Insight into one’s heart (ArDeep and DevAkshi FS) – Shot 5 (LAST)

5. Riddhima’s operation

Next day – 4 PM

Aarohi’s operation has been completed successfully. Now it is time to remove the white cloth from her eyes. Mr. George and few specialists are present. Deep, Hansa, Dev, Sonakshi, Vividha, Atharva, Rehaan and Tanya are also present there.

Aarohi asked Deep to come in front of her as she wanted to look at his face first with her eyes. Others are standing at the adjacent sides of Aarohi’s bed. The nurse wrapped the cloth in Aarohi’s eyes.

Mr. George asked Aarohi to open her eyes slowly. Aarohi slowly opened her eyes and the vision is bit blurred, but then again, she adjusted her vision and she looks at Deep standing in front of her. He is standing in front of her with a hopeful smile with some anxiety.

Aarohi – “My eyes… My eyes… I got my eyes… I got my sight….. I could see you, Deep.”

Aarohi smiles and cries simultaneously. Aarohi looks at others present over there.

Deep gets happy and embraced Aarohi. Hansa also comes and hugged Aarohi.

Deep – “I cannot define my happiness now, Aarohi. Glad you got eyesight.”

Aarohi recognized Sonakshi as well. Deep introduced other people to Aarohi. Aarohi felt happy to see the face of the people at the party. Others also speak to her.

Asha, Bijoy and another girl entered the room.

Aarohi looks at them and identified the girl. The girl smiled at Aarohi and extended her hands for congratulating her. Aarohi shook her hands with a smile.

Aarohi – “Thank you so much, Aaliya.”

Aaliya – “You’re welcome, Aarohi. God bless you and lead a wonderful life with Deep.”

16 hours before,

Sonakshi calls Deep. Deep attends the call.

Sonakshi – “Hello, Deep.”

Sonakshi toned formally and in a firm attitude.

Deep – “Hello Sona, are you sounding to be serious?”

Sonakshi says, “Deep, there is something very important to talk to you.”

Deep – “What are you saying?”

Sonakshi – “Rishabh has died.”

Deep was shocked, “What? How?”

Sonakshi – “Three months back, when he consulted a cardiologist for heart ache, they found that he has a block in his heart. It is impossible for him to live more than 3 months. His parents have sought alliance with me. He doesn’t have any courage to tell them because of his fear that his parents might become weak. He doesn’t want to make me a widow so…”

Sonakshi’s voice breaks.

Sonakshi – “He run away from wedding and stayed with his friend Aaliya. But a few hours before……”

Deep – “May his soul stay happy in heaven. Rishabh has not only considered him but also his parents and Sonakshi.”

Sonakshi – “The one whom I detested for my situation has thought so much for me and my life, Deep. That is heart-breaking, Deep.”


Deep – “Aaliya, thank you so  much for agreeing to donate Rishabh’s eyes to Aarohi. Also my sincere apologies to you… I asked you regarding this in a wrong time without considering your agony on Rishabh’s loss. Still you agreed with a big heart.”

Aaliya – “It is not a wrong time, Deep. I can understand you situation too. You did everything for your love. Rishabh wished to donate his organs after death so I am happy that your Aarohi got eyesight because of me.

 Rishabh wished to donate his organs after death so I am happy that your Riddhima got eyesight because of me

Deep and Aarohi – “We are forever indebted for you, Aaliya.”

Aaliya smiled.


1 month later, 

Deep’s song gets released in Youtube and it has become one of the biggest hits among the other released songs. Deep gets many other projects in music videos, movies and web series. Deep considers Aarohi as his lucky charm as only after her successful surgery, his song becomes hit according to him.

The song’s team has set up a success party for adulating Deep. Deep’s parents Ankush Raheja and Yamini Raheja attends the party on Aarohi’s insistence. Aarohi welcomes Ankush and Yamini. Aarohi seeks blessings from Yamini and Ankush and they blessed her happily.

Aarohi took them to Deep. Deep smiles at them reluctantly and didn’t look at them.

Ankush – “We are happy for your success, beta.”

Yamini – “You made us proud, Deep. Even people in our country watched your song and complimented you.”

Deep smiled reluctantly – “Thank you…. Thank you so much…”

He is about to go but Riddhima stops him

He is about to go but Aarohi stops him.

Aarohi – “Where are you going, Deep?”

Deep – “Aarohi, I am in a good mood please don’t…”

Aarohi – “Then take blessings from them, Deep.”

Deep – “Don’t act as if you don’t know…”

Aarohi forcibly made Deep touch their feet and she also did the same. Ankush and Yamini blessed them to lead a happy life. Deep goes from there with anger. Aarohi couldn’t stop him. Yamini caressed Aarohi’s face.

Yamini – “It’s okay, Aarohi. His anger would melt soon. We are glad that he has chosen a girl like you. His choice is the best after all. We thought you would take him far from us but you’re not that type.”

