Collage Love Story. A Riansh OS by Tanya K

Hi guys, I’m back with another brand new OS of mine hope you’ll will like it. So

Os Starts With:


Hi I’m Riddhima Vansh Rai singhania. Today is my first Karwachauth after my marriage with my Vansh. We are married with each other for 1 years and 5 years of relationship. We were best friends from our college time. We were studying in the same class only. He is very caring and supportive, he always supported me with my every decision. 

In my college time I was very introverted type of person while Vansh was a extrovert, he used to get mixed up with everyone while I preferred to keep myself away from everyone. I was only having my bestie Sejal with whom I used to talk and share my feelings. Students used to bully me because of me being introvert but my Vansh always used to make them shut their mouths and he always supported me. I will tell you how we both met.

One day I was going to my class when I accidentally bumped with someone oops not someone my dear hubby. And I was about to fall but he saved me from falling in nick of time and I fall upon his arms. And we both shared an eyelock I was feeling like I’m in heaven being in his arms. I was not willing to get up from his arms. I again looked at in his eyes and I felt that he was also feeling the feelings as me. After sometime I broke the eye contact and freed myself from his arms unwillingly. I muttered him a sorry and thank you. 

And I went from there to my class but felt that his gaze was on me only. I carefully turned around and saw him and indeed he was staring at me. I don’t know why I liked his gaze and smiled a bit. I again turned around and went from there with slight blush on my face. I entered in my class and directly went to my desk and sat there. I was sitting alone as Sejal didn’t came that day as she was having fever.

After some time our teacher entered in the class and all the students greeted him including me. 

TEACHER: Good morning students. A new student is going to join this class with you all. I hope that you all will make him your friend. Please come inside.

And here he came and my heart skipped a beat. He introduced himself and I was least interested to his talks because I was staring his handsome face. I came out of my dreamland when I saw him coming towards me. He kept his hand on my table and I looked at him.

VANSH: actually there’s no seat left so can I sit with you??

He said cutely and my heart danced with happiness. I controlled my emotions and nodded at him.

ME: Yaa sure!!

He smiled at me and surprisingly I also smiled at him. He kept his bag on the floor and settled himself beside me. The teacher started teaching us but my mind was occupied by his thought and my eyes was busy in staring him and he smirked as if he got to know that was staring at him. He looked at me and snapped at me and started looking here and there and tried to look normal. The day finished and we both met at the playground where he was playing basketball. His messy hair, sweat coming from his face making him more hot and attractive, and again I was staring at him.

He come closer to me and give his hand for a hand shake. We both did hand shake and introduced ourselves to each other and went to my house with my mind full of his thoughts.

Days passed we became friends to best friends and started coming closer to eachother. One day he proposed me near the campus of the college where we both met each other for the very first time. And I accepted instantly but I told him that I want to complete my studies and make my own career and as I told you’ll he supported me in this decision also. And we both completed our studies & made our careers and live in relationship of girlfriend and boyfriend for 5 years. We used go on dates, outings and spent quality time with each other. Vansh Rai singhania is not only my better half he is my best half.

RIDDHIMAAAAA!!! ohh dadi is calling me for breaking my fast with my hubby’s hand, so you’ll also come with me.


Riddhima went to terrace and was memorized by its decoration. She did pooja with everyone and came in front of Vansh. Riddhima did moons Aarti and then Vansh’s. She looked at the moon through net. Vansh made her eat and drink the piece of sweet and water. Riddhima also made him eat and drink the sweet and water as she know that Vansh has also kept fast for him even if he didn’t told her. Riddhima was about to touch his feet but Vansh stopped her and hugged her closed to his heart and kissed her forehead.

Screen Freezes.

End of the OS hope you all liked it. Do tell me how was it in the comment section. And tell me how’s the cover made by me.🙈🙈.



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