Choti Sardarni 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Seher fights with Rajveer

Choti Sardarni 2nd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Seher asks Rajveer are you okay? He says yes. Seher says I hate you. Rajveer asks what happened? She says what? Are you an idiot? Couldn’t you tell me you are acrophobic? You could die. He says how could I? Our friendship is for a few days but I can give my life for it. seher says is it a joke to you? Seher cries. She says is it a joke to die in an accident? To change the life of your loved ones in a second? You don’t know. But I know it. I lost my papa and mama the same way in an accident. I wish I stopped them. Rajveer says I am very sorry. Seher cries and says you better not be. Don’t try to meet me again. I will never meet you aagin. Seher leaves. Rajveer tries to stop her. Nikhil stops him. Rajveer cries. Nikhil says stop dreaming. What’s the guarantee that she loves you? Did you even ask her? What’s the guarantee that she loves you? You didn’t think about anyone. Seher leaves. Rajveer says Nikhil give me the keys. Nikhil asks where are you going? Rajveer leaves.

Scene 2
Seher comes home. She finds a box. It says after such a tiring day and bad mood, you will need this. Seher opens, it’s ice cream. Seher says how do you always know what I want. The note says I am coming tomorrow. Seher dances. Jeejay asks Seher when did you come? How is Rajveer? Ice-cream? She says my favorite ice cream. I am so excited about tomorrow. He says is Rajveer okay? Seher says he didn’t do right. I fought with him and told him I don’t want to talk to him.

It’s raining outside. Seher sees out. Rajveer is standing there holding a sorry board. Seher says he’s crazy. He’s standing in the rain. Nikhil looks for Rajveer. Dida calls Nikhil. She asks where is Rajveer? Nikhil says he’s around. Dida asks why is his phone off? He says his battery died. Dida says there’s good news. Seher belongs to a very renowned political family. She’s Sarabjit Singh Gill’s daughter. He says that’s great. She says but too soon. I have sent someone to find out how’s her family now and how her brothers get along.

Scene 3
Rajan comes to Param’s party. He says congratulations on your award. Param introduces him to Yuvraj. He says, finance minister. Param says he should be served well. Karan is in his room. He says what? That land deal is canceled? I got it for my sister Seher. She had to open her school for special kids there. Who did it? Yuvi comes in and says Paramjit Singh Gill. Karan is shocked. Yuvi says Param, he’s always been unfair to you. He takes everything from you. You took this land and he got it. If I were in your place I would avenge it. Karan says enough. Yuvi says don’t act in anger. Attack where it would hurt the most. He tells Karan the plan. Tricky comes there. Karan says these two sports bikes for you. Karan tells Tricky the plan.

Scene 4
Seher gets Rajveer in. He dries himself. Rajveer says I am sorry Seher. I know I have hurt you. But I couldn’t say no to you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I don’t want to lose an amazing friend like you. I should have told you. Seher says please.. Meet me at the same time at 5 where you got my chain. He says did you forgive me? She says yes. He says yayy. Seher says if you dare to risk your life again. I will.. He says sorry. Seher says see you tomorrow. Rajveer is happy. He says I forgot my phone. Nikhil calls and says I have been looking for you for 3 hours. Where are you? Jeejay wants to talk to you. Rajveer says I am coming home. Seher says see you tomorrow. Rajveer leaves. Jeejay says he is in love with you. Seher says you talk trash. He says a guy can see what’s in other guy’s heart. Seher says there’s no such thing. I will clear with him.

Scene 5
Rajan calls Dida and says the family looks good. Tricky takes the phone and says close your eyes. He says return my phone. Tricky sayS close your eyes first.. Rajan closes his eyes. Tricky takes off his wig and laughs blad guy. Param says no Tricky. Karan stops Param. Param says you did all this right? Did you bring him here? Karan says he’s our family. Why wouldn’t he come here? Parma says Tricky what is this? Return it. Tricky is about to touch his head. Param stops him. Tricky falls down. Karan says you shoved Trickily, I will send this video to seher. She will see your real face. Param says give me the phone. Karan says you won’t get it. Param tries to take it. Karan and Param fight. Rajan says these guys are idiots. Both brothers are fighting like enemies. I got so insulted. Another man says see how Sarab’s sons are. Imagine how would the daughter be.

Scene 6
Rajveer says she’s awesome. She’s brave, honest, beautiful. Everything looks imperfect in front of her. I can’t find a better girl than her. I was going to propose to her today. She’s called me to the temple tomorrow. She loves me as well. I am sure about it. I will tell her she’s my life and I love her. Nikhil says what if she considers you a friend? He says I see the same love in her eyes. She called me to the temple because she wants to start it there. Nikhil says stop dreaming. He says Seher and I are meant to be. He recalls his moments with Seher. He smiles. Rajveer says start preparing. Your brother is going to get married.

Dida calls Nikhil and says nothing is more important than my brother’s happiness. If Rajveer likes Seher, so do I. She asks Bobby to prepare. She says I will go to Gill mansion to propose for Seher. Seher has to say yes and so do her brothers. She says Nikhil, my brother’s heart shouldn’t be broken. He says yes dida.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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