Aarohi – “No need to thank me, aunty. You’re like my parents. I am happy that you accepted me whole-heartedly.”

Ankush looks at Deep who is talking to others enthusiastically. Then he leaves to the upstairs.

Ankush – “We always wished him to see happy. That’s why we don’t want him to become a singer as it is not a beneficial job for someone who is talented and intelligent like him. He can be a perfect businessman who can earn in crores solely. But he didn’t obey us and stood strong in his decision. Now we also understood that he is happy with his profession. Also he has found his better half. We are sure that you’d keep him happy.”

Aarohi – “Thank you uncle, happiness is attained by mind’s peace. Money is also needed but only money is not necessary.”

Aarohi made Ankush and Yamini sit and looks for Deep.

[NOTE: Slightly mature scene ahead. If you wish to ignore it, you can skip the Italics in this scene]

She goes to dress up room guessing that he could be there. Deep is looking at the mirror and adjusting his hair. 

Aarohi – “Deep, you’re here. Function is going to start soon.”

Deep comes near Aarohi and closes the door. (Dil Mein Chuppa Loonga song from Wajah Tum Ho plays)

Deep – “So what, sweetheart… You’re looking s*xy in this gown.”

Aarohi pouts, “Are you in a romance mood?”

Deep holds Aarohi and pulls towards him. 

Deep – “You’re so busy today. Even you were busy romancing with your in-laws, right? But you ignored me…”

Aarohi – “Deep, they are your parents but you’re angry…”

Deep – “Hushhh, my lucky charm.”

Deep brings face closer to her face and says, “I know they are my lovely parents. Don’t I have the right to get angry on them? After all I am their son.”

Aarohi sighs in relief.

Aarohi – “Then, leave me. Function is going to start.”

Deep – “No, sweetheart. Also function won’t start until I come. But you’ll escape if I leave you now.”

Aarohi – “What are you going to do?”

Deep – “I am taking our relationship to another level, Aarohi.”

Aarohi – “Duffer, is this the time to do that?”

Deep – “THAT… We can do THAT after you become an IAS.”

Deep brings his lips to Aarohi’s lips. He placed his hands on her neck and cheek and locked his lips with her. Both are involved in the passionate lock. 

Deep could feel his flaming breathe on his nose. After being involved in a deep kiss, they released themselves and Aarohi exhales while Deep licked his lips with a smirk. Aarohi looks at him.

Aarohi – “My god! It was amazing, Deep.”

Deep – “I know that, baby… (winks)”

Aarohi looks at the lipstick pasted slightly below Deep’s lips. She smiles derisively and wipes it. Then, Deep and Aarohi goes to attend the function by hand-in-hands.


After a week,

Dev and Sonakshi comes to Deep house. Aarohi and Deep welcomed both of them. Four of them gathered at garden to talk.

Dev and Sonakshi are looking at Deep and Aarohi silently. The later duo blinks at each other.

Dev – “Bhabhi…”

Aarohi – “Haan.”

Dev – “How is your IAS preparation going on? After all you are going to write exam by next month.”

Sonakshi nudged Dev. Dev screams. Aarohi and Deep are looking at them confused.

Deep – “Why are you both behaving weird? Did you both see your face in the mirror?”

Sonakshi stares at Deep. Deep behaves as if he didn’t notice.

Aarohi – “Okay, what is going between you?”

Dev – “Bhabhi, I am loving a girl.”

Deep pulled Dev’s ears, “What Bhabhi… Everything you say to bhabhi only… Didn’t you see your brother here?”

Dev – “Bro, leave me… I’ll tell you also.”

Deep leaves his ear. Dev pouts. Sonakshi sighs.

Dev – “Bhabhi and Bhaiyya… I am loving a girl.”

Deep – “Who is that lucky girl?”

Sonakshi – “Its me…”

Deep – “Really? I though Dev would date a girl.”

Sonakshi – “Deep…..  I won’t leave you today.”

Sonakshi stands up and starts beating Deep. Dev and Aarohi did a hi-fi on seeing Deep getting beaten. Deep hides behind Aarohi. Sonakshi then spares him.

Aarohi – “Okay, so  Dev and Sona are love with each other.”

Dev and Sonakshi nods shyly. Deep pulled both their cheeks.

Aarohi – “Then, why are you scared.”

Dev – “Actually…”

Deep – “Aarohi, understand. It is a transition from friends to lovers. They are in the fear of getting committed to someone. Right?”

Dev and Sonakshi nods.

Deep – “Tell me one thing. Are you both really in love with each other?”

Sonakshi and Dev – “Yes, we are.”

Deep – “Then, go with it. Second chances works out even better than the first one. Do you know why? Because you can learn from your mistakes in first love.”

Dev and Sonakshi feels content on hearing that. Dev and Sonakshi hugged Dev and kissed his cheeks.

