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Now let’s start:

Episode 28 starts with:

Riansh came to the OOSWAL BHAWAN holding each other’s hand with a small smile on their lips. Riansh went to elders who were sitting in the hall chitchating and was doing the discussion for today’s function. Riddhima & Vansh touched elders feet and took their blessings. Riddhima went to Simar’s room to play with the baby.

Riddhima went towards SiRav’s room and knocked there. Arav opened the door as Simar was feeding milk to the baby. Riddhima hugged Arav and went inside & took baby from Simar’s lap and started playing with her. The baby holder Riddhima’s finger in her small fist and giggled Riddhima, Simar & Arav also smiled.

SIMAR: Riddhu as per the ritual you have to name our baby. So did you decide what will you name her.

Riddhima looked at her and then Arav.

RIDDHIMA: Simmi you don’t worry I have decided and I’m sure you will love it.

After sometime they went to the hall and layed the baby on the cradle. While priest started the rituals of the naming ceremony.

PRIEST: Please call bhua of the baby and she will whisper name of the baby in her ear.

Riddhima nodded and went towards the baby and whispered her name sti


Everyone loved the name. Simar took Sirat in her hand and slowly whispered.

SIMAR: Sirat.

And kissed her face while Arav caressed her small forehead.

SIRAV: We loved the name Riddhu.

And hugged Riddhima. Everyone enjoyed the party and retired to their rooms. Riddhima took Vansh with her to her room as they were going to stay there for the night.


Riansh were cuddling each other. Riddhima’s head and hands on Vansh’s chest while Vansh’s hand was on her waist.

VANSH: Riddhima.


VANSH: Why not we become parents.

He said with naughty smile while Riddhima was about to say something but stopped because Vansh hovered upon her while she widened her eyes in shock. Vansh went towards her ears & whispered.

VANSH: Riddhima your gonna feel heaven today.

He said while she blushed hard and smiled. Vansh bites her earlobe while she moaned his name.

He slide her blouse bit down from her shoulder and started giving wet kisses. Riddhima closed her eyes and was moaning his name as prayers.

He kissed her neck and give love bite. He went bit down and kissed her cleavage. He went towards her belly and kissed there not living single place while Riddhima was breathing heavily because of  Vansh’s sweet torture on her body.

After sometime Vansh covered Riddhima and himself with duvet and continued their work.

While whole room was filled with Riddhima’s moans and Vansh’s groan.


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