Choti Sardarni 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 10th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab recalls what Param said. Seher asks why are we cleaning the utensils. He says your brothers have become greedy and insecure. They need to clean their hearts. Seher says mama loves you both so much. Sarab says you trusted your nani and forgot what Meher mama taught. That alive tie weak. And together you’re strong. Hug each other. They hug, sarab says seher always bring them closer like this.

Meher says to Kulwant shame on you. Why did you do this to my kids? Do you have ajy shame? Kulwant says i asked you not to send me to jail but you didn’t listen. I ruined your motherhood. First nail hit the right place. Imagine where I would attack next.

Scene 2
Seher sleeps with Sarab. She says i feel bad for Param. Sarab asks what did you see there? She says I saw mama did bring Karan up. Param was hanging there. I was so scared. Then he back up, mama pulled him. Harleen is hearing. Sarab says mama loves you all.

Kulwant says I am a lioness before being your mom. Now see how I ruin your marriage. Meher says even God can’t part us. Harleen says sarab Meher love has blinded you. You know Param never lies. Karan and seher said the same thing. All kids can’t lie. Sarab says please. She says you’re not seeing it. Open your eyes and see the truth. At least trust the kids. She saved her son Karan not our Param.

Scene 3
Sarab comes to the temple. Sarab thinks about what Param said. He recalls Seher saying the same thing. He’s confused. Sarab says God I met Meher at this temple. Sarab says she held Param’s hands here. She saved his life. I know her. she can never differentiate between the kids. She risked her life to save Param. I will ask her. But she will think in doubting her. Meher never lies. But why are kids saying that she saved only Karan? Who should I ask what’s the truth.

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