Can they hack their hearts episode 3 by attractiveuser – collaboration

Hi everyone I am back. I by mistake marked previous episode as episode 1. So it was episode 2 and this is episode 3.

Link for the previous episode:

Can they hack their hearts episode 1 by attractiveuser -first encounter

Link for first episode:

Can they hack their hearts episode 1 by attractiveuser -ways to hack Kabir’s mansion

Episode starts:

Both of them left to their respective centres. Both started working on their laptops. Riddhima and Sejal were successful in doing a lot of hacking while vansh and angre were still struggling with the hard passwords. Vansh hit the laptop in anger.

Vansh(anger): what the hell!! What is happening! Why am I not able to hack it!!

Angre: calm down bhai!

Vansh: calm down my foot!! That Riddhima is hacking everything and here were are not even able to do a single thing(fisting his hand)

Angre: umm..bhai(fear)

Vansh looked at angre with questioning look.

Angre: bhai I have a plan!

Vansh: tell.

Angre: don’t get angry please!

Vansh: angre tell!

Angre: but if you get angry!

Vansh: angre(anger)

Angre: ok ok..I think we should collaborate with Riddhima and her partner!!(in one go)

Vansh got up listening this and moved to him. He stood infront of him criscrossing his arms. Angre closed his eyes in fear.

Vansh: are you serious (anger)

Angre: voh.. bhai..I.. thought (stammering in fear)

Vansh: shut up!! You are good for nothing! You really think I will collaborate with that so called Riddhima!! Vansh rai Singhania is not that week who will take help from his competitors!!

Angre: boss but you know that this mansion is very important for us. If we hack it then our lives would be set!!

Vansh: I know but I will not take Riddhima’s help for that! (Turning around)

Angre: bhai she is not your competitor now (moving infront of him) you both are on same mission right(vansh nodded) so dushman ka dushman to dost hota hai!!(enemy’s enemy is friend)

Vansh: I said I will not take her help and that’s final (shouting)

Angre: fine then I will take her help. You alone work on this.

Vansh: angre don’t you dare(shouting)

Angre: you know I can’t go leaving you but bhai please understand she will help us a lot.

He makes him sit and tries to make him understand his point. After a lot of blabbering he agress.

Vansh: fine!! Call her but I won’t bear her antics!

Angre nodded and took up his phone. He used his sources and got Riddhima’s number. He called the number.

Angre: heya! Ms.Riddhima??

Riddhima: yes who is on the other side!

Angre: I am angre!

Riddhima: yes mr.angre! Wait I have heard your name somewhere!

Angre: yes in the world of hackers!

Riddhima: yes but where!

Angre: Mr.Vansh rai Singhania’s partner!

Riddhima (surprised):  how come you called me!!

Angre: actually we need your help!

Riddhima: my help! Interesting very interesting!! Will you do the honour of giving phone to your beloved partner.

Angre: yes wait!(handling over the phone to vansh)boss she wants to talk to you.

Vansh made an annoyed face and kept the phone on his ear.

Vansh: yes!

Riddhima: The most famous hacker needs my help! Woah!! Proud of myself.

Vansh became angry.

Vansh: it was a little bit complacited case to hack Kabir’s mansion otherwise my ancestors would also never call you!

Riddhima: itna attitude! Listen this attitude of yours will not work in front of me. Keep your ego and attitude side if you want to work to me.

Vansh: and what about your attitude miss! Won’t you lessen it!

Riddhima: and you think I will lessen it for you(sarcastic chuckle) Never!! You have to follow my rules If you want to work with me!

Vansh: you are not the boss here! This is a Collab ok!! So don’t try to boss around.

Riddhima: My nature is like this only. Its your choice if you want to work with me or not!

Vansh: I don’t want to but because of angre I am working with you!

Riddhima: whatever is the case! Be here at 9 am tomorrow. Don’t be late otherwise forget about the Collab.

Vansh: I am punctual not like you.

Riddhima: keep your mouth shut and I will text you the details of my place!

She disconnects the call leaving vansh irritated.

Riddhima (smirk): now the real game begins!!

Sejal: you are sure that our plan will work!

Riddhima: ofcourse Darling (evil smile)

She walks to her drawer and takes out vansh’s photo.

Riddhima: be ready for the game mr.hacker(smirk) I knew you would call me and that behaving like I don’t know you at the material shop was so difficult for me but now everything sorted and you in my place now(wink)

She kept his photo back. Vansh and angre was discussing about the Collab.

Vansh: I know she is good at nothing! We would take her help and then ourselves will hack his mansion.

Angre: you want to betray her!

Vansh: everything is fair in love and war and this is war angre!!(smirk)

He walked ahead and said:the real game starts sweetheart (smirk)

Both vansh and Riddhima were thinking about their plan and smirking.

Precap: Vansh: honestly If I would have met you earlier then I would have became the best hacker Riddhima!!

Hope you all like the episode.

What is Riddhima’s motive??

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