Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 15 # Hurted

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Scene 1

Vansh’s POv

I shouted her nameĀ  on top my voice..

She was trying to open a box which belongs to my mom..

Only i have a right to touch that.. how dare she..

I shouted and she flinched on her place resulting the box fell downĀ  on the floor and my mom’s pic pop out from it.. I don’t like to show that to anybody..

My blood boil more andĀ  i marched towards her holding her from shoulder

Pov ends

Vansh (shouting) – How dare you!! Who gave you the right to touch my mom’s belonging..

Riddhima’s POV

His eyes are looking like a beast as if he is ready to eat me raw..

Tears made their way from my eyes..

Like what was my fault he only says na this is my house also and i have rights on him..then why is he behaving as if i am am outsider

Pov ends

Riddhima (crying) – Vansh!! Why are you behaving like this..i didn’t pick that intentionally i was keeping clothes in ur cupboard and it fell down

And u only said na i have rights on you.. can’t i see anything which belongs to you..

Vansh’s POv

Rights!! My foot!! I won’t allow anyone to touch my mom’s belonging..

I just can’t open up my whole life in front of this..

What she thinks of herself huff!!

POV ends

Vansh (angry) – What u think of urself..tumse chaar din thik se bat kya kr li..tum mujh par apna haq smjhne lgi..kisne diya tumhe mujh par haq jtane ka haq ha.. ( i talked to u 5 days lovingly u thought that u have rights on me ) just don’t show me your face now..

Riddhima’s POV

How can he say that so easily..

Now i am hurt badly..i thought he is my friend but no..his ego is more important to him than me..

I am burden on him..fine bojh bhi halka kr dungi me.(i will light this weight)

Pov ends

Riddhima (crying) – Right! Who am i to impose rights on you..just a mere outsider hena.vansh!!

I am sorry i crossed my show me the mirror today..

I gave much more importance to can i have rights on u are vansh raisinghania..and i am nothing..

I am nothing to you vansh..

You don’t want to see my face na!! I will go..i will go away from you..

Now i wish if i die today..also you won’t get a chance to see my face..

You don’t have to bear my burden now..

Vansh’s POv

f**k!! Is she mad!! She thinks i will beg in front of her to stop her..

If she wants to leave..fine then..

Pov ends

Vansh (shouting) – You want to go!! Then leave.. leave and don’t come back..

I don’t want to see your face..just get the hell out of my sight..get lost!!

Riddhima’s POV

He shouted at me like hell my heart broke into thousand pieces..

I ran from their murmuring i am going i won’t come to you again..but not before glancing him last time with hurtfull eyes..

I banged the door of his room and left.. crying hard..

Pov ends

Scene 2

Vansh’s room

At 9 pm

Vansh’s POv

I was punching my boxing bag very hard venting out all my anger and frustration..

Her crying face is coming again andĀ  again in front of my eyes..

Honestly speaking i was angry on muself not finding that bastard thakral and my all anger vent out on her..

And this thunderstorm sounds outside making my mood more worst..

Seems like nature is also angry on me for behaving like a jerk with my sweetheart..

Realisation hit me hard!! gosh! I shouted on herĀ  badly and that hurtfull words f**k man!! Can’t you control your tongue in anger..

It’s been 2 hours and she didn’t come to check on me..

I marched towards her room but she was not there..

Searching for her in the whole house i stroked my hairs in frustration..

Where can she go in this extreme poor weather..

Wait!! She said she won’t come back..means!! She…she..left.. how can she..

Damn i only told her to leave!!

I can’t let her go .where will she go..she has no one except me..and what i did to her..

One sec! She can go to angre’s house..yes yes ! She must be there.only..

I am coming sweetheart i am coming so..sorry jaan i hurted you..

Now I can’t stay away from you..i am coming

I marched towards angre’s home like a bullet train but the weather outside is not in my favor..

It’s been so difficult to drive the whole roads are covered with snow..and the sound of thunderstorm is making it worst

I just hope she is fine..i can’t see a single scratch on her body..

She was having fever and she hadn’t wear hot clothes that time..

Why is she so careless..

Barging into angre’s house i holded him by his collar

Pov ends

Vansh (shouting) – Where is my riddhima tell me..where is my sweetheart..

Angre’s pov

Boss just barged into my house like a bullet train and held my collar asking where is riddhima

Did he really think i will let her in my house without boss..

I can’t invite my funeral feast like this..

Nodding in no i asked him what happened why is she searching her..

He narrated the whole incident to me and face palmed myself..

This man is impossible..ok i listen his ranting daily but she is a sensitive soul..and he said so harsh words to her..

Pov ends

Angre – Boss please go to home may be she came back..or she must be on the way.. where will she go leaving you..

Vansh – You are right! Track her location! I am going back to home..

Vansh’s POV

While driving car the only thought roaming in my mind was what if she didn’t come to home..

The weather is becoming worst every second..

I just can’t loose her man!!

She is an angel for me..i started smiling after her arrival ..

She just can’t snatch my smile from me..

But the truth is it was me who broke her by my words..

Reaching to home i barged in like a hungry dog but the house is empty..

Feeling life my home again becomes house.. without her..

It lost his soul..

But if she not here than where is she..

Damnn!! Angre is calling me..must be he found her location..

Yes!! I am coming sweetheart..

Angre gave me the location it’s XYZ cliff..

What is she doing there..what if she try to …

No no!! She can’t left me like this..

Gosh!! Why this angre is calling me now..

Pov ends

Vansh (on call) – Now what happened angre..

Angre- boss please on the TV..

Vansh’s POV

Is he mad or what..

Here my sweetheart is missing and he is asking me to watch tv

But after forcing by angre i turned on the TV ..

I switched to news channel and the floor slept beneath my legs..

A lone tear escape from my eyes first timeĀ  after my mother’s demise..

Pov ends

Vansh (shouting) – Nooooooooo!!!!!!!

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Word count : 1299

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