In the Name of Love – Epilogue

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Vansh’s sleep broke when the alarm started beeping. He quickly shut it off for the fear of waking her up.

He peered down at Riddhima, who was sleeping peacefully with her body clinging to him and her legs entangled with his.

After planting a soft kiss on her forehead, Vansh attempted to get up, but Riddhima was holding him down tighly even in her sleep.

Taking care not to disturb her sleep, he gently moved her away and placed a pillow in his place instead.

He couldn’t help but smile when a still sleeping Riddhima deftly reached out for the pillow and hugged it.

Vansh put on a shirt and left the room in a jiffy.

Riddhima, on the other hand, kept clasping the pillow in her hands. She frowned in her sleep when she realized that the thing which she had been holding down, neither felt like him, nor smelt like him. It wasn’t Vansh she was hugging.

With her eyes still closed, she ran her hands all over the bed, hoping that he would be still lying beside her. But she felt a little disappointed, when she found none.

She sat up straight on the bed and rubbed her eyes as the sunlight seemed to blind her. Stretching her arms, she let out a yawn.

She started blushing as she basked in the beautiful moments of the previous night.

“Vansh, you are as addicting as wine….Why are you so irresistible?” she thought with a smile.

Her eyes fell upon a covered cup of coffee placed on the table. She shook her head. This man exactly knew how to keep her wrapped around his fingers. His cute and caring gestures made her to fall on love with him even more.

She draped a stole over herself to cover up the sleeveless nightdress that she wore underneath. Holding the coffee cup in her hands, she stepped into the balcony.

What a beautiful place Fiji was! The beach house they had been staying at, was not only quiet and peaceful, but also stood right in front of the ocean, making for a picturesque view from the balcony. In short, the powdery white beaches of Fiji had really won her heart.

As she continued to peep below, she could see many other tourists like them, enjoying themselves on the beach. Even though, Riddhima wasn’t a judgemental person per say, but she did find it a tad too uncomfortable to find scantily dressed men and women roaming about freely. But now, she had gotten used to this scene.

Her eyes twinkled when she spotted her dearest husband amongst the crowd, jogging along the shores.

Vansh was a strict routineer. Even though they had barely managed to get any sleep the previous night, but Vansh had still made sure to wake up early and carry out his everyday workout session.

All the naked men on one side, and her dangerously attractive and hunky husband on the other. Resting her chin against her palm, she just kept admiring him from the distance.

Vansh peered up and found his wife staring at him from the balcony. Riddhima almost had an instinct to run away from his sight, but later stopped herself. After all, he was her husband, and she had full rights to keep looking at him to her heart’s content.

After shooting a gorgeous smirk in her direction, Riddhima saw Vansh disappear through the door of the beach house. He’d be up here any second.

“Good morning!” She wished him as soon as he entered their room.

“Good morning! So you’re finally up?” He took a towel and wiped the sweat off his skin. Next, he took a water bottle and kept gulping it in, till his thirst was finally quenched.

“Hmmm. Are you tired?” she asked him.

“Not much though. But even you don’t seem to get tired of secretly peeking at me….” teased Vansh.

“No, I don’t need to do this secretly. I’ll stare at my husband openly,” said Riddhima playfully.

“Oh, is that so?” he asked with a glint in his eye to which she nodded.

All of a sudden, Vansh pulled her into his lap. Thankfully, Riddhima had been holding her cup really carefully, or else it would have spilt over them.

Vansh watched her with fervour as she began to take slow sips of her coffee.

“Do you want some?” Riddhima moved the cup towards his mouth.

Vansh took the cup and kept turning it around, until he found the smudge of Riddhima’s lip marks on one end of the cup.

“I want to drink from the same side of the cup where you drank from,” he said putting his lips on the cup at the same place where Riddhima’s lip imprints were.

“You are impossible, Vansh,” she laughed softly.

