Distance and religion doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship – A RIDJAL OS

Distance and religion doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship 

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So in this OS Vansh and Riddhima are classmates and in 11th grade and they have a girlfriend and boyfriend realtionship but unofficial


So let’s start it

Vansh : Riddhi why are you crying ? Something happened ? Did you got hurt somewhere ? Did u vle scolded you ? Do you had an argument with aunty ? Did you had a fight with Ishani di or she insulted you ? Pls tell something what happened ! You know na I don’t like this tears on you ! Please say something Riddhima !!


Riddhima ( while crying ) : Vansh , according to you which relationship is the most important and respectful relationship ?!


Vansh : Riddhi what type of question is it ?! Of course the mother child relationship !!


Riddhima : It is ok but according to me friendship is the most important and purest relationship and respectful relationship and it is the base of any relationship !!! A mother loves her child as she has kept inside for almost 9 months or if adopted then already the live happens but Vansh about friendship friendship happens between totally two unknown people they don’t know each other and then when this friendship becomes stronger no one can break it and when it becomes much stronger seeing your friend in tears feels like ki someone is peircing your heart .


You know what Vansh the big difference between family and friends is that your family member’s relational label will not change , even if you have an argument . Your sibling , parent , aunt , or cousin will always maintain that relational label , even if you become estranged . With friendship , if you have a falling out , your relationship status can change and you may end up completely disconnected . In some families , there is more of an undertone that no matter what, family is family , and issues may be prioritised for resolution , while this may not be the case with some friendships . Research indicates that having good friends is tied to better mental and physical health outcomes .


You know Vansh I have read somewhere or mind mixed with some quote or whatever but for me it is ki

” Every SHIP of relationSHIP is based on friendSHIP

See na , if mother loves her child and only if she behaves friendly it be just like a friend and not a typical Mother then only the child will be able to tell her mother about insecurities , fears , pain and about attraction or likeness towards some and any secret and any mischief and anything but what if a mother stays strict and be like a typical Mother amd scold her child  more if he/she does some wrong thing . The same goes with a father and child relationship and you know father’s are known mist of the times strict and then comes the siblings realtionship if there is a relationship between them like friendship then it will be good or else it will be evil sisters relationship from the so called itv sisters relationship who are hell bent on ruining one’s life and then it comes for grand parents if we see them there is much age gap between them so obviously there will be an argument there will be a gap of thoughts and all due to generation gap but if there will be starting of friendship then this relationship can also be good and then it comes for lovers remember when u said I LIKE YOU RIDDHU WILL YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND before that relationship it’s amazing if a friendship is turned into love story and if of they Both are not friends then the friendly gestures and understanding and trust just kie friendship will help them to make thier love more stronger . So friendship is necessary for each and every relationship

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” – C.S. Lewis


“Friends are the cherry on top of the ice cream sunday of your family.” – Jennifer Betts


“The language of friendship is not words but meanings.” – Henry David Thoreau


“A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself.” – Frank Crane


“Keep your heart full with those that make you the happiest.” – Jennifer Betts


Vansh : Riddhi please stop crying ! You are missing our class mates right !? Remember till 10th how we all used to fight and so dramas and plan stuffs just to seat in the same bench with our best friend and now see we all are in different fields , different schools and different cities amd now we miss out that friends really that time was the best time of our life ! Pls don’t miss them Riddhi we are going to have a reunion of our 10th class soon that also before this 11th class gets offline as you it’s online so we all are at our homes . And see na Bhoomi and Zalak and Khyati are in Science field and Sara in Commerce field ! Your all bestest besties


Riddhima : Vansh am not remembering our classmates


Vansh : Riddhi whom you are missing such and your which friend is that important


Riddhima : Vansh you don’t know her and I also didn’t meet her face to face to her


