Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 17

Ranbir and Abhigya are constantly following Prachi & Shahana.

The taxi driver gears up his speed and is driving very fast.

In the Taxi

Shahana – Now what will we do Prachi, they are following us madly.

Prachi- Shahana we hv to make sure that we don’t get caught…

Shahana – But how is that possible?

Prachi – We need to get out of this taxi and catch other one.

Shahana – Haan… Okay.

Ranbir and Abhigya are continuously following Prhana’s taxi.

While in Prachi and Shahana’s taxi

Prachi & Shahana – Bhaiya stop the taxi…

Taxi Driver – Okay madam.

The car doesn’t stop … Prachi and Shahana get tensed because there was a cliff ahead. Seeing this Ranbir and Abhigya stop their respective cars and start running behind the taxi.

Prachi (tensed) – Bhaiya stop the taxi.. There is a cliff ahead.

Shahana (tensed) – Bhaiya are you blind… Stop it.

Taxi driver – Madam I am not able to stop the car.

Prhana in a unison – What do you mean?

Taxi driver – Means car breaks are not working…

Prachi – What?

Shahana – Prachi just see ahead!

Ranbir and Abhigya shout to stop the car and run behind it.

Suddenly the car falls down the cliff and a loud blast is heard. Pragya faints seeing all this while Ranbir tries to go further to save Prachi and Shahana but it was too late. He cries bitterly thinking about the incident which took place in front of his eyes just now. The local passer by call the police and inform about the accident. The police arrive at the accident spot and ask Ranbir & Abhigya to leave.

After some time Abhigya & Ranbir reach home. Pragya is in Abhi’s arm and is still fainted. While Ranbir walks lifelessly inside the house.

Aryan sees them and gets shocked to see Pragya and calls Rhea. Everyone gathers in the Hall. (Mehras & Kohlis)

Dadi – Abhi what happened to Pragya?

Abhi doesn’t speak anything.

Aryan – Ranbir you tell what happened to chachi.

Alia glares at Aryan when he calls Pragya his chachi but Aryan ignores her.

Ranbir also doesn’t speak anything, suddenly Rhea enters there and isn’t able to see Pragya due to the crowd.

Rhea – Why all of you are gathered here? What happened Meera aunty?

Rhea steps a little forward and gets shocked to see Pragya, tears start scrolling from her eyes and she pushes away Alia and rushes towards Pragya and hugs her.

Rhea (crying) – Dad what happened to mom, why is she fainted? Meera aunty pls bring a glass of water for her… Pls do it fast.

Meera rushes towards kitchen and gets a glass of water and handles it to Rhea. Rhea sprinkles water on Pragya face which makes her conscious. Rhea hugs Pragya.

Rhea – Mom how are you, what happened to you?

Pragya (is not able to think anything) – Prachi… Where is Prachi, Ranbir?

Ranbir doesn’t answer her, she asks the same question to Abhi but he also doesn’t answer.

Pragya (crying) – Pls tell me where is Prachi.

Abhi tries to console her.

Rhea’s POV

It means Prachi left her house, that’s why mom is worried for her. I am sorry mom but I hv to do this otherwise she would hv snatch my happiness from me and I can’t let it happen at any cost. I need to say something otherwise it will look as if I was already knowing about it.

Rhea ( acts) – Dad what happened, why is mom asking about Prachi, she must be in her home.

Abhi – Sweetheart….

Abhi is interrupted by Police officers who enter the Mehra Mansion.

Pragya – Officer did you find Prachi?

Police officer – We are sorry!

Abhi & Ranbir in unison – Sorry for what? You found Prachi & Shahana right…

Aryan – Shahana… Ranbir pls tell me exactly about what are you talking. Prachi & Shahana, what happened to them.

Police officer – We couldn’t save ur both daughters.

Hearing this everyone gets shocked, while Rhea is confused.

Vikram – Officer pls tell us everything.

Police officer explain the whole incident to the Kohlis and Mehras.

Pragya – How can u say like that, what proof do you have?

Police officer show them the CCTV footage, tears start scrolling from everyone’s eyes except Alia’s ,Rhea feels guilty as she never wanted Prachi to die.

Pragya ( crying) – Noo…. No this can’t happen, how can Prachi leave me alone.

Rhea and Abhi try to console her. Ranbir falls on his knees and Aryan steps back with his eyes filled of tears. Police officer give some of the belonging of Prachi & Shahana to the family and leave from there.

Suddenly Pragya rises up , her eyes hv turned red because of anger and crying.

Pragya – This all happened because of you.

Abhi – Because of me? Pragya you are again blaming me, you did the same at the time of Kiara.

Pragya – Always because of ur ego I loose my daughters, first Kia and now Prachi.

The Kohlis, Rhea and Aryan get confused about what they were talking as they weren’t aware of Kiara.

Abhi – Stop it Pragya, how can you say this all happened because of me, what proof do you hv, and Prachi left the house because of you not because of me.

Pragya gets furious over hearing this and gives him the chit of paper which Prachi left for her.

Abhi reads it and gets tears in his eyes.

Pragya – Now what do you want to say? If u wanted to marry Meera, then why did u tell us especially Prachi, she was broken from the day when she heard about ur marriage. I had no problem with it, I can handle myself but what about Prachi, she was a child, how can she see her dad marrying another woman in front of her ?

Rhea gets tears in her eyes seeing all this… She tries to calm down Pragya but fails.While Aryan grabs Ranbir’s hand and takes him to room to talk.

Ranbir ( crying) – Aryan.. I lost Prachi.. I lost her.

Aryan (angrily) – Stop acting Ranbir, this all happened because of you…

Ranbir – Aryan…

Aryan – Yes, I am saying right, this all happened because of you, if u would hv not broken Prachi’s heart then she would hv never left chachi and now because of you there is a rift between chucks and chachi. And because of you Shahana also left… Listen you ruined Prachi’s life now don’t ruin chucks life.

Saying this he leaves from there,while Ranbir feels guilty and walks in the main hall.

Rhea – Mom… Mom listen me.

Pragya – Rhea not today, let me speak. What do you people think of yourself , you take any decision without thinking of its consequences. Because of you.. Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra I lost my other daughter, you wanted to marry Meera… Go and marry her, I free you from our relationship.

Alia smirks at Pragya while everyone gets shocked.

Ranbir- Aunty.. I know I don’t hv any right to speak in ur family matter but don’t do this.

Pragya – Beta I can never – ever live with the murder of my daughter.

Rhea – But mom…

Pragya (crying) – Rhea, Meera will take good care of you in fact she loves you more than anyone in her life. Take good care of yourself.

Saying this Pragya turns around and leaves Mehra Mansion, Rhea falls on her knees and cries bitterly.

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