Bawara Dil 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bai wants Sonal and Sarkar married

Bawara Dil 22nd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shiva looks at Kiran touching Sonal and grabs his hand. He glares at him. He says how dare you to touch my sister? Soni gets tensed.

Vailash whispers to Mangala that starts your drama. Mangala starts getting dizzy like Devi is coming inside her. All look on.

Kiran tells Shiva that it’s not like that. Shiva hears Mangala’s voice and takes Soni from there.

In the function, we all see Mangala acting like Devi is inside her. Sidhi comes there and looks on. She thinks Mausi got dizzy like Devi is inside her and now this. Sarkar comes there. Shiva brings Soni there. Soni is scared of Sarkar. Sarkar glares at Kiran. Mangala wobbles like a devi. Sidhi tries to calm her but Mangala shouts to leave her house. Mausi comes there and shouts who is screaming loudly? Who are you to take out house’s lakshmi? Mausi asks who are you? Vailash says she is devi. Mausi slaps him hard and he falls down. All start taking her blessing like she is a devi. Sarakar tries to touch her feet but Devi slaps him and says how dare you touch a woman? Mangala asks what is going on? This Mausi is doing a drama. We have got a woman like Sidhi who took away our peace. Mausi tries to grab her but Malini calms her down. Shiva asks Mangala that you are fine? You acted like you had Devi inside you. You have insulted Devi and her loyalists here, you should apologize. Mangala says I am not feeling well and goes from there. Ishwar says it’s okay, I couldn’t serve you well so I am sorry. Shiva says I am sorry about what happened because of my family. Sidhi thinks Shiva Lashkare is saying sorry? Shiva tells Soni and Sidhi to leave with him.

Soni is sitting in her room. Sidhi says you were missing after the dance, are you fine? What happened? Sonal says I went to change and Sarkar tried to molest me. Sidhi says what? He has crossed all limits. Where was I? Did he do something.. Soni says he was touching me forcefully but Kiran Sir came at the right time and saved me. I would have died if something happened to me.

Scene 2
Vijiya comes to Shiva and says don’t worry about Mangala. Shiva says she acted as Devi came in her. Vijiya says I know it was wrong. Shiva says she is being unfair with her daughter-in-law. Vijiya says you are acting like a husband who was insulted in front of his inlaws and taking his wife’s side. I think you are learning some things from Kiran too. She goes from there. Shiva thinks I have to talk to that Kiran. I can’t put Soni in trouble.

Soni cries and tells Sidhi that we should have told everything to Baba. Sidhi says I know you are in pain but I am always with you and I won’t let anything wrong happen with you. I promise what happened today will never happen again. Shiva comes there and sees Soni sleeping in Sidhi’s lap. He smiles and goes from there.

In the morning, Sidhi is looking around for Shiva but Vijiya says he left the house. Sidhi says I have to talk to him and end this drama of Akka Bai. The doorbell rings, Soni says it must be Kiran Sir. She opens the door to see Sarkar standing there. She gets scared and moves back. Akka Bai enters the house with Bhavin.

Shiva and Jalwa are in the car. He says I wouldn’t spare Kiran, how dare he touch my sister. Jalwa says Sidhi won’t like this. Shiva says I don’t care about anything else but my sister’s respect. Sidhi calls Shiva but he doesn’t pick up.

Akka Bai tells Mangala that I will come to the point. My son Sarkar likes your daughter Sonal so I have brought a wedding proposal. I want Sonal to get married to Sarkar. Sidhi is stunned.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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