The next one week at Fiji, was the best time of their lives. They used to spend their days visiting the different touristic attractions while they used to spend their nights snuggling against each other in the privacy of their bedroom.

But Riddhima had the most fun when they went for underwater diving in one of the most popular islands, Tavenui Islands.

When she dwelved deeper into the waters along with Vansh, she just floated there gaping all around her. She felt like she was in heaven. Wherever her eyes ran, she could see beautiful corals, in all hues and shapes, swaying against the currents of the sea.

She let out a gasp in delight as she saw plenty of schools of colourful and never-seen-before fish swarming right beside her.

Like an excited school girl, Riddhima kept dancing her way around, amazed at the marine wildlife. Riddhima wasn’t a very experienced diver, and therefore Vansh had to keep guiding her, as well as pulling her back to prevent her from crashing into the reefs.

Soon, they swam back to the surface and got onto their boat.

“This was such a marvellous experience, Vansh. Thank you so much!” she exclaimed while taking off her diving suit.

“But another much more enthralling experience awaits you,” said Vansh with a frolic tone in his voice.

“And what is that?” she asked him not able to contain her curiosity.

“Tomorrow is our last day in Fiji. So tomorrow’s surprise will be a really special one from my side,” he smirked.

The next day, Riddhima was all ready and enthusiastic to see what Vansh had planned for her.

After a drive of about an hour, Vansh opened the door of the car for Riddhima, letting her out. Grasping her hand, he led her to a large, open ground.

Riddhima’s face glowed up when she saw a helicopter standing right in the middle of the ground.

“You’re going to take me for a chopper ride?” she asked delightfully.

Vansh blinked in approval and pulled her along with him.

After ensuring that Riddhima had taken her seat and worn the seat belt securely, Vansh climbed into the pilot’s seat, surprising her yet again.

“You know how to fly this?”

He did a little bow in front of her. “Yes, Madame.”

She was left absolutely amazed. “You know how to fly a chopper, how to dive, how to sail a boat….How many more talents have you been hiding from me, huh?”

“You’ll soon get to know about them, sweetheart,” he winked at her.

He passed on a pair of headphones to her, which she readily put on. Now, even she could hear the instructions from the ground control.

“Fly heading two three zero. Cleared for takeoff.”

“Roger that.”
With this, Vansh took off the helicopter, continuing to ascend till they were quite high above.

With bated breaths, Riddhima glanced below. Fiji looked so much more heavenly from this aerial view.

Vansh was a skilled pilot and he easily flew the helicopter above the lush green hills, above the sparkling blue lagoons, above the pearly white beaches and islands.

Time and again, he tried to steal a glance or two at Riddhima, her laughters and radiant face making his usually mundane life much more colourful.  Oh, what could he do to just see her happy like this always….

After the ride was over, Riddhima merrily flung her arms around Vansh.

“This was the most beautiful surprise of my life. I really love you for this !”

Vansh arched an eyebrow. “Only for this?”

Ruffling her hand through his hair, she said, “For everything. For filling my life with so much love, happiness and craziness. And that is why, even I have a surprise for you tonight.”

Looking at Vansh’s overexcited face, she said a bit sternly, “Don’t get any wrong ideas, though. It’s nothing like how you are imagining it to be.”

Later in the evening, Vansh found Riddhima’s note to meet her at a given location.

When Vansh reached there, he found that she had gotten a private dinner arranged for them right by the beach, under the starlit sky.

He sat at the table and admired the beautiful setup his wife had arranged. Getting a tad too impatient, he kept glancing at his watch every now and then.

The clinking of anklets coming from behind, caught his attention. He deftly turned around.

Vansh was left in a daze when he saw Riddhima approaching him, looking breath-taking in a red sari.

Vansh softly kissed the back of her hand and like a gentleman, pulled out a chair for her.

“Do I look pulchritudinous enough today?” Riddhima asked, as she saw him staring at her intensely.

