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The fitness and wellness industry in India has witnessed a humongous growth in the last few years. However, many think that a career in the fitness industry is not a secured one. Wrong are those who believe that fitness is not a good career option. It is one of the most lucrative careers one can opt for. Brushing up the skills by gaining thorough theoretical and practical knowledge has seen Omkar Shewale make a place for himself as one of the promising names in the fitness industry.

He is a fitness coach and a certified nutritionist. He has been training singer Darshan Raval for almost three years. With his experience and knowledge about fitness, Omkar has truly proved that a fitness career can also change people’s fortunes. With a diploma degree in personal training, Omkar Shewale believes that he is a learner and a teacher at the same time. While fitness offers a variety of job roles to people like personal trainers, wellness coach, dieticians and sports nutritionists; it has also evolved with the arrival of social media and digitalization. 

Omkar Shewale’s passion for fitness goes way back to his college days. Looking back, he sees that digital media has played a critical role in the fitness industry. He says, “The usage of the internet and smartphones have seen a drastic growth of health and fitness products and services. Many fitness centres and studios have enabled mobile app-based services to book a training session at any time and day of their choice. Offering such flexibility has seen many people, especially the office goers show their interest to hit the gym.” Besides this, during the lockdown, many fitness trainers including Omkar conducted several personal training sessions. Well, that was a transition that COVID-19 brought of conducting virtual training sessions.

The trainer has been ardent and regular when it comes to working out, eating right and getting adequate hours of sleep. Looking at the fitness trends in India, many corporate setups, 5-star hotels have equipped gyms for their employees and guests respectively. Moreover, many housing societies have amended gyms for their members, and it shows how important fitness has become in everyday life. Additionally, Omkar reveals that people have become aware of the benefits of fitness like reducing stress levels, anxiety and living a disease-free life. All of these show that fitness in India is gaining great momentum, and people have started living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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