth about Aayush to Sonakshi

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Dev is stunned in the hospital, looking at the child advising his father to take the medicine as it is 4 in the evening, Aayush asks why is his father crying as he would always be with him, he asks the nurse to take Aayush outside, the patient exclaims he is not worthy of apology but has just one request that Dev should take care of Aayush and give him all the love he deserves, he should never try to punish Aayush because of his crimes, Dev asks how is this possible as he is from Delhi while his wife was in Kolkata, the patient take the name of Same life hospital explaining that his wife’s parents lived there and she went to live with them in the last month of the pregnancy, he explains that Nurse Nina at the hospital will explain everything, Dev sees that he starts having difficulty in breathing, he immediately calls the nurse who calls for the doctor.

Dev is waiting outside when he remembers how he used to take care of Soha as a daughter and he was just overwhelmed with her, he recalls that the patient requested him to take care of Aayush, Dev thinks how it can happen that Soha and Aayush were changed at the time of birth, he remembers that the patient said the Nurse Nina, he decides to call her.

Sonakshi serves something on the table, Vikki explains that the food was delicious so Sonakshi asks him to have some more, he is stopped by saying that he must not overeat, Soha immediately coughs after taking the first bite of the ice cream, Ishwari reveals their is not even a single habit of her which doesnot match Dev as he also used to cough after eating the ice cream.

Golu asks Sonakshi when will Dev come, she decides to call him however he doesnot answer, Golu rushes to Sonakshi and snatching her mobile decides to call Dev by himself however Dev also doesnot attend the call, Sonakshi asks Golu to not be worried asking Vikki if Dev came to the office, he replies that Dev had not arrived till lunch when he left the office, Ishwari is left stunned so asks Sonakshi if she knows where he is, Sonakshi doesnot know, which worries Ishwari who questions who would know when the wife doesnot know where her husband is.

Dev is frustrated with the nurse questioning how could she do such a thing as it has ruined a lot of lives, Nurse explains that she was losing everything and even her house was mortgaged which is why she made the mistake, Dev insists that she recheck asking if she is sure she is talking of Sonakshi Dev Dixit, the nurse replies it was her first and last mistake since assuming the profession so she could never forget the bed number sixteen or his wife, he ends the call, the nurse comes out of the operation theater asking if there is someone with the boy since the doctor has asked for the medicine, Aayush exclaims he will bring the medicine so takes the prescription, Aayush leaves for the pharmacy, Dev also follows him, Soha tries calling Dev however he doesnot answer her calls so she sends a voice note exclaiming he had promised her. Aayush asks the Pharmacy in charge to hurry up as he is getting late. Dev asks if he needs any help in counting the money, Aayush replies he know that if the medicines cost fourteen hundred and seventy-five rupees then the change he would get of the two thousand rupees which he has paid would be five hundred and twenty five rupees, he even asks for the receipt in case he has to exchange any of the medicine. the in charge asks him to count it but Aayush says he has already counted it with him, Dev follows Aayush who asks if he is the friend of his father, Aayush asks if Dev doesnot lie, Aayush explains Dev said that his father would get healthy so questions would his father really get healthy, Aayush explains that his father also doesnot lie, Dev hesitantly asks if someone from his family has come with him, Aayush replies that his grandparents would come but have not arrived till now, Dev asks if he would like to eat anything but Aayush rushes to the operation theatee, Dev asks the nurse when will his grandparents come, the nurse replies they have gone out of the city, the neighbors dropped him off after hearing about the accident, he gives her his card asking that she must call him in case of any problem, Dev asks that his next flight be booked for Kolkata.

Sonakshi is cleaning the room when she sees the wedding photograph so remembers what Natasha said that she got the inspiration from her marriage but now Ishwari feels why does Sonakshi doesnot know where her husband is, Dev walks into the room, Sonakshi asks where was he as Soha was asking for him saying he promised to play with her but even Shubh irritates her which she cannot bear, Dev is really tensed, Sonakshi feels his tension so asks what ahs happened, he reveals the entire situation, Sonakshi doesnot understand so explains that it cannot happen as she gave birth to Sonakshi, Dev replies that he tries to make every possible effort to prove that they all were wrong and Soha is their daughter, he starts questioning why did she not know if she had given birth to a son or girl, Sonakshi asks why is he trying to blame her family because at the time of the operation, their were some complications so they had to perform a C section, she asks why is he trying to blame her family, Dev apologizes for being so rude, he cannot understand how can it happen as how as no one able to realize this for all those years, he exclaims he doesnot have any idea, both Sonakshi and Dev are not able to control their emotions, she asks what will happen now and what should they do, Dev replies that the boy Ayushman is their son, Sonakshi exclaims that even Soha is their daughter, Dev also sits down in a state of confusion, they both are weeping.
Dev and Sonakshi are sitting in the hall, Dev asks her to talk with her about what she is thinking, she exclaims she cannot believe it and it is all a misunderstanding and Rohit might have mistaken him for someone else, it was a very big hospital, the nurse is just making a story, he was not even in Kolkata and her father himself wrote his name at the birth certificate, Dev exclaims he also wished for the same but the nurse accepted that she changed the children, Dev reveals that he met with Aayush and he is really small, he did not even want to leave him at the hospital but wanted to reveal the entire situation to her, Dev exclaims he will file a case against the hospital and the nurse for what they have done as it is a serious crime, Sonakshi stops him saying he will not do anything as it will ruin a lot of lives, Dev sits down, Sonakshi reveals if what he is saying is the truth then it only means that Soha is not their daughter, Sonakshi exclaims he doesnot know how she was at the time of her birth, she raised her for seven years and whenever she would ask her about Dev, she was with her every step of the way, Sonakshi mentions that she cannot bear an inch of pain that Soha suffers so how would she reveal the truth that she is not her real mother, she cannot, Sonakshi while crying hugs Dev.

In the late hours of night Sonakshi and Dev both are lying but not able to sleep, Sonakshi dreams when Soha complained about eating the green vegetables and she would demand to eat the junk foods explaining they are important for her childhood, their was a knock on the door and when she opened it the police entered to take Soha away as she is not her biological daughter, Sonakshi wakes up, she turns to Dev but doesnot wake him up.

Aayush in the late hours of the night, goes to sleep in his fathers’ arms at the hospital bed, Sonakshi sitting beside Soha’s bed while she is sleeping starts weeping holding her blanket, she is sitting beside her, hugs as Soha is sleeping Sonakshi vows to never let Soha get away from her.

Precap: Dev and Sonakshi enter the house of Rohit, asking his parents if Ayushman knows they are his real biological parents, they both see him while he is sleeping. Ishwari asks Dev what has happened as he seems really tensed.

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