He gulped and said, “Well, I’d rather not say anything today. Or else, you might find my words too indecent for your liking.”

Riddhima’s cheeks turned red, while he enjoyed the effect he had created on her.

Soon, a waitress laid out the food for them. Vansh looked visibly impressed to see his favourite Italian dishes and his favourite Scotch.

“You didn’t have to go through all the troubles of organizing this….” Vansh began to say.

“But you went out of your way many times, just to make me feel special,” said Riddhima. “So, it is only fair that even I do something to make you  feel special, too. I want to do everything that a good wife does for her husband.”

Vansh placed his hand over Riddhima’s. He did not understand why she was suddenly beginning to emphasize over the ‘good wife’ part. Was she feeling insecure? Was she doubting herself?

“But you are an amazing wife, Riddhima,” he said, getting a little concerned about what exactly was worrying her. “Trust me.”

“But I don’t think so…..” Riddhima fumbled with her words. “A good wife doesn’t hide things from her husband. And I did exactly that.”

Vansh stopped eating and stood still.

She got a little emotional and choked, “Papa had warned me against doing that…. I don’t want our relation to go through the same problems that Mumma and Papa faced….”

“What are you talking about? Of course, that will never happen!” Vansh spoke angrily. He loved her dearly but that did not mean that she would get the right to insult their relation like that by comparing it with her own parents’ broken marriage.

“Kabir called me on the night of our marriage.”

There was a pin-drop silence, with only the crashing of the waves and eerie sound of the wind in the background.

Riddhima waited for Vansh to say something, but when he didn’t, she went on.

“He still harbours an obsession for me. He was upset after knowing about our marriage and threatened me that he’d take me along with him, come what may….”

Vansh clenched his fists. That freaking bastard! How dare he speak like that to his wife!

She continued, “The next day, I and Ashima went to the asylum where Kabir had been admitted in. The doctors told us that they had discharged Kabir after finding improvement in his condition.

“But of course, they were wrong because Kabir hadn’t changed at all. We went to his house to put some sense into Kabir’s brother’s mind, but apparently, they had shifted to an unknown address long time back, about which we had no idea.”

Vansh turned his face away. “Why didn’t you tell all of this to me before? Amd what do you want to prove by spilling everything now?”

She broke down, “Since that fateful night, I’ve been living under the guilt of hiding this information from you, and now, it was becoming too much to handle. I know it was wrong on my part to not share such a vital thing with you, but I was scared that you might take a wrong step and harm Kabir.”

Vansh’s voice turned into a menacing one. “Oh, so you were worried about Kabir getting harmed, huh? So much concern for him?”

“Not for Kabir, but I was getting concerned for you, Vansh!” Riddhima knelt down before him and cried. “You are my everything, my ideal, and I can’t see you doing any wrong.”

Vansh swallowed hard. From when did she start idealizing him? This was wrong….How would she react when she got to know about it?

Caressing her face, he asked her solemnly, “Do you love me?”

“What kind of a question is that!”

“Yes or no?”

“Of course, yes! You’ve spent five years with me, got married to me, and our honeymoon has come to an end too. And you still don’t know if I love you know or not?” Riddhima sounded annoyed.

Ignoring her rant, Vansh further asked, looking into her eyes, “Would your love for me lessen if you got to know about something that I’ve been hiding from you?”

Riddhima sat up straight at this. “What do you mean?”

“Kabir… dead.”

Riddhima could feel the ground slip from under her feet. A wave of pain and shock fleeted across her face.

As her mind frantically began to connect pieces, she seemed to now get a clear picture. How Angre had knocked upon them on their wedding night, how Vansh had left in a hurry and returned only after sometime….

She looked at him with terrified eyes. “Did you kill him?” she asked, unable to believe her own words.

Vansh remained silent for a while before speaking up. “Technically, yes. Because they were my men who did this deed….”

