Blessing or miracle

Hello family.  Missed me or not?? .Sorry for not posting actually exams are starting from 19th and completing pending work , projects,  file etc . U All can understand but I will try to post ff also .

Aisha di message  – Hello peepies aisha08 here.. I posted riqnsh the saga of truth unfold epi 66 yesterday but didn’t get much comments .i won’t post next chappy untill i get 30+ comments.. Do complete my target..plz

So this is an os actually I am talking with my school bestie and want to know what happened 🙃 so let’s start.

In chat .. (maybe in hindi so pls bear it )

Sejal as my friend.

Ridhima as me.

Sejal – Ridhu u didn’t call me from few days and only talking in chat only.

Ridhu – actually busy with projects,  hw and exams u know.

Seal- hmm I know . Tell me u make friends in tu ??

Ridhima – hmm I made a lot and all was my bestie and sisters ..

My friend is very jealous with u all ..

Seal (jealousy) – can u tell me about them if u can mam ..

Ridhu (happily) – of course.  Yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat hain… want to know name aur I will describe..

Seal (angrily) – tell me fast about them I want to know pls fast ..

Ridhima – want to know.

Sejal- yes yes bata na ..

Ridhima – then okay don’t interrupt in between.  Okay ?

Sejal – okay mam . Kripya batane ka prayas karengi aap..

Ridhima – okay .(just describing in few words but I love u all)

Stuti di – very kind and sweetest.  I called her moody queen 👸..  but I love her ❤.  I want to meet her.

Radhika – my companion.  We are poles apart . I want to meet her . I love her ❤.

Gauri – she is very humble and sweet. U know sejal one thing is common we wear spectacles. I want to meet her and I love her ❤.

Jasmin – she is like my younger sis . Very stubborn u know but I love her ❤.

Jyoti – in between online class cracking pj’s.  But we are very opposite and in somewhere poles apart . I love her ❤.

Amrya – my suspense queen 👸 . We are very poles apart and like a younger sis . I love her ❤.

Aayu – very kind and sweet ❤. My  Emotional queen 👸 . But i love her ❤.

Aarushi – very naughty girl and goal is same but my detective always catch any guess . Like my younger sis. I love her ❤.

Aisha di – my fashion queen . Full filmy . My heroine.  I love her ❤. Bhulakkad bhi hain bahaut di.

Priyanshi di – she is also fashion queen . My second heroine.  I love her ❤.

Sweety – my duplicate vr . Very complicated case . Kind and very humble .. I want to her ❤ .I love her ❤

Parita – sweet and kind. I love He ❤. I want to her ❤

Niyati – kind and humble.  I love her ❤. I want to her ❤

Pomu di – sweet , kind and humble . Like elder sis . I love her and want to meet ❤

Prapati – sweet and kind . I love her ❤. I want to meet her ❤

Meena di – she is very cute , kind and humble . Like elder sis . I want to meet her and I love her ❤.

Kavya – kind , sweet and humble . I love her and want to meet ❤

Mahira – very naughty but I love her ❤.  I want to her ❤

Priyanka di – always comment in every post . Very sweet and beautiful too 😍.  I love her ❤and want to meet her. ❤

Akansha – very sweet and humble 🤗. I want to meet her and love her ❤

Jaskiran – we both are in same class , same age , belong to same state , wear spectacles etc . We mostly same 😁😁😁. Very sweet . I want to meet her and I love her ❤ .

Dishathakur di – she is surprise queen always surprise me . I want to meet her ❤ and love her ❤

Sejal they are all tu amazing,  wonderful ❤ , fantastic writers ❤ and readers too who support ❤ and motivate me . Love u all ❤ . U All always remain in my ❤

 Readers – Akshara ❤ , annanya ❤ , Salma ❤ ,  prabhleen ❤ , samisha ❤  ,  varshini ❤ , sweetie ❤ , jayshree ❤ , priyadarshini ❤ , ii ❤,  vljhp ❤,  sree ❤ , Priya ❤ , cutuu ❤..

Sejal they are my tu readers who always to motivate me to write more and more . I want to meet all of them . Love u all ❤.

Sejal – itni sare bestie or sis bana li aur mera kya 😐😐..

Ridhima – tumhara kya 🤔.

Sejal – means mere patta katta ??

Ridhima – haa ..

Sejal – baat maat kar mujhe se..

Ridhima – haa ek bestie bach gayi..

Sejal – kaun hain woh jaldi bata  😠.

Ridhima – ek ladki hain jiske saath mai 10 se zyada hoon , school mai Sara lunch mera khati hain , bahaut pareshaan karti hain , jine nhi deti bilkul , puri class bonding se jalti hain , vo mere baare mai sab janti hain A to z , etc etc ab bata yeh kaun hain.

Sejal – Me me me me me me me me 😚😚.

Ridhima – mai sabko equal pyaar Karri hoon sejal .

Sejal – ohhhkk u know I am very jealous of that besries of your .

Ridhima – isme mera koi haath nhi .

Sejal – I hope baaki aache rahe aur khush rahe .

Ridhima – hmm I hope all will remain happy and healthy including u also.

Sejal – I love u ❤ .

Ridhima-  ❤. Mumma is calling bye . Tc.

That’s its ..

What should I say miracle or blessing to have u all . I think both . I love all ❤ . I hope u remain happy and healthy ❤.  Thank you for supporting , motivating me etc .. I hope one day we all meet each other ❤❤. Words are also less to express feelings ❤

Sorry if i forgot anyone ..

Imp note – exams are starting from 19th to 26th maybe I can’t able to post but I will try . Hope u all understand.



See u all .

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