You remember I reciprocated to your feelings from 9th class . It was the most crucial year for me . You remember the head girl elections I was selected in top 10 then we had to give speech in class and then I was also selected in top 3 when we had to deliver a speech for asking votes the votes were taken from students and it was total partiality and I didn’t get more votes as I was knowing everyone’s nature and I was strict and for me each and every rule was made to follow not to break and I used to complain of a single rule was broken by any of our classmate . And you know just the day before the vote appealing speech my health just I know how I prepared the speech and handled myself and gave speech and in the last lecture when it was vote counting at that when just 25% of the votes were known I started to cry as I got to know the results and I was crying from then it was the 1st time I cried in the school the first time I cried was in 2nd class and I didn’t cried as I lost my dream but I was crying more as I got betrayed from my best friends my best friend who was my best friend from 6th was patting and congratulating her friend whom she just met 6 months ago and she didn’t even laid a heed to my cry or my loss and the same was with my other friends . You know na Zalak and Khyati left the school in 7th class and Bhoomi left the school just after 3 days of voting as her father shifted to another city and I was left all alone between fake friends enemies and back stabbers who were with me for their benefits and did drama of being a good friend and I was all alone on that after coming home I just cried and slept while crying and I just had dinner then and mom was angry on me as I didn’t completed the lunch in school recess and after that I didn’t had anything . And I was all alone and your flirting helped me that whole month I cried at nights and then I looked and understood my feelings for you and then where we are today .


Then I got two best online friends Sejal and Sara . Sara just came now but Sejal oh my god !! And now I have 5 best and real and true friends true friends mane to umm ek  equation hai

Care like a mother


Scold like a father


Tease Iike a sister


Irritate like a brother


Love like a lover or love more than a lover


Real or true friend


And I have 5 such friends


And among them the closest to me is Sejal my Sejju my cupcake my jaan !!

It’s not been 3 months of our friendship and see we became this close we are like real inseparable   sisters !! Sejju knows all my secrets which only me and God knows and the same with me ! My morning starts by messaging her a good morning message and my days by hugging her and getting sleep ! Every day we share our day to day stuff and you know she is not an Indian ! And we have a huge distance still without telling each other ae can feel each other without saying we can that when she is crying or when I am crying , we can feel each other’s pain and rhe most important thing is ki we can feel each others embrace and warmth of hug from this much distance . Earlier this distance was the main thing that made our friendship strong and now we are hating this freaking distance !! You know she has an amazing bad realtionship with her younger sister and I have with my elder sister and we can think ki either we should become sisters or our sisters should become sisters and we will live happily then and I wish to God that in next birth we should become sisters from the womb of same woman .


Vansh tell me can religion be a problem in any relationship !?


Vansh : Riddhi it is not like that and it’s 22nd century and people aren’t seeing much about religion now !! And before religion we all are humans first !! Right !?!!


Riddhima : Yes Vansh it’s true even I too believe that but my life and happiness this religion is a problem infact my religion !!


You know mom hates if I have any online and I have many online friends and I am still in contact with them and when I had 3-4 online friends mom strictly told me no but you know am stubborn and I will do what I want to do so I made many other online friends and a few foreign online friends and and you know what in case of Sejal . Her mom don’t want her to have a friend of any religion except Christian and Islam and she didn’t told me earlier about that as I don’t feel bad and now in between when she was in coma so and I said something which made her doubt that am a Hindu and when she tried to do suicide by jumping from her balcony her mother doubted her online friends and foreign friends !! On that day when Sejju was in coma her mom said that ki I am like her daughter and I should not be in broken state as Sejju doesn’t like it and plus she want me to be strong and her mom said ki I should also do my activities regularly !! And from last week she I s worried that if her mom will know about my religion then it will be the last moment of our friendship and if my mom will know about her and her nationality then my mom will snatch my phone !! And we were afraid to lose each other !! And the reason is our mom’s !! We are addicted to each other now our day isn’t a day without a talk of atleat half and hour and we don’t get sleep without wishing good night and hugging each other.U know what we both are each other’s peace , sukoon , secure feeling and happiness and meaning of life and all and you know what from almost last moth she is just alive because of me . She said ki if I wouldn’t have been in her life then she would have died till know she is in depression and she already tried to do suicide for 5 Times and I was the one whom she messaged before attempting suicide and she successfully tried suicide 3 times and 2 times she wasn’t able to do as my face and my smile and my talks she even said ku an angel like me shouldn’t love a manhoos girl like her and she is just giving me hurt an making me cry ! Vansh she is not my Sejju but she is that depressed Sejju !! The 1st time she went in depression was when she was in 6th class !! Vansh I tried my best I just used to spend my most of the time with her so that she don’t pull any stunt !! Vansh is an angel , she is a fragile glass doll !! And you know what her medical condition is very bad from her childhood and now it is totally ruined day before yesterday she has to go to doctor as according to doctor there were 5% chances of her being alive after surgery and she don’t want to due on hospital bed after surgery but she want to due freely after living her life just like that gujarati movie CHAAL JEEVI LAIYE !! And her condition is so weak now she is getting heat attacks almost everyday as her heart is not able to pump blood and for that they need to do a surgery but can’t do as her body and heart is so weak and doctor said to her that this is the indication that she will die soon and again today evening she got a major heart attack she said ki may be her last one she can leave this world she said this when sne was going to hospital I messaged her mom but in the night at dinner time she messaged me back Saying ki

