Dinner a date? Riansh os immj2

This is my first time idk how it will be but can hope for the best.

A man clad in tracksuit is seen entering a hollistic centre he removes his shoes and the enters a room the scent of purity escaping from the candles hit him and refreshed his inner self he was admiring the place when his trance was broken by a sweet voice.

‘Mr vansh Raisinghania you are late but that wont be an issue for today nice to meet you’

‘yes you are ‘

‘your doctor riddhima kohli we will be going through your schedule’

‘yes yes doctor’.

‘ Mr Raisinghania first you have some yoga and meditation then some cyropractor session, lets begin mr Raisinghania’

‘You can call me Vansh doc’

‘umm ok’

They began with yoga

‘yes vansh you can do better just bend a little more breath in breathe out ya that’s it that’s it’

She was pushing him forward gently

‘Perfect vansh now lets move to some meditation. Now meditation brings peace to mind its not necessary that only meditation will get you peace you can receive it in any form materialistic and person so can u name atleast one thing that brings peace to you.’

‘you’ he blurted out.


‘i mean your hollistic centre it is very peaceful and beautiful i must say when i entered i felt a gush of serenity run through me’

‘how very nice of you vansh, we will begin with a min of meditation as you are new to the entire concept. Close your eyes and concerntrate on god, tree anything but something soothing.’

She closee her eyes but felt someone’s staring at her

‘vansh you need to close your eyes.’

‘no i dont’

She looked confused

‘when i have tge person who gives me peace right in front of me I don’t need to close my eyes. Riddhima i find you wildly attractive not that you have to reciprocate or anything i havent felt so peaceful in my entire life until i came here and met you.’

‘i like u too its not taht a hot person meets u every day’

‘do dinner a date ‘

‘yes only if u finish ur meditation’

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