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Chapter 26 Blood

Vansh is shocked at the sight he sees. He walks forward to see Ridhimaa lying in a pool of blood oozing from her hand. He takes her in his arms. Hearing all this Aryan rushes there with his mother

Aryan: What happened Vansh?

Vansh: Ridhimaa…Ridhimaa..she is losing a lot of blood..lets take her to the hospital soon

Mrs.Khundra: Aryan get the car fast

Aryan: Haan maa

Mrs Khundra: But who did this?

Vansh: Its all my fault..I should not have let her open the door…some idiot has shot her

Mrs.Khundra: But why didn’t he shoot in the chest if he really wanted to kill..leave it Vansh rush now

Vansh carries Ridhimaa and runs to the car. Once into the car he dials Angre

Angre is shocked to hear the news

Angre: Bhai Ill be there in few minutes

The call disconnects

Aman: What happened?

Angre: Someone shot Ridhimaa…

Veer: What? But who is that?

Karan: Lets ask that later..now we are going to meet Ridhimaa

Everyone rush to the hospital except Gaurav, Maya and Chandrika. While Maya and Chandrika are talking the matter seriously Gaurav goes to his room and locks himself. Even Meghnand is unable to talk to him

The scene shifts to a Lonely tower

Shivaay along with Pankhuri, Harish and Avantika enters the tower room. He is surprised to find two people there

Pankhuri: They are Kartik and Naira my colleagues. Great wizards and awesome potion masters

Kartik: Hello Shivaay..nice to meet you

Shivaay and Kartik hug

Naira: The potion to break the connection is ready Pankhuri..

Shivaay: What kind of connection?

Kartik: To tell in lay man terms it’s something like hypnotism and brain reading. Dont worry this potion will work well

Shivaay: How do you find if the connection is broken or not?

Naira: Thats very simple Adi…once the connection is broken Haden will stop reading their minds and that will bring off the paleness from their face. They will become themselves again and then their memory will get back easily

Shivaay’s phone rings

Shivaay: Sir..

Voice: Shivaay I know that you are with Kartik Naira and Pankhuri but you have a bad news

Shivaay: Whats it sir?

Voice: Ridhimaa is shot..but in the hand..can you guess who did it and why did he do it?

Shivaay: What? She is shot and it is Of course…for blood

Voice: Haan..so now…

Shivaay: Restoration of memory is very essential..

Voice: And.

Shivaay: The mastermind is coming out of darkness so the struggle has become complicated

Voice: Right..we need to keep every step carefully

Shivaay: Sir shall I visit Ridhu?

Voice: Dont act mad Shivaay. You have other works which are important

The call disconnects

Naira brings the potions to feed them to Harish and Avantika. They dont open their mouths but Naira succeeds in feeding them

Once they take the potions their heads get dizzy and they lose balance. Shivaay gets tensed

Pankhuri: Wait..dont worry they will be fine

Minutes pass by and they become better. Their eyes get back that happy shine. Their unknown paleness fades off and they gain a facial glow

Pankhuri: Now we can go to the ancestral house to bring back their memory

Shivaay: But Ridhu is shot now..her blood has been taken

Kartik: That means he ..he….

Naira: Haan Kartik he is planning to come out

Shivaay: One who brought the black forces out and lost himself last time…one who was supported by that fraud Nagesh

Kartik: That Nagesh killed my parents

Kartik clenches his fist in anger. Naira hugs him

Naira: Dont worry Kartik..this time we will avenge the death of everyone

The scene shifts to the hospital

Having lost lot of blood and losing consciousness Ridhimaa is under ventilator. Vansh looks at her from outside. Anger boils inside him . Angre and others reach there.

Angre: Bhai..what happened?

Vansh tells everything

Aman: Not a wizard attack..it is a muggle attack

Roshini: But she has lost blood Aman..blood..have you forgotten that?

Vansh turns around in a shock

Vansh: Blood? Do you mean…

Roshini: With this happening just after the starting of the struggle it looks like that

Aryan runs to them followed by Ranveer

Aryan: Vansh..Vansh I saw the cctv footage…the person who shot Ridhimaa collected her blood in a jar and ran away. His face was covered with a mask

Karan: This confirms it

Aryan: Confirms what?

Vansh: We will tell you later..guys stay here..Ill be back in sometime

Angre: Ill also come bhai

Vansh turns back and stares at Angre. Angre doesn’t speak any other word. Vansh leaves from there

Tree house in the forest

Vansh climbs the stairs and finds a man sleeping there. He wakes him up

Vansh: Uto…uto…arrey uto nah Ritik

The guy wakes up with a start

Ritik: Vansh…you have come here? Whats the matter that you have come to meet this forest dweller?

Vansh: They have collected Ridhimaa’s blood? Did you see any suspicious movement here?

Just then a snake creeps inside. On getting near Vansh it transforms into a girl

Vansh: Shivanya did you see them?

Shivanya nods in affirmation

Shivanya: Yesterday itself they planned to collect her blood but it did not happen as you weren’t there but now they have collected it

Vansh: What now?

Ritik: As we know the one who brought the dark force out last time will be out now again with her blood

Vansh: How to prevent that?

Shivanya: We cant…just get ready to fight the battle Vansh

Vansh: Arghh…

Ritik: You knew that this day will come…but with you conquering the curse it wont be difficult

Shivanya: Haan right..dont let your love become your weakness Vansh

Vansh nods..his mobile rings

Angre: Bhai


Ridhimaa gains consciousness. She gets terrified at something and shouts for Vansh. Roshini and Bani go to her

Bani: Ridhimaa..how are you feeling?

Ridhimaa: Where is Vansh?

Roshini: He..he will come..how are you now?

Ridhimaa: I want to meet Vansh at once..


Vansh: Im coming

Vansh disconnects the call

Vansh: Im leaving…but I need your help

Shivanya: Nagmani will be under our supervision all 24 hrs and you will get it at the right moment dont worry

Vansh rushes to the hospital. He opens the door and walks in. Ridhimaa runs to him and hugs him

Vansh: Ridhimaa.. Ridhimaa what happened?

Ridhimaa: Where did you go leaving me?

Vansh: An important work dear

Ridhimaa: Oh its more important than me?

Vansh breaks the hug. He makes her sit and cups her face

Vansh: Even my life is less important than you. You are the most important thing for me. The reason for going out is related to you

Ridhimaa: Marry me Vansh

Vansh is taken aback

Vansh: Achanak?

Ridhimaa: Haan the guy who shot me said that we will be separated very soon while shooting me

Vansh: But Ridhimaa

Ridhimaa: Please Vansh…if that bullet had hit my chest I would have died..and it may happen anytime. I dont want to die as Ms. Sharma without a family..I want to die as Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania

Vansh closes her mouth with his hand

Vansh: Dont talk about death my dear..you want to marry right..okay fine we will marry. But to live not to die

Ridhimaa’s eyes shed happy tears. Vansh hugs her. The episode freezes

Next Chapter: Miracle

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