Riddhima was about to wobble backward, but Vansh held her tightly against himself.

She grabbed his collar, losing control of her emotions and tears. “Why did you do this, Vansh? Why?”

Not able to hold herself up, she sat down on the sand, crying. Her husband, whom she loved immensely, had murdered a man who hadn’t committed any crime in the eyes of law, and was legally innocent. Even though, she had felt a little repulsed even when Vansh had killed Pathak and his men, but she had comforted her heart thinking that Pathak was a monstrous and wanted criminal. He had deserved what he had got.

But Kabir….he hadn’t done any crime per say. He was just a selfish person suffering from a psychiatric illness. Did he deserve that?

Vansh started speaking, “When Angre told me that Kabir had been discharged from the mental asylum and that he was planning to come to VR Mansion to meet you, Riddhima, I asked my men to capture him and take him to a secluded place.

“I was extremely frustrated. The law won’t arrest or punish him, plus the asylum had also given the clean chit to him. But I did not want to kill him. Instead, I decided to illegally send him to another country, from where he could never return into our lives, again.

“But that rascal! He stole one of my men’s guns and even shot at him. In self defence, the other men killed him.”

Vansh turned to face her. She however, looked on expressionlessly.

“Did you punish Ragini, too, in a similar manner?” she enquired with a pointed gaze.

“I did not kill Ragini!” he shouted.

“I know you didn’t kill her,” she said. “But did you illegally send her to another country as a means of punishment for betraying you?”

“Yes,” he answered slowly. “That’s what I did to her. With no passport or visa, she is stuck in a foreign country with no means to return to India. I’ve heard that she is working as a maid in someone’s house.”

Vansh sat beside her, carefully analyzing her each and every reaction.

“I know that you hate it when someone doesn’t follow law and order. I know that you hate the fact that Kabir indirectly died by my men’s hands. It might sound really inhuman, but I’m actually happy that he’s dead.”

Riddhima could notice that Vansh sounded a little joyous when he spoke the last line. But he grew serious again.

“Perhaps, you’d even hate me for this. But to keep you safe and away from all dangers, I’m ready to even bear your abhorrence, too.” His lips trembled and his heart ached as he said this.

Riddhima brought Vansh’s face closer to her, their foreheads touching against each other.

“Please don’t hate me, Riddhima. It would break me apart….” He tugged at her hair, causing her to tilt her head upward and look into his eyes that bore into her. “I want to see the same love in your eyes for me, that you’ve been holding for me for the past so many years. I can’t see disgust for me in those very eyes….”

Riddhima cried as she saw tears running down Vansh’s face. “It’s too late now, Vansh….”

His heart sank as he prepared himself for the worst news ever.

“It’s too late now, for me to stop loving you,” she said.

He looked up at her, not able to believe what he just heard.

“Yes, no matter what, I cannot bring myself to stop loving you. It’s too late now. And I’d rather hate myself, than hate you…”

Vansh placed a finger on her lips. “Nobody has the right to hate my Riddhima, not even you.”

Before she could say anything further, he quitened her by crashing his lips against hers, in a long, never ending kiss, leaving her almost breathless.

When they finally parted away, he said in a voice sounding much huskier than it ever did. “This is what you’ll get, if I ever hear you talking about hating my sweetheart again.”

She grinned, “Oh, is that so? Then I’d happily repeat the same thing, over and over again.”

One year later,

Riddhima was frenetically running around, from one corner of the hospital to another. One of her paediatric patients, a three year old boy, needed to undergo an emergency surgery within the next half-an-hour. The paediatric surgeon had instructed her to get all the necessary lab tests done as well as to get the OT ready.

Tonight, she was on duty as the 1st year postgraduate in the Paediatrics department. There were other postgraduates too on duty, but they were all busy in some other cases.

Today, she hadn’t been feeling well. She had mumbled a silent prayer to God to show some mercy on her and give her only mild to moderate cases today. But as luck would have it, she was being bombarded with one serious case after the other.

