Continuation and Parenthood- OS by Tanvi

Hii everyone!! Thank you for your love on previous OS. I love to write OS on nuclear families as I miss living like that… Let’s get to the point… 

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Aaaah! Vansh I am going to kill you!!

The shouts from the labour room made Vansh embarrassed who was standing at the door.
After a lot of screams and groans, their were cries. Vansh directly went to the door to peek in but was unable because of the green curtain. He was standing at the door when nurse came with a little fragile body in her hands.
“Congratulations Mr. Singhania. It’s a boy”
Vansh was smiling wholeheartedly. It was the first time anyone would has seen him smiling. The nurse gave the baby to Vansh and he was holding him very carefully swinging slowly.
His face turned pale when he remembered he has a wife who gave birth to this little creature. (😂)
He entered inside to see Riddhima sleeping with a very pale face full of tiredness due to giving birth. He sat next her and caressed her hairs which broke her sleep.
Riddhima was teared up seeing her child in his hands.
“It’s a boy” Vansh whispered slowly giving the baby to Riddhima.
“Why are whispering?” Riddhima asked him while adoring her baby.
“What will be his name?” Vansh asked.
“How can you forget Vansh. We decided if it’s a boy then we will name him Ritvik.”  Riddhima said swinging little Ritvik.

It’s beed a month and Riddhima and Vansh came back home with their baby. Ritvik was in his cradle while Vansh and Riddhima were sipping coffee.
” Vansh, don’t you think we should atleast tell them about Ritvik? They will be so happy.” Riddhima asked.
” I will send a letter with some pictures of us. Nothing more than that.” Vansh said being a little serious.
” Angre is the person missing us the most.” Riddhima said.
“Ah.. your totally becoming my wife. Looking at the family huh?” Vansh chuckled.
” Yess what I’d they are in need of you?” Riddhima said ” I know you miss them very much. Especially Sia.”
Vansh sighed. Sitting up straight.
“My little doll has started fashion designing. She’s better than Ishani” both of them chuckle.

And Ritvik’s cries make their way on which Riddhima takes him in lap and feeds him.
“That was me” Vansh murmured under his breath and left with his and Riddhima’s coffee mugs.

“Ritvik!!!” Vansh yelled in Riddhima covered her ears with her hands.

Vanshh!!! Why are you shouting at my little baby?” Riddhima scolded him.

“He is 3 years old Riddhima.” Vansh scoffed.

” Kids of age 0-5 are considered as babies. And Ritvik is a B-A-B-Y.” Riddhima too replied.

“Moma” Little Ritvik hugged Riddhima’s legs on which she smiled. And then, Ritvik pushed her and she fell on the bed right behind her.

” That’s like my boy!” Vansh said to Ritvik taking him in his arms.

“Jao. I am not talking to you both. No desert in today’s dinner” Riddhima scoffed and left.

” Papa…moma… No shit.” Ritvik said on which Vansh giggled.

“It’s sweet.” Vansh corrected him.

” Once again I saw you using pickup lines at girls I am going to beat you Ritvik.” Riddhima said throwing a cushion on Vansh.

“Come on Riddhima, he is 15 now.” Vansh said setting the cushion back at its place.

“Aahh! Mumma! Rivan again flirted with my friend! A girl around same age came pulling Rivan with him.

“Rivan, not her friends atleast.” Vansh said.

They both left running around each other while Vansh and Riddhima adorned them.

” It was our best decision to adopt Riva. Right?” Vansh said.

“Yes. The best one” Riddhima replied and they both hug each other.

“Rivan!! 2 friends at a time!! You are such a flirt!!” Riva shouted from inside and RiAnsh had to get up to end their fight now.

“Rivan. Being nice with every girl is good. But don’t flirt with every second girl you meet.” Riddhima tried to be as calm as she could.

“Mumma. Riva was flirting with boys of our class.” Rivan exclaimed on which Vansh’s jaw dropped on the floor. Riddhima sat on the floor folding her legs crying.

” Where did I do the mistake that both my kids have started flirting now” Riddhima exclaimed cutely but crying.

Riva and Rivan hugged Riddhima tightly and Vansh too joined. Four of them shared a family hug.

” The best family ever”

All of them say at a time and giggled. Vansh started tickling Riddhima while Riva and Rivan were tickling each other. They spent their evening laughing and enjoying together, a small yet beautiful family…..

Hope you all like it!! Do tell your reviews. 😊 And silent readers please comment. 

Tanvi 💫

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