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New Delhi: Good Friday marks the crucification of Jesus Christ by the Romans on the Hill of Calvary and is observed on a Friday that falls before Easter. This year Good Friday will be celebrated on April 2. 

History of Good Friday

According to the legends, Jesus Christ willingly sacrificed his life and was crucified to suffer on behalf of the sins of humanity. His love for humankind is an act of great charity and kindness. 

The first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon is celebrated is Easter – the holiest day for Christians. On this day, Christ is believed to be resurrected from death and the occasion also marks the victory of good over evil.

Significance of Good Friday

Good Friday is a day of penance, grief and fasting. It is commemorated to remember the love and sacrifice of Christ for humanity. Good Friday also marks the end of the 40-day period of fasting observed by Christians, called Lent. This year, Lent falls on April 3. 

Commemoration of Good Friday

Good Friday is commemorated by fasting and attending Church services between noon and 3 pm. This specific time is allotted for Church services on this day as it is believed that it was during these hours that Christ endured on the cross

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