After having stood continuously for more than twelve hours looking after the patients, she finally sat down to dinner in her room that was provided by the hospital whenever she was on duty for the night.

She hadn’t even eaten a morsel, when she heard a knock at the door.

“What the hell! I had told Shalini to give me rest for one hour at least. Is that too much to ask?”

Shalini was another Paediatric postgraduate who was on duty tonight along with the others.

As Riddhima was about to open the door, she mentally berated herself. “What if there are many serious cases all at once, and that’s why she needs my help?”

When she finally opened the door, she was astonished to see Vansh standing in front of her, grinning all the way.

She quickly pulled him inside her room, closing the door behind them.

“What are you doing here?” she began scolding him.

“You weren’t feeling well, so I thought of checking up on you,” he said, trying to smile.

Riddhima immediately felt guilty for chiding him. He was so caring, always thinking about her well being, always going that extra mile for her.

“But I’m on duty tonight,” she explained. “You shouldn’t have come. And if anyone sees you here, then God knows what would happen.”

“Don’t be under the false belief that I came here for you,” said Vansh coolly. “I came for someone else.”

He knelt down and wrapped his hands around her largely protruding belly.

“I came for him/ her.” Saying this, he planted a kiss over her dress on her tummy.

“So you came here only for the baby? Thanks, for clarifying that, by the way,” she huffed and tried to move away.

Vansh gently pulled her towards her, winding his other hand around the locks of her hair.

“I came here for both of you,” he said lovingly. His tone became a little serious. “But even you should understand, you’re seven months pregnant, for heaven’s sake. Until when will you keep overexerting yourself like this?”

Riddhima’s mind flew to that time seven months back, when she had learnt that she was pregnant for the first time. This news had come as a shock for her and Vansh, because they had decided early on during their marriage, that they’d not conceive until Riddhima completed her postgraduation.

In spite of using an appropriate method of contraception, she had still become pregnant. Of course she knew that every contraception had 0.1 percent chances of failure, but she didn’t expect herself to fall under that 0.1 % category.

She had spent many of her nights, crying her eyes out over this pregnancy, worrying about how she’d manage her studies alongside this, until Vansh had had enough and had gone as far as to suggest her to get an abortion done.

Even though Vansh loved Nandu dearly, but Riddhima knew that he had this deep desire to have an own child. But yet, he had placed her happiness above his own, her dreams over his own, and was even ready to get the baby aborted.

“I know this is not easy for you. But you should know that we’re in this together,” he said. “Whatever decision you take, you’ll find me standing beside you.”

Feeling moved by how understanding he was, she said, “This can’t be my decision only, because this is your baby, too! Honestly, tell me what do you want? Do you want this baby?”

Vansh hesitated a little. “Yes, I do want this baby. But I cannot see you in such a miserable condition. You are much more important to me than this baby.”

His words hit Riddhima really hard. When she had as affectionate husband as Vansh with her, then any problem could be overcome. It was at that moment, that she decided to continue the pregnancy and bring the baby into this world….

Riddhima came back to the present when Vansh tapped her shoulder. “Where are you lost? I was telling you that you’re seven months into pregnancy now. It’s high time you utilize your maternity leave and take proper rest at home.”

“Nooo! I cannot do that!” said Riddhima. “I’ve only 6 months of maternity leave. I want to utilize that leave when the baby finally comes, so that I get to spend maximum amount of time with him/her.”


“I’ve decided everything. I will be working in the hospital till my due date,” she announced.

“Don’t be stupid!” Vansh told her off.

“You are the one who’s being stupid! If I waste my leave now, then I’d have to leave my four month old baby and return to work. And a baby needs the mother the most during the first six months…..”

Vansh shrugged his shoulders. It was impossible to ever win an argument with Riddhima. He didn’t call her ‘Ziddhima’ for nothing.

