Eternal love (Ishq mein marjawan 2 FF) Chapter 6

Hello everyone… I am back with chapter 6 of our FF Eternal love…. I know am very very late… May be somewhere you all are angry with me… What to do guys I come back to my home and become busy…. That time was staying in my grandmother place so I am free…. And moreover to that my online classes also started….. So… You no I was trying to get free to update next chapter but😞 forgot about it know I am back so let’s start


Episode starts with


It is evening a girl is seen. She is distributing book , cloth , uniform, stationary items, toys , chocolate to children of the orphanage. Just then someone from the building in front of orphanage shoot that girl but his target missed. Then he started firing continuously. That girl with children run inside the orphanage saving herself and the children and close the door. Two Gaurds of the orphanage run to catch that person

After sometime Gaurds come. That girl also come outside. One of the gaurd said

Ga: can’t able to catch him

Girl : increase the sequrity and no one I said no one should come to know about this attack specially him

Ga : ji.. now you go… It’s not safe here

Then warden mam come outside tensed and worried and said to that girl

W: Beta are you ok

Girls: yes mam see I am absolutely fine

W: now I am scare if something happens to you then… No… please leave from here…. 🥺🥺🥺

Girl : don’t be scared , first I will spend some time with children then I will go

W : please try to understand dear… What will I say to then if something happens to you…

Girl : Aree…. Nothing will happen to happen to me

W : No… Please go… ( She insist her for sake of children of orphanage)

Girl : fine going…. And please don’t tell him anything about this attack

W : ok , as you say . Please take care

Then that girl leave. Unknown to here someone is watching her a d for shootout that person is burning in rage

That masked person is trying to call Dr Anand from half an hour but no response and now he is annoyed. He call him one more time and this time Dr Anand pick the call

MP : why you are not answering the call…. 😬

Dr A : Vyom if you are forget than I am reminding you that I am a doctor, a famous one so I am busy in treating my patients 🙄

MP : whatever

Dr A : now tell me why were you calling me.

MP : be careful Vansh’s men are following you

Dr Anand stops car with jurk as he is shocked with the news. He tell vyom that he is on the way to his home so vyom said

MP : Noo…… Don’t come here…. if vansh’s men sees you with me then he definitely tell vansh. And he will immediately recognise me….. Don’t stop anywhere Direct go home and after crossing main road take shortcut…

Anand did as vyom said then Anand ask him

Dr A : how is your wound now… Is it paining.

MP : little bit but I am absolutely fine

Dr A : are you sure… Because if something happens to you na then I am sure they both will stop talking to me and no one will able to……

MP : hold on yrr…. Nothing will happen like that. And be careful…. I will talk to you later bye

Then vyom cut the call.

At night

Riddhima and Sejal house

Riddhima reaches home. Sejal is waiting for her. She ask her the reason of being late. But Riddhima make some excuse. Then after freshen up they both sit for dinner. Sejal again and again try to ask her but riddhima make excuse that she is tired and want to rest. Then she goes to her room . Sejal sighed and also went to her room.

At VR mansion

Now it’s become late night everyone is sleeping but Sia is awake waiting for her brother . Then vansh come, he see Sia there so he ask

V : why you not sleep

S : I am waiting for you

V : for what….. Wait you didn’t eat anything.

Sia noded in no

V : I said you no not wait for me…. You should have eaten food

But Sia gave him look ” I will never stop waiting for you ”

Vansh is somewhere happy for her care. he know that no can stop her from caring for him. Then they both seat for dinner. Vansh ask about everyone. Sia tell him that everyone is sleeping and she also made Dadi eat dinner and sleep with difficult (you know like care for grandchild)

Then Sia asked

S : vo…. Where were you went

V : important work….

S : bhai i am saying this again if you want then everything become normal as before🥺

V : I don’t want to talk about this

S : but bhai

He glares and she sighed. they eat dinner quietly. After finishing dinner vansh drop Sia to her room. Then vansh goes to his room.

He changed in casuals then he sees file in which Aangre collect information about Riddhima . He pick the file and open it. He sees Ridhdhima’s photo and smile. And then read

Name : Riddhima

Profession : Dr in AV hospital , A physiotherapist.

Family status: orphan . She have only Sejal as her best friend.

Hobby : singing and playing guitar

Favourite game: basketball and chess.

Phone no : 99********

He try to digest the information. Then he thinks something and after that goes to sleep

vyom home

Vyom (masked person) call someone he is angry and at the same time worried also . Then the call connected. He literally scold the person at otherside of call.

Vy : why are you so stubborn

OS : What do you want to say .

Vy : just tell me what do you think if you not tell me I will never get to know 😠

OS : Vyom come to the point. What are you talking about. I am not getting any thing.

Vy : oh really 😖

OS : Ab…. Vb…. Vo (she stammers ) (taking a breath ) so you get to know I warned them not tell you…..

Vy : they didn’t tell me…. I have my on ways.

OS : whatever

Vy : Sunshine, why don’t you understand that you are important then anything for us…. 😞🥺🥺😢

Su : forgot about it…. Tell me how is your wound..

Vy : fine but I am irritate thanks to this plaster 😖🙄

Su : bare it till your wound didn’t complete heal completely.

Vy : vansh’s men are following Anand

Su : I know that this is going to happen. vansh will definitely try to find out about that masked man i.e you…. Don’t contact with Anand for sometime

Vy: ok

Su : you get something or some information about that blast or not

Vy : No… You both said only to take rest… I am doing that only

Su (suprised) : seriously

Vy : just joking…. I am trying to find out I want CCTV footage of mansion after that it become easy to catch the person behind blast.

(Remember that Inspector tell vansh that bomb is fixed when car is parked in masoom )

Su : hmm ok….. I am sure Vansh definitely started to investigate this matter. You have to find out before vansh

Vy : don’t worry I will find that person

Su : ok good night…. Take care of yourself….

Vy : you to sunshine. And next time….

Su : please don’t start again…. Bye

Then call end


That it for today chapter . What do you think who is that girl outside orphanage and who is the person shoot her . why vyom don’t want that Vansh get to know about him, is vansh knows vyom from before. Where was Riddhima and why she is hiding it from Sejal. What was Sia talking about “if you want then everything become fine”. What is this matter. Why vansh don’t want to talk about it. What is he thinking after reading about Riddhima. And at last will vyom able to find out about blast before vansh… To know about all this STAY TUNED….

And Ya please ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes

I will try to come soon with next chapter


Vy : Why are you

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