Aryan is still sleeping. Shahana looks at him. She remembers how he said he was feeling sleepy and avoided her questions. Shahana gets thinking. Prachi comes there. She sees Aryan sleeping and asks Shahana to come out.

“ what happend?”asks Shahana.

“ u tell me. ”tells Prachi sternly.

Shahana remembers Ranbhir telling her the plan about exposing Rhea. Intitally he wanted to plan with Aryan but as Aryan was injured he turned to Shahana for help.

Shahana thinks how did Prachi got to know about the plan.

“ u never told me that u loved Aryan. I am your sister and I used to share everything with u. But…” tells Prachi and sighs.

“ oh.. that I am sorry. Well, I was never sure about my feelings for Aryan and we got married as we were scared that….” Shahana gets interrupted.

“ no one will agree for your wedding. I understand. Don’t worry, Purab chucks is with u, nothing can happen to u both. I wanted to tell u both something since u got married but I never got an opportunity. I am happy for u  and Aryan. Always be happy. ” says Prachi and hugs Shahana.

“ are u leaving again?”asks Shahana.

“ no, I am not. I just wanted to tell u this personally. So I came. Anyways I have to get ready, u also get ready. Party is for both of u.” saying this Prachi leaves from there.

Shahana goes inside her room and sees Aryan wake up. They share an eye lock. Aryan was about to fall but Shahana holds him.

“ are u ok?”asks Shahana to whichAryan nods in affirmation.

“ Shahana, I know u are thinking about this accident and the reason but….” Aryan gets interrupted by Shahana.

“ we both are married now, Aryan. I just hope that we can share everything in our life, whether it is happiness or sadness, good or bad. But if u aren’t ready to tell me I will not force u. I just want u to know this, I love u and I will always trust u and  be with u.” saying this she kisses on his forehead and she goes to shower.

In Prachi’s room

As soon as Prachi enters her room she sees a blue dress.

“ whose dress is this?” says Prachi.

“ it’s for u.”saying this Ranbhir comes inside.

“ for me?”asks Prachi to which Ranbhir nods.

“ today’s party theme color is blue. So, I thought of getting u a dress.” Says Ranbhir.

“ I don’t want this. I already have my dresses. I will……” Prachi stops herself remembering that she doesn’t have any blue dress.

“ but I like this dress, so I will wear it.”says Prachi to which Ranbhir smiles.

“ today’s night will start a new chapter in your life and don’t forget your promise.” Saying this Ranbhir leaves from there.

“ what this baklu is gonna do now? I am getting tensed.” Thinks Prachi.

Party starts

Sinivasans also has come. Aryan and Shahana come down. Prachi comes along with them. Ranbhir gets mesmerized seeing her. Disha and Sunny also come there. Aryan and Shahana gets happy seeing them. Prachi, Shahana, Aryan and Ranbhir goes to hug them which irks Alia.

“ where is Arya di?”whispers Aryan.

“ u know she can’t home. After whatever has happned.” Tells Disha which makes Aryan little sad.

“ But she sent her well wishes for u.” saying this Disha gives them a pair of couple watches.

“ okay, ladies and gentleman let’s spice up the party.” Saying this Ranbhir plays a song and starts dancing. He brings Prachi, Pragya and Abhi on to the dance floor except Rhea. On seeing her parents dancing with Prachi and Ranbhir, Rhea gets angry. Everyone starts dancing except Rhea as she was not called by anyone. Aryan was not dancing as he was injured but he asked Shahana to go and dance. Rhea gets angrier . she enters into the crowd and pulls Prachi away from there without getting noticed by anyone.

“ Rhea , where are u taking me?” asks Prachi trying to free herself from Rhea’s cluthches.

“ shut up, enough is enough. I had enough with u. I want u to leave from here, right now.”shouts Rhea at Prachi after bringing her to the balcony.

“ don’t shout, Rhea. I am keeping quiet, it doesn’t mean u can shout. ” says Prachi.

“ oh.., u have got guts to back answer me. I have been observing u since u returned, u don’t even try once to leave. Did u forget our deal? If u don’t leave, then I will separate mom and dad.” warns Rhea.