Riddhima jumped up with a jerk when she heard her phone ring.

Vansh’s heart almost leaped out of his chest looking at her antics. Dadi was right, be it fake pregnancy or a real one, nothing could change this girl from being extra athletic and extra callous.

“Oh God! It’s Shalini calling me. My one hour break is over and I didn’t even get to eat my dinner.” wailed Riddhima. She pointed at Vansh. “And it’s all because of you!”

“How am I to be blamed for this?” asked a bewildered Vansh. Okay, he understood that pregnancy could cause mood swings, but that didn’t mean she could accuse him like that.

“You kept distracting me in your talks,” she nearly started crying. “Now, I won’t get time to eat again. I have to go back to the ward and see the patients on an empty stomach.”

“How dare anyone keep my wife and unborn baby hungry! I will blo*dy kill….”

“Shut up!” she shouted at him through tears.

“Uh oh! Mood swings alert,” thought Vansh.

Riddhima picked up the call and spoke, “Yeah, I’m coming right away.”

“No, you don’t need to come,” came Shalini’s voice from the other end. “There aren’t many cases as of now. And even if there are, I and the rest of the doctors would manage. You take rest for the whole night.”

Riddhima couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “Thank you so much! That’s so sweet of….”

“You don’t need to thank me. Just do something similar when I’m pregnant and get stuck in a hectic duty. Okay?”

“Of course. Only a woman can understand another woman’s pain,” said Riddhima gratefully.

Riddhima hung up and told Vansh everything.

He pulled her close to him. “Wow! An entire night for romance….”

“First, let me eat something! Do you want me to die of hunger or what?” she sounded miffed.

Vansh opened the big plastic bag he brought along, and took out a large cheese pizza and a huge tub of chocolate icecream.

“Oh my God!” she squealed with delight, and even pulled Vansh’s cheeks, thus irritating him. “Thank you multiplied by infinty!”

He was amazed at the speed with which she gobbled up everything. Within no time, everything was completely over with not a single bit left.

“Now can we romance?” asked Vansh with pleading eyes.

Riddhima put her head on the pillow and closed her eyes. “No. I’m having a headache right now.”

“You’ve one after the other excuses piled up, huh?” he said sounding cross.

“Listen, it’s not an excuse. I’ve been slogging like hell since morning, so this was bound to happen.” She pressed the temples of her head, to relieve the agonizing pain.

Suddenly, she felt Vansh making delicate strokes on her soles, causing her to giggle. He continued to tickle her, until there were tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

“Enough! I can’t laugh more,” she said and hugged Vansh, in order to stop him.

Rubbing her back, he asked, “Now is your headache gone?”

“Yes,” she said surprised.

Vansh explained, “When you tickle someone, happy hormones are generated in the body which ends the headache.”

She looked at him in amazement, “Not bad, Mr. Raisinghania. You’re an expert in Gynaecology and now Physiology, too! If you had studied few more subjects, then now you’d have become a full fledged doctor.”

“I wish I had been a full fledged, proper medical doctor, only so that I’d be able to carry out all the hospital duties in your place,” he said staring into her eyes.

“Please stop saying and doing such things that make me fall in love with you even more,” she whispered.

He smiled and took her to the bed.

With her head resting on his chest, he could hear her breathing become slower and deeper, indicating that she was fast asleep. He kissed her hair and murmured, “I love you both…….a lot.”




First of all, I want to thank each one of you for showing this book loads of love and support. I would have never imagined to write 52 chapters, but it was only possible due to your constant support.

Tbh, I’m seriously going to miss reading and replying to your comments, but as they say that everything has to come to an end some time or the other other, including human life too.

I really hope you guys liked the epilogue and stood upto your expectations, especially for all those who found the ending sudden.

For those of you asking for a new ff, I am actually very busy. I can only do that only after August.

Anyways, until we meet again, au revoir and peace out!

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