Barrister Babu 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bondita meets Anirudh and family

Barrister Babu 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anirudh coming to the train station. He says I don’t even know Vaijanti, how will I identify her. Bondita takes a disguise. He calls out Vaijanti. She looks out of the train. She tries to get down the train. Anirudh asks are you inside. She says yes. The door gets locked. He pushes the door open. She falls over him. They fall on the flowers. The saree cloth moves off her face. He sees her face. Hulchul hui….plays….

They get up. She says I m Vaijanti. He says I was looking for you, the train was leaving, will you say something. She talks in Tamil. He asks what did you say. She thinks of reading Tamil and learning the language to say I love you to Anirudh. She says I said I m glad to meet you. Anirudh says same here. He says the same. She smiles. He says I m Anirudh Roy Choudhary. She says my Appa, my dad told me. He corrects her and asks her to be careful of the crowd. She asks shall I hold your hand. He asks what.

He says walk behind. She thinks I was walking behind you since childhood. He asks did you say anything. She says sorry. He says come with me, cart is waiting. She says I will do what you say, you are my teacher, I m your student. He asks will you take water. Some men stare at her. Her saree gets stuck at the stall. Anirudh goes there to help her. He covers her with the saree. Rishta tera mera….plays…. He asks her to be careful. She thanks him.

He leaves her hand and goes to the cart. He says I will help you. She holds his hand. She recalls the old moment. They sit in the cart. He sees the man’s hand hurt. He asks man to go and do the aid. He says I will ride the cart, and send the cart to your house. He pays the man and sends him. He takes the cart. He says sorry, I had to send that man to doctor, he was hurt, I will take you home safely. She thinks he doesn’t smile, I came to understand the reason of enmity, I will make you smile. She asks him to stop the cart. She gets down. He asks what happened. She says you took the name wrong. He says I said it right. She says I will sit here, I feel suffocated backside, I can see you, I mean I can see Tulsipur. Her hair and saree get over his face.

He says please handle your hair and saree. She says you can’t control air. She falls over him. He asks are you fine.. She says I m fine, the trees, the way and you… your cart looks good, I feel I have come here before. She imagines and sings Gun gun mai gaun…. They reach home. He sees her lost and goes inside. Trilochan asks where is Vaijanti. Anirudh says she is in the cart. Bihari goes to call her. Bondita cries seeing him. She says you came to take me inside, right. He says yes, come. She cries seeing the haveli. She thinks I m going to step here after 8 years. She cries recalling the childhood moments. She enters the house.

She meets Trilochan and cries recalling his words. She touches his feet and takes blessings. He asks are you crying. She says seeing you, I recalled someone dear, who got too far from me. He says maybe he died. She says no, he is in my heart, he is just bit away from me, I mean he is healthy. Anirudh comes. Trilochan doesn’t tell the name right. She says its fine, you say anything, just Kaka can say it. She says I m just a guest for you. She thinks I have come as Vaijanti to have a new relation with you.

Vaijanti asks Anirudh how did you get married, when and how. Somnath questions Vaijanti. He says she is from Krishnanagar, she is their spy. Anirudh asks is this true.

Update Credit to: Amena

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