“ enough Rhea, why are u so selfish? They are your parents too and I know u love them too. Don’t do this. And I know u won’t hurt them, u can’t, as u love them.” Hearing this from Prachi Rhea laughs like insane scaring Prachi.

“ what did u say I won’t hurt them?”asks Rhea.

“ yes, do u remember? When I and Ranbhir fell in love, u tried every means to remove me from your lives, but u had never hurt Ranbhir because u loved him. In the same way, u will not hurt maa and papa.” Replies Prachi.

“ really? Do u think so? And who said I didn’t hurt Ranbhir? Why do u think Maya framed Ranbhir?” saying this Rhea gives a smile with a smirk.

“ that means u… framed.. Ranbhir.” Says Prachi while gulping to which Rhea nods.

Prachi slaps her in her rage.

“ how could u Rhea? U said u loved him? But…” Prachi gets interrupted.

“ what else I was supposed to do? U were a girl whom I hated more than anyone and anything in this world. On my birthday party, I put the necklace in your pocket and let u get framed but dad freed u. then I tried to injure u but mom saved u. And then I spoiled the food in Vikram uncle and Pallavi aunty’s anniversary, so that dad will throw u out as I couldn’t tolerate dad loving u, my enemy. Not only dad, everyone loved u. and I succeded but dad found out about it and for the first time in my life he slapped me. And I tried to frame u in my fake murder case but I failed again. And then I asks Nishant to put drugs in your bag so that u would be framed but Ranbhir took the blame on him and later u were proven innocent and I failed again. But Rhea doesn’t know to lose. But I put all these for a halt when Ranbhir proposed me but I asked him to make u fall in love with him and then break your heart to which he in fact agreed. But he started to fall in love with u. so, I decided to defame u infront of him. So I joined hands with Sanju. I asked waiter to give u the drink mixed with drugs and I framed, u and sanju were doing something wrong. But again u were proven innocent by Ranbhir and dad. luckily that man escaped or else I would have got caught. And then I arranged ur marriage with Sanju, the masked man  u remember?” tells Rhea.

“ he was Sanju?”asks Prachi.

“ hmm, but again u were saved by Ranbhir. After the bank incident, Ranbhir understood he fell for u. I then realized my biggest mistake was to ask him to love u. he was supposed to make u fall for him, but he fell for u. then I made your MMS and made whole college against u, but he still didn’t believe u. then I understood whatever I try to defame u, he is not going to leave u, so I tried to defame him. I thought u will lose respect for him and will leave us but u stood for him. I thought I would save him and become great in front of him but Maya’s intentions  changed later. So it became difficult for me to save him. I framed u in robbery case but u were proven innocent again. So I thought on the day of Maya and Ranbhir’s wedding I would sit in place of Maya and get married to him but I failed again. I learnt that dida and Vikram uncle selected u as Ranbhir’s bride. I got angry and I hired some goons to kill u with the truck. But u survived. I was so desperate to hear your death news but dad wanted me to give blood to u. I lied to my dad that I gave u my blood though I didn’t as someone has already donated. And then I got to know your mother is none other than my mother and she also approved your’s and Ranbhir’s relationship. I was so depressed and I committed suicide. And then I used my own suicide to turn everyone against u. A fake video was shown to everyone that u were with Maya in her plan which led all the kohlis against u.” reveals Rhea.

Prachi remembers Pallavi’s behaviour towards her after Rhea’s suicide attempt.

“ I used my own suicide to turn dad against u, and Dimpy told some fake story which increased my sympathizers which led to your downfall. And later mom got me arrested for causing your accident. And I asked dad to marry Meera aunty later u know whatever has happened. Then I asked to leave everyone, in return I would unite mom and dad which I did. I want u to leave again or else u know what will happen.” Reveals Rhea.

“ nothing will happen.” A voice comes from a side. Rhea and Prachi gets shocked seeing Ranbhir. Prachi feels giddy and was about to fall but Ranbhir holds her. He sees Prachi in tears. Suddenly a voice comes form the living room.

“ Rhea,…” roars Abhi.

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