Sonakshi – “You are a love-guru, Deepu. As a payment, I bought you a gift.”

Deep – “Really?”

Sonakshi – “Yes, wait I’ll bring it.”

Saying this, Sonakshi goes.

Dev – “Bro, you’ll enjoy the gift.”

Deep – “Thank you bro.”

Deep smiled while Dev smirked. Sona comes inside with a box. Deep opens the box and finds a black shirt and jeans.

Deep – “It looks amazing, guys.”

Aarohi takes the box and sees that.

Aarohi – “But…”

Sonakshi – “I know what are you asking… It is not a new shirt. It is his old shirt and we packed in a  new box for him.”

Deep cannot understand.

Dev – “Bhabhi, smell it.”

Before Aarohi could smell it, Deep grabs that from her. Aarohi pouts at Deep. Deep gives a sheepish smile.

Deep – “Maha chudail and chudail ka pati dev… Main Badla loongi tum dono ko… (Big Witch and Witch’s husband… I’ll take my revenge on you both…) I’ll do that in you wedding…”

Dev tells Aarohi about the history of the shirt. Aarohi couldn’t stop laughing. Deep also laughed along with them.


After some time, Sonakshi and Dev comes out of their house and sits on the car.

Dev switched on a romantic song in the radio and starts driving the car. She also gets mesmerized to that song and leaned on his shoudler. He drives the car slowly to match up the mood.

Dev – “When shall we get married?”

Sonakshi – “After a month… I want to live my courtship with you. I like to enjoy the loverhood.”

Dev – “Sure…”

Dev stopped the car.

Sanjana – “Why did you stop the car?”

Dev asks Sonakshi to come out.

Dev – “Let us go for a walk. You know, night walks are love. No one except the moon is present here. The whole environment is peaceful.”

Sonakshi inserts her shoulders into Dev’s shoulders and starts walking. (Janam Janam song from Dilwale plays)

Sonakshi – “I wish to walk like this throughout our life, Dev.”

Dev – “It is my wish as well, Sona.”

Sonakshi – “We got introduced to ourselves in this moon light and now we are taking oaths in the moon-light.”

Dev – “If someone is destined to this specific person, wherever the person exists the fate would reunite them.”

Sonakshi – “I love you to the moon and back.”

Dev – “I too love you to the moon and and back.”

Both smiled.

Sonakshi – “Dev, there is a ice-cream cart.”

Dev – “Would you want to buy it?”

Sonakshi – “Yeah, Dev. Eating ice-cream in this walk is a feel….”

Dev – “Okay okay…”

Dev buys two ice-creams  and gives one to Sonakshi. They both continued their long walk with the ice-cream.


After 2 years, 

Aarohi has become an IAS officer of Shimla now after clearing all the exams and interviews.

On a breezy evening, Aarohi unfolded Deep’s eyes and took him to the trees filled area for surprising him. Aarohi takes him out of the car and took him for some distance.

Deep – “Please open my blind-fold…”

Aarohi – “Sshhh! Wait, Deep.”

Aarohi unfolds Deep’s blindfold and there is a big thing wrapped by a cloth.

Deep – “What is this, Aarohi?”

Aarohi – “Remove the cloth, Deep.”

Deep removed the cloth and sees a brand new bike there.

Deep – “Aarohi, this is…”

Aarohi – “Your dream bike… Now it is yours.”

Deep – “Wow! Aarohi… I didn’t expect it… Thank you so much, Aarohi.”

Deep goes and touches the bike’s work and kissed it.

Aarohi – “No wonder people say bike is man’s first wife, lover etc.”

Deep laughs and hugged Aarohi, “Thank you Aarohi. But this is your first salary for your work. You’re planning to buy a jewel set.”

Aarohi – “I said that since you keep asking me. I wanted to buy this bike for you, Deep. You sold your bike and car for the treatment.  You could have bought it later but, you prefered to spend the money for my training and Dadi’s medical treatment. I know, your previous bike is special since it is bought on your savings and first salary…..”

Deep stopped her, “This is even more special since it is your selection.”

Deep kissed Aarohi’s forehead.

Aarohi – “Do you want to thank me?

Deep – “Yes.”

Aarohi – “Then, take me a ride with your new bike. To the mountains and hills….”

Deep – “Your commands are my wish, Ms. IAS. Who will deny such romantic request?”

 Who will deny such romantic request?"

Aarohi corrected him, “Mrs. Aarohi Deep Raheja.”

Deep smiles and sits on the bike. Aarohi sits behind him. Aarohi hugged him from behind tightly and rested her head on his back. Deep starts riding the bike.


Author’s note: 
Finally the story has come to its end. I hope you loved the story. Thankyou so much BD, Prajkta and Avneil_fan for commenting and supporting this story throughout the journey. It is definitely going to be very close to my heart.

Please mention your favourite scenes from the story.

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