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It has been almost two weeks since Vihaan’s entry and the family members were convinced that he’s their Vansh after a series of tests, which irked Vihaan and scared the shit out of Riddhima.

Currently, Riddhima and Vihaan were Vansh and Riddhima’s bedroom.

“Why can’t Vansh’s family believe that I’m Vansh? Why do they need to conduct so many exams?” Vihaan asked Riddhima, who was lost in her thoughts, looking outside at the sky.

“They are really strange people, Vihaan. Moreover, Vansh wasn’t here for so long and you had been giving them chances to doubt you and test you,” Riddhima reasoned, facing Vihaan.

“But you know, this is the first time when I didn’t cheat in an exam and cleared it all by myself,” Vihaan jokingly praised himself and Riddhima rolled her eyes.

“Now that the family has believed that you are Vansh, let’s get to the motive of your presence in the house. Finish the task assigned to you and leave the house, asap!” Riddhima told him, strictly.

“Why so much stress, dollar biwi? Take a chill pill!” Vihaan told her and smirked, “Do you want some body massage?”

Riddhima rolled her eyes, again. She has gotten used to Vihaan’s flirting but some part of her still is irked by his words. His face reminds her of Vansh but there’s nothing in common with them in their nature.

A knock on the door, brought her out of her thoughts and she opened the door, only to find Ishani standing. Ignoring Riddhima, Ishani barged in and faced Vihaan.

“Bhai, I wanna go clubbing today! Please!” Ishani pleaded.

“You are pregnant!”

“How is me being pregnant concerned with me going clubbing?” Ishani asked, completely not understanding her brother’s statement.

“I don’t trust you!” Vihaan stated the fact and added, “You’d get drunk and it’s harmful for you!”

Riddhima could notice the concern in Vihaan’s voice and it pleased her immensely to see him caring for Ishani.

“Come on Bhai, you too can join us!” Ishani said, excited.


“Who all are going clubbing?” Vihaan asked.

“Aryan, me, Kabir and if you wanna come then you, too!”

Vihaan thought for a second and nodded, “Cool, I’ll join y’all!”

Riddhima’s eyes went wide on hearing Vihaan. She had brought him to save her and Vansh’s family and not give exams and go clubbing. Perhaps, he has been a chill person and must have done that for his whole life. But right now, it wasn’t the time for him to go clubbing.

Ishani hugged Vihaan and left the room to get ready. Riddhima closed the door and faced Vihaan.

“You aren’t going anywhere, I’m not allowing you!” Riddhima told him, firmly.

“That’s another reason why I didn’t bother to ask you, dollar biwi,” Vihaan winked at her.

Riddhima walked towards him with fire filling her eyes, “You aren’t here to chill and go clubbing, just do the damn work and take your ass off the house.”

Vihaan remained unaffected by her words but was highly affected by their proximity. Had she not realised that she had curled her fingers on his collar and pulled him closer to warn him. He still hoped that it would have been his neck which she held to pull him closer.

Ignoring the sinful thoughts, covering his mind, he said, “You aren’t in a position to threaten me, are you?” he raised a brow and added, “And if I leave, who do you think would be ready to accept this dramatic fake family?”

Riddhima thought for a moment and she wouldn’t want to, but she knew that Vihaan was right. No one would help her, not even God. But that didn’t mean that she could send Vihaan off with the Raisinghania siblings. What if he spoke something?

“I still can’t let you go alone with them,” she reasoned, looking straight into his eyes and then added, “I’ll come with you as well!”

Vihaan looked shocked, “We are going clubbing not temple, behanjis aren’t allowed!”

Taking a step back, Riddhima crossed her arms over her chest and Vihaan missed the proximity, she said, “Who are you calling a behenji? I’ll show you what you are missing, Vihaan!”

The smirk on Riddhima’s face, somewhat didn’t go well with Vihaan. The way she traced the back of her finger over his cheek and walked to the wardrobe didn’t give him those innocent vibes from her.


