Burning in veangence #character sketch #by Aisha08

Hello peeepies  phir se aagyi me..

SO finally arushi ke kehne pr i am starting this ff..

If i will get 25+ comments in this part then only i will post chap 1

Hope u will support me..

Lets start

Here introducing our main lead


Rrahul sudhir
Vansh raisinghaina

Asia’s Dangerous Don

An arrogant ruthless mafia

Mercy word is not in his dictionary

His POv

Hii!! I am vansh raisinghania
Their is no need to give my introduction
My word is enough to make someone petrified
Do you know what is mercy
If yes then keep it to yourself because i give a damn to this kind of words
Let me give a free advice to you
If you want to stay powerful then never ever fall in love
Love makes a man weak..


Helly Shah
Riddhima Malik

Singer by profession

Quite rude and arrogant

Currently in America

Her pov

Hello!! Riddhima malik here..
I am not any sati savitri type of women
What i want i snatch it by hook or crook
I am in london right now..
See you india soon😉
Let me share a secret to u all
I am on mission right now..
Wanna know..then stay tuned to my story..

Some pivotal roles


Zain Ibad khan
Angre malhotra

Vansh’s most trust worthy person

His brother in law..

Arrogant yet kind hearted person


Hii… I am angre malhotra..

My life is not easy..
Sometimes i have to do the things which i don’t want to..
I have to become a person whom i am not..
My duty is my priority..
The only person i loved the most is my boss!!
Even my wife is not close to me that much..
If u want to know how will i manage between my duty and my heart..then stay tuned..


Zain Imam
Atishay raisinghania

Brother of vansh raisinghania

Mafia like him..

A kind hearted person

Loves her sister in law alot..


Hello.. Myself Atishay Raisinghania
You all must be wondering hoe can a mafia be kind hearted
I am expectation 😉
I love my wife..alot..but she left me..left me alone in this cruel world to die..
She was my life..my everything..
Stay hooked to know whether i will be able to cope up with this pain or not!!


Aditi rathore
Sharanya malik/ Raisinghania

Late wife of Atishay raisinghania

Riddhima’s sister

Died in an accident


Hii!! I am sharanya raisinghania
My ghost must be roaming around you right now..
I died in an accident along with so many secrets in my heart
I wasn’t weak but situation made me fragile
My secrets are still alive somewhere let’s see who will be able to know about that first
Whether it will be in right hands or wrong one…

Recurring caste


Ruhi chaturvedi
Shalmali Raisinghania

Second wife of Atishey Raisinghania..

Loves him alot

Cares for family

Consider riddhima as her own sister..


Manasvi vashishth
Aryan Raheja

Vansh’s father’s PA

Lives in VR mansion

Vansh consider him as his brother..


Chandni sharma
Ishani raisinghania

Sister of vansh

Wife of angre

Loves vansh alot

Close to shalmali (second wife of atishey)

Hates riddhima and sharanya

Ronit roy
Ajay Raisinghania

Father of vansh

Mafia like him

Pretend to be arrogant

Proud of his empire and sons

Madhurima tuli
Arundhati sindhiya

Vansh’s girlfriend

Obsessed with him

Close to ishani and shalmali


Vishal Vashishta
Kabir Goenka

Riddhima’s boyfriend

Loves her alot

Sweet and loving guy


done done dana done ✅


To sbne dekha ki mene kafi zada mehnt ki hai is story pr.. hope so response bhi wesa ho .

Lob u all

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