His Hostage in Love-Saved ep. 7 IMM2


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His Hostage in Love-Death? ep.6 IMM2

Episode starts

Randhir: Hello….so you finally called Vyom!

Vyom: Not bad My dear jijaji (stolen from TMKOC😅😅)

Randhir: I’m telling you Vyom, leave my daughter! (anger)

Vyom: (laughing) You were too late!

Randhir: (mumbling) Too late, what too late?!

Randhir had gone pale when Vyom told him that it was too late. It was as if his world was snatched from him. He loved Riddhima the most out of his three children but always failed to express it due to the hatred that was filled in Riddhima’s mind and heart for him. He always wanted to rectify the mistake he had made to bring back the same love and respect in Riddhima’s heart and mind that was once there. His world was always filled with dangers, all sorts of illegal activities which was hated by Riddhima however that wasn’t the only reason, there was more to the hatred that is within Riddhima.

He knew Riddhima had suffered as equally as him, her childhood was traumatic and he was the reason to it. Riddhima always looked up at him as her hero, inspiration till that one incident that changed the entire course of their lives. He came back to the present where he stumbled back. He knew he couldn’t fall weak. Uma snatched the phone from him seeing his condition.

Uma: Vyom….dare you do anything to my daughter! (shouting)

Vyom: Calm down my sister!

Uma: Don’t call me your sister with your filthy mouth! (anger) You don’t deserve it!

Vyom: I’m not saying anything that doesn’t mean I’ll listen to everything!

Uma: Why are you troubling my daughter! (crying) Leave her!

Vyom: I can’t leave her because she’s preparing to soon leave this world. (laughing)

Uma: Vyom! Vyom don’t….(cut the call)

Uma fell on the floor devastated and cried heavier. She rubbed her chest and tried gaining her breathes but she couldn’t. She took deep breathes which was noticed by the rest and they pulled her back on the sofa and offered her some water to keep calm. Randhir kneeled in front of her

Randhir: Uma I promise I will bring her back. I’m not going to spare Vyom if he does anything to her!

Aryan: (kneeling in front of her) I promise you too!

Uma: Do anything but bring her back safely!! (Crying)

Rihanna: But why has he done this?

Randhir: He’s jealous of my position. He wants my position in the underworld. (anger)

Rihanna: As expected! (anger) It’s always relating to you, Aunty, don’t worry everything will be fine.

Aryan: Now what will we do? (worried)

Randhir: Not we, only me! He has enmity with and this time it will be over for once and all.

Aryan: But it won’t be safe

Randhir: I don’t care, I’ll give him whatever he wants

Rihanna: Are you sure you’ll be able to give all that you’ve earned? Your ego will stop you! (shouting)

Randhir: Rihanna, this time it’s about my daughter!

Randhir got up from there and went to his study to plan a few things before heading to Vyom’s hideout. He had to plan Vyom’s defeat therefore allowed himself to take some time, assuring everyone that Vyom wouldn’t do anything as he knew Randhir would be soon meeting him.

After two days

Rihanna, Sejal, Aryan, Siya and Uma sat in a room waiting for any other clue they could get. Randhir had imposed strict security around the entire house in the two days caging everyone inside the mansion. No one was allowed to enter or leave as Randhir thought that Vyom would take an advantage of the situation he had created for the Shah family. The rest were helpless and bound to the promise that they had given to Randhir; for not interfering in his work.

Rihanna: Seju this is unbelievable! What does Mr Shah think of himself! He’s taking a whole two freaking days to release Riddhima! (anger) Does he just care about his business and how to defeat someone?

Sejal: Rihu I know it’s not right but I think we should trust him this time

Rihanna: Which trust? Are you talking about the trust that he broke many at times! I’m telling you if he doesn’t do anything after an hour I’m going to look for her myself!

Aryan: How will surpass this mini lockdown he’s imposed? (irritation)

Rihanna: I’d do anything! Sneak out from anywhere, even hit one of his men or bribe them for me to get out of here!

Uma: I understand your anger, but we don’t know what’s happening.

Rihanna: Exactly aunty! Your husband hasn’t told us anything in this two days! I doubt if he knows anything himself or not! (anger)

Siya: Rihu di, please let’s stay calm, I’m sure she must be fine and safe! I pray she is! I hope she is

On the other hand Riddhima gained consciousness. She blinked her eyes a couple of time to get rid of the blur that had covered her eyes. She slowly got up and sat upright. She looked around and found herself on in a room with warm and cool interior. She felt homely however it wasn’t a familiar room, not her room. She moved her hands around and saw herself on a bed. She winced in pain as she felt a sting of pain in her head, she held it tight and sought for a pain killer immediately. But to her disappointment she knew nothing about the place.

Everything was hazy for her, she didn’t remember anything that had taken place. She didn’t know anything, how she was brought to the room and when. It felt as if it took ages for her to wake up.

Riddhima’s POV

Oh god, this headache!! It’s too much for me to handle, and I know nothing about this place. Although it feely really comfortable but I can’t trust it. Since how long have I been here? I remember nothing after the guy trying to kill me. Who brought me here? Who saved me?

Uhh!! This is so confusing! (holding her head) Too many things going around at one go, it’s too exhausting! I just wish to go back home, to Rihu, to Seju, to Bhai, to mom and to Siya! Damn the person who did this to me! (irritation) Anyway let me get up and try what I can do.

POV ends

She slowly got up from the bed and wore the slippers that were kept for her. She walked weakly towards the mirror and saw herself. Her eyes widened as she saw her reflection in the mirror, she shook her head in disagreement and shock; she wasn’t herself anymore. She was someone else, a woman adorned by a mangalsutra in her neck and sindoor in her hair partitioning.



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