Eternal love (Ishq mein marjawan 2 FF) Chapter 5

Hello everyone. I am back with chapter 5 of our FF Eternal love. After reading all your comments I can sense that you all are enjoying this FF, which means a lot to me.


Episode starts with


That masked man is talking with someone on call

MM : why the hell you were not picking my call. Important news…..

Person otherside (OS) of phone cut him in between

OS : I come to know what you want to tell me. Vansh’s car Blasts . Thank god vansh is away from car

MM : Ya… You are not receiving so I called him and…..

OS : What…. Are you out of mind. Why called him

MM : Don’t worry I called him through PCO , he will not able to find out

OS : Don’t underestimate him yrr

MM : Arre ok, now tell me what we will do . Danger around him is increasing. I am telling you that person only is behind this blast

Person who is another side of phone take a sigh and then said

OS : we can’t do anything without evidence. If that person is behind than find evidence. And if not then find out who is behind this

MM : ok fine

And the person other side end the call

At morning

VR Mansion

Raisinghnia family is shown. Everyone is sitting on dinning table. All are tensed. Waiting for vansh. Then vansh with Angre come

V : Good morning everyone

No one reply to him. Two girls come toward him and hug him. They both are worried and one of them is literally crying

V : Hey why you both are worried and why you all are tensed what happen

Then one girl said

G : yesterday your car blast and you hide this from us

V : oh , so that’s why you all are worried. Don’t worry , I am not dea….

Both girl : Shut up

V : Ishani forgot about it I am fine

Ishani try to say something but one glare of vansh and she sat quietly on her chair. Then vansh turn to other girl she is on wheelchair so vansh sat on knees , and wip her tears

V : Sia don’t cry. From now I will be more alert.

Sia noded Vansh serve her food than sat on head of the family chair. Then he see Dadi is not eating so he said

V : Dady you are behaving as if for the first time I attacked by enemies.

She shook her head knowing Vansh will not listen anyone. Then they all start having breakfast.

After that Aangre leaves for collecting information and Vansh leave for meeting

Meanwhile at Riddhima and Sejal house

Sejal and Riddhima wake up then after having breakfast they both leave for their respective work. Sejal for organizing a party and Riddhima for hospital

At AV hospital

It is afternoon Riddhima is treating her patients just then her phone ring . She see caller id and it was Kabir call and she pick

R : What happened Kabir

K : Can we meet , same place , time you choose

R : Wait a minute

Then she ask nurse about remaining patient. Nurse tell her that 1 or 2 patients more.

Then she tell Kabir about same and decide to meet him after an hour

After treating patients Riddhima leaves to meet Kabir .

She reach the place where they meet usually and sees kabir who is waiting for her

R : Hii

Kabir didn’t reply he only staring at her so she asked

R : why are you looking at me like this

K : before today we always met as friends but today something is different

R : Means

K : Now you are my fianc…..

She cut him in middle and to change the topic she ask

R : Any important work why you called me.

K : Just like that only. I want to meet you. Leave it . You didn’t answer me

R : Answer ??

K : about helping me against that VR

R : I will help you but how will I enter in his life.

K : You leave that on me . I can send you near him from there you have to find way yourself

R : ok , I have to go now

K : why this soon

R : I have some work

Kabir noded . She leaves from there and Kabir also leaves

At VR Mansion

after attending meetings Vansh comes in evening and now he is sitting in his study working on laptop. Just then Angre come with file

A : You said to collect information about that girl. Her name is Riddhima. Here her file

V : keep it on table and . And about that masked man

A : for his information our men is following Dr Malhotra I sure he knows something about that masked man

V : keep eye on that girl also. She was watching shootout, I noticed her facial expressions.

A : ji boss. Boss can I ask you something

V : shoot

A : boss no one has guts to talk to you in that way as you can’t tolerate. Then why you didn’t said anything to that girl I mean Riddhima

V : as I told you before, sometimes there is no reason behind something. And….

Just then he receive a call . After call he said to Aangre .

V : I am going somewhere. May be I get late so tell everyone not to wait for me and dinner karle. And keep that file in my room.

A : Boss can I come with you

V : no need

A : But boss

Vansh glare him and Aangre become quite. Then both leave from study room

That’s it for this chapter


So what do you think . With whom masked man is talking. About whom he is talking. If they knows about person then why they didn’t tell vansh about it. Knowing dangerous around vansh what will they do now. Why vansh behaviour seems wierd when Riddhima is mentioned. Who called vansh

To know about all this Stay tuned

Now I Don’t think that I have to tell you to please ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes 😅😅😅😅😅

Stay safe , stay happy

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