Happy Friendship Day. #Riansh OS

Hello guys. Here I’m here once again with another update on this lovely day. I wasn’t planning this one, but I felt that I want to do it on this special day. This day can’t end without saying thank you to all my sweethearts. I know that it could be not much organized as I will write a new update today for the first time after more than 2 weeks just updating what I have written it from much time. So bear me. I hope you like it and do tell me your opinion on the comments. 

So let’s start. 

Riddhima’s POV starts:

I can’t be more thankful today.

I can’t be more happy for this amazing and lovely happiness that I’m feeling it right now.

Today is really a very special day.

Actually, before I have known them I wasn’t celebrating this day and I wasn’t feeling that it is that much special, but just because of them I got so changed and I was waiting for that day since a lot.

Yes they are my online friends whom when we have started our friendship we weren’t even seeing each other, but still they have succeeded to own a very special place inside my heart.

I’m so happy that they are beside me and with me today.

I’m blessed that they all have came just for me.

It is an awesome party and awesome celebration just because they are here and with me.

They are my second family who always support me a lot.

They are my foreign friends who I love them all a lot.

I started to look at each one of them and just smile.

Here is my lovely sweety who she is really a sweetie. I always admire her smile and lovely sense of humor. She always able with her spirit to make me smile. I’m always able to be crazy with her and I know that she will just join me and will never judge me. She and I could able to feel about the other when the other is unwell. She is so sensitive and I could feel how she cares about me a lot. I know that she cries because of me due to being unwell, but I’m really doing my best to get well soon so I could draw a smile on her face.

And here is my dearest Priyanshi who is just a lovely princess who has that lovely personality. I could never forget how our bond has started and how in a short time she has succeeded in being so close to my heart. I can’t forget when she has got so angry on me when I have hidden something about my health to not make her worry. Regardless that she was much angry, but I was noticing her love from this huge anger. I love her so much and will always be grateful that she is my friend.

And here is Subu my cute angel who is really very special to me. She is so cute and very beautiful cute soul. I always feel very relaxed when I talk with her. I always enjoy our wide conversation that was between us. It gives me peace, happiness, and relaxation. Our memories will never be forgotten my angel. You will always be my cute lovely angel. Love you.

And here we go with my Mermaid Shivi whom yes now we don’t talk much, but still she owns the same place on my heart. I can’t forget that she is from those first people whom I started talking with them. I will never ever forget those special stuff that we shared it together and done it together. You will always be my Mermaid Shivi.

And here is TSA my sun and adorable friend. The only friend from Bangladesh whom I have. I’m so proud of that and I’m really happy that I have an amazing friend like her. She is my sun and lovely friend. May Allah could bless you forever dear.

And here is Rishi like I always call her Chocori. My dearest and lovely Chocori. The one who has made me start learning Sinhala and I will not stay quiet till she completely make me learn it 😅😉 Our chatting will always be special to me. Will never forget our first and only call. All our memories are very very special to me. You are a sweetheart dear. Thank you for being in my life.

And here we go with the amazing girl my dear Aisha. The queen of suspense the one who writes in a very amazing way. I adore all her stories and I adore her specifically. She is a cutie and a lovely girl. She is always here and she is always a supporter. I know that she includes me everyday on her prayers and this means a lot to me. We don’t talk that much, but still we know that each one of us love the other a lot. Thank you for everything you have done it to me Aisha.

And here we go with Niyati my lovely little sister who I love her so much and also will always admire my chatting with her because it is so special like her. Out memories are just in my heart and will never be forgotten. I love you.

And here we go with Aswathi or like I love to call her with Jasmin. The one who is super super cute and lovely. The one whom we kept talking and talking a lot when we started out friendship. The one who introduced Kerala to me. You will always be special to me Jasmin.

And here we go with Aayu the queen of cuteness. The cute lovely soul. Whom I love her a lot and I wish that she could always be fit and fine and I could be able to meet her one day.

And here is Gauri, the lovely and sweet girl whom I love her a lot and blessed that she is here with me now celebrating this day all together.

And here is Maria or like I love to call her with Cookie. Her love to me is pure and innocent just like her. She don’t express much, but I know how much she loves me and this what got to be noticed from her care and worry about me. Thank you for being here always cookie. Love you.

And here we go with Iyena my buddy who is supporting me and loving me a lot. I always like to listen to her advices because I know that it is what will be very helpful to me. I love you so much buddy.

And here is Maanvika who is so cute and amazing friend and I love her and feel very happy when I feel her care and love towards me.

And here is Radhika the lovely girl who is also a very good student and she learns Arabic from me in a very lovely way I just hope that I could be well soon so I could be able to complete our learning sessions. Love you dear.

And here is my lovely Yashi whom yes I’m not able to text her much, but I swear I really love her a lot and a lot and she is from my lovely family whom I’m happy that she is with me at the party.

And here is Prinko dhi. My lovely elder sister. I love her and will keep loving her forever.

And here is Mahira my little sister whom I enjoy chatting with her and talking with her a lot.

I have came near them and has hugged them all in a cute group hug.

Me: I love you all guys. I’m so blessed to have you all. Happy Friendship Day.

I’m so happy to be with my friends in this day.

There is also more friends whom I also love them a lot which are: Jayashree, Riddhima( with the same name na), Ridhi, Seanna, Shivangi, Gabriela dhi, Tanvi, Muntaj, and many more lovely friends. I’m so blessed to have this amazing second family.

Happy Friendship Day my sweethearts.










The end of the os. I hope you like it. I wouldn’t have missed this day without thanking my lovely friends. I love you all guys. God bless you all. Happy Friendship Day.

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