Ishk Par Zor Nahi fame Param Singh talks about chemistry with Akshita, his favorite Ishqaan scene, and more

Param Singh, who is known for essaying the role of Ahaan in Ishk Par Zor Nahi, has earned the love of the fans and continues to engage them with his performance. In an interview with India Forums Param talks about the show, his chemistry with co-star Akshita, and some more.

When asked if he is creatively satisfied with his performance, he shared, “You know one never gets satisfied, I never get satisfied with my performance ever. I always feel I could’ve done this or that, so I don’t know. It really depends and is subjective since it is acting – some people will like it some won’t, for me something will work, for my director something else will work. I am not easily creatively satisfied, sometimes I am happy because I don’t watch myself, there was something that happened in the scene, other times there is a question in my head as to was it okay, am I doing fine.”

Talking about the prep for the role, Param said, “I act according to the mental state, I act differently with different people, according to the situation and however, the mood of the scene is, I try to be in that mood, and then I will lead with it because I want to make it happen and go with the flow of the scene.”

When asked about his favorite romantic scene, he added, ” think I like the swimming pool scenes which we did in Diu while shooting for the outdoor schedule. I like more of the silent scenes rather than the talkative ones, the kind where you are maybe talking to each other, holding hands, and just being in the moment, and trying to understand each other.”

Sharing his experience with romantic scenes and how he gets it right, he adds, “I think off-screen, we are very comfortable with each other and we are buddies. It is very comfortable when you know the person so it comes easier, if not natural and there is no awkwardness. You can always do whatever you feel like, I think that is why people are liking chemistry because we are good friends and we try to keep it not very film, romance, whatever we can, we try to keep it organic.”

Talking about Ahaan trusting Ishqi, and if she would understand everything Ahaan says, “I think Ahaan is in love with Ishqi and he really trusts her, so does she and they understand each other very well now. I think there will be moments of conflict, but at the moment, they are trying to respect and trust each other, I like that about them.” says Param.

When asked about the post leap story and how it feels rushed, he said, “I honestly don’t know because I am not writing the story, I just do whatever I am given with full honesty and I don’t know if it feels rushed or if it getting dragged.”

Sharing his favorite on-set prank, he said, “I have pulled off many pranks on sets, sometimes people get pissed, sometimes they laugh, obviously, I do them for a reaction and sometimes I get amazing reactions, other times they want to hit me and run behind me. Obviously, they get pissed sometimes. I love to create a nice, friendly atmosphere on the sets.”

He signs off by adding how he relates to Ahaan, “I relate to him in a lot of ways, not his actions, but his turmoil. I think we all have different shades, I feel I have certain shades of Ahaan inside me, the love for his family, his dedication to his job, and also, he is a very right person, not saying I am right, but I am trying. However he is, he is really honest, and I try to do that.”


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