She is dying


Leave her alone and leave me and everything is getting worse so please leave us


And this hurted me a lot too with her health her mom is thinking it is due to me !!


Am I really that bad Vansh ??!!!

You know na I didn’t used to believe in God that much as I didn’t get what I expected and prayed for most the times but when I prayed a lot to god when she was in coma and when her mom messaged me ki her heart beats and breathes stop I did the naka jaap and then I got the news ki her breaths And heart Beats were back and still I prayed I didn’t get proper sleep that day as my sejju wasn’t Hugging me and making me sleep and now u don’t know about her health


Pls Vansh you also pray with me . God can’t snatch her from me !! She was my 16th birthday gift from God and now god can’t snatch her !! He was rhe one to do everything na amd now he can’t back off

It is really very hard to be broken and pray for Sejju and in front of my family to be a happy and carefree Riddhima it is really hard Vansh !! I can’t be able to do it more it is the worst and the hardest thing I am doing !! Pls tell to God to give me my Sejal backkkk !!!!

Pleaseeeeeee !!!!!

Yaar roothe naa

Khwaab tootein, waade tootein

Dil ye toote naa


My close ones get angry, others get angry,

The beloved shouldn’t be angry..

Dreams break, promises break,

The heart shouldn’t break..


Roothe to khuda bhi roothe

Saath chhoote naa

If He gets angry, even God can get angry,

but I shouldn’t get away (from my beloved)


O Allah Waariyan

O main to haariyan

O tooti yaariyan mila de oye!

Sacrificed on you, O Lord, [as in, in prayer with everything ready to sacrifice]

I am all lost,

My broken love, just get me that..


Udte patangon mein

Holi waale rangon mein

Jhoomenge phir se dono yaar

In flying kites,

in the colors of Holi,

Once again we’ll both dance together, O beloved..


Waapas to aaja yaar

Seene se laga ja yaar

Dil to hue hain zaar-zaar

Come back, O beloved..

take me in your arms, O beloved..

The hearts have completely shattered..


Reh bhi na paayein yaar

Seh bhi na paayein yaar

Behti hi jaaye dastaan

I can’t even stay like that,

I am not even able to bear..

The story keeps flowing..


Umr bhar ka intezaar

Ik pal bhi na qaraar

Ungli pe nachaaye dastaan

The life long wait,

No peace for even a moment,

The story makes you dance on fingers..

[means, the story makes you do what it wants.]


Ho apne roothe, paraaye roothe

Yaar roothe naa…


And with this Riddhima was feeling dizzy as in such break downs it happens with her bur still she was amandmat to pray for Sejal and this time Vansh handled her and also prayed with her . And after midnight they got the news ki there prayers worked and now Riddhima kicked Vansh our of his room and talking with Sejal and she said her bit to say sorry on behalf of her mother as it was a mother’s feelings when her child was on death bed .


That’s it for today guys


Hope u guys like it

And pls ignore the grammatical and spelling errors


And am really sorry for not uploading anything but guys u was not in state


Earlier I was not in a state to write then I had got loads of work and at that time my health ruined and so now the am having lots of pending work and plus many tests and heavy workloads everyday and I have 2-3 Ia half written so when I will get free I will try to publish it


And once again sorry guys


Hope u understand my situation

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