Vihaan got dressed in the room and was sitting on the bed waiting for his dollar biwi to come out so he could spare a glance at her. Overall, he was excited to know her outfit. What could she be wearing? He hadn’t seen any fancy dresses in her wardrobe.

The door slid and his breath hitched. F*cking hell! She looked breath-takingly s*xy. How the hell was he not supposed to eye her, flirt with her and not even touch her.

“F*cking gorgeous!” were the first words that escaped his mouth and Riddhima blushed over his words.

“I never thought that you would have such outfits! I never saw you in these,” Vihaan said.

“The best is kept for last, Vihaan!” she smirked and stood in front of him, “Let’s go!”

She led and he followed her like a puppy, wanting to have some contact with her skin or else, he would have lost his control on himself.

Reaching the hall, Riddhima saw Aryan, Ishani and Kabir, looking at her wide eyed.

Why not?

None expected Riddhima to wear this outfit. Kabir and Aryan were ogling at her and Vihaan wanted to rip them apart. She’s his dollar biwi, except him no one has the right to ogle at her.

“Are you gonna come with us?” Ishani asked, recovering from the shock of the outfit.

“Yes! I can’t leave my husband alone. Right Vansh?” she whispered the last part, dangerously close to him and he nodded.

Vihaan held Riddhima by her waist and pulled her closer, “Let’s go!” he commanded in Vansh’s voice.


Vihaan was standing near the bar and watching his dollar biwi, swaying her hips over the beats of the music along with everyone, except him.

He stood near the bar and continued to watch her and gulped his drink, he still doesn’t know what he should be feeling?

He’s jealous.

Jealous of the person whom he created.

Jealous of the fact that he wasn’t the first one to see his wife in such a cute s*xy outfit but his look-alike was while he gotta see her only in those salwars. Not that she didn’t look adorable or gorgeous in those, but being a man, he wanted his wife to wear such outfits for him and only him.

No doubt that Vihaan and Vansh are the same, but what if Vihaan was a different personality? Wouldn’t that guy take advantage of his sweetheart?

His blood boiled on even at the ill thought. He would have ripped the soul out of the body of that supposed Vihaan.

Sometimes, he wonders why hadn’t he asked her for clubbing when they got married. Why did they waste time over spying? If they had wasted time over clubbing, he could have gotten to see her in that outfit and maybe even without that. The amount of control Vansh has, Riddhima could have carried a soul inside her and they would have been happy, together.

Vansh looked at Riddhima and the scene made his veins pop. A man was close to Riddhima and would even invade her personal space. May even brush a finger or two over her, which she may ignore but he, he would break not just the finger but the whole arm.

Taking a large gulp of the drink, he walked towards his sweetheart and pulled her closer to him by her waist. Their fronts are touching.

He looked into her eyes which held confusion as he swayed their bodies, together.

“What happened Vihaan? Need something?” she asked, innocently.

Do hell with her innocence. He wants to rip it off.

“I need you!” he whispered in Vansh’s voice, sending a chill down her spine. Their proximity was having a great effect on her. Getting drunk by his eyes and touch, she closed her eyes.

His eyes fell on her parted lips and in no moment, he claimed them. Lips syncing in one. Getting drunk into each other. Riddhima pulled into Vihaan’s hair and deepened the kiss. All the bodies besides, were busy swaying themselves to notice two lips moving as one.

Realisation dawned on Riddhima, he was not Vansh. He’s Vihaan.

She instantly pushed him away and pointed a finger, “You don’t have the right to touch me, so stay away!” she warned and moved away.

He wished he could tell her that he was her Vansh but he can’t let his desire for her overpower his revenge. He would not let her leave him, he surely would give her an earful, stay away from her for a week or two but at the end, allow her to be with him.

After this kiss, he realised that she too has gotten a number of desires for him and he’s going to tease the crap out of her as Vihaan.

And now Vihaan or Vansh, he would never be able to look at Riddhima the same way. The look of the sweet innocent girl who doesn’t know dirty things.

But now, all he needs is a cold shower for; the clubbing has cost him big.


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