Kangana Arnab Goswami Was Ashamed of His Hrithik Interview

Kangana Arnab Goswami Was Ashamed of His Hrithik Interview Kangana Ranaut has skilled the alleged leaked WhatsApp messages of Arnab Goswami

Kangana Arnab Goswami Was Ashamed of His Hrithik Interview

Kangana Arnab Goswami

during which the Republic TV founder claims that actor Hrithik Roshan told him that Kangana “has erotomania” and is “sexually possessed (sic)” with him.

“Lofty minds don’t speak of unimportant matters but small minds only wish to harp on insignificant things. Arnab (Goswami) told me that this is often what Hrithik Roshan told him once I met him in 2019. He said that he was ashamed of the 2017 interview he did with Hrithik, understand?” tweeted Kangana in Hindi.

The actor was responding to journalist Rohini Singh who accused her of crying foul when her Twitter account was temporarily suspended over her tweets calling for violence against the manufacturers of Amazon Prime Video web series Tandav. Referencing the chat, Singh said Kangana was only trying to require her frustration out on irrelevant matters. “Your problem is that your favourite journalist has cast aspersions on your character and you can’t anger him so you have been avoiding commenting on the leaked chats. That’s why you are taking your anger out on meaningless issues instead,” Singh tweeted at Kangana.

Kangana added, “Why did Hrithik say this, when did the connection deteriorate, Arnab was Hrithik’s friend then he befriended me, etc., etc., — these liberals have spoiled the atmosphere of the country. Stop reading everybody’s chats and emails.”

From past few months, Kangana Ranaut has been grabbing everyone’s attention as she is expressing her views on various topics via social media. Time and again the Manikarnika actress has voiced her opinion on several topics that included Sushant Singh Rajput, critic Rajeev Masand quitting journalism to hitch Karan Johar’s firm and lots of others. Now Kangana has finally reacted to journalist Arnab Goswami’s leaked chat about her. In his chats, he had alleged that she is ‘sexually possessed with Hrithik Roshan.’ For the uninitiated, Kangana had said that she was during a relationship with Hrithik, while the Krrish actor had claimed that he only had knowledgeable relationship together with her .

Reacting to Goswami’s messages, Kangana Ranaut wrote in Hindi, “Rohini ji, high-level people don’t mention petty things, but petty people only wish to mention petty things. Have it your way, allow us to gossip a touch . Arnab ji just said what Hrithik rold him. I first met him in 2019 and he was ashamed of his 2017 interview with Hrithik. Understand?”

She wrote in her next tweet, “Do you would like more gossip? Why did Hrithik say this, why did the connection sour, how did Arnab become my friend after being Hrithik’s friend, etc etc? These libru gossip mongers have destroyed the atmosphere of the country. Stop sneakily eating murabba and reading everyone’s chats and emails.”

Kangana also stated, “Till date, I even have never dared to ascertain anyone’s leaked private chats, letters, mails, pictures and videos, regardless of whose it’s been. it’s a matter of ethical values, character and self-respect. Librus won’t understand.”

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