Barrister Babu 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh confesses his feelings for Bondita

Barrister Babu 2nd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bondita coming to meet Anirudh at the temple. Trilochan asks where are your parents. She says you go upstairs, you will get the answer there. He asks what do you mean. She folds hands. Trilochan says fine, we will go upstairs. Anirudh says I want to talk to Vaijanti. Sampoorna says come soon. Bondita says I also want to talk to you, I will say first. He says everything will get saved if I say first. He argues and asks her to listen. He says sorry, don’t misunderstand me, you are very beautiful, you talk a lot, but I have no problem with that, you are educated, I like a lot of things about you, you do what your heart says, you take a stand for yourself. She gets angry. He says no one can get a reason to refuse to you, but Vaijanti, I can’t marry you. She gets shocked. He says I know you would be feeling very bad, but there is a big reason for not marrying you, I will tell you the reason now, why I can’t give you a place in my life, why I can’t have a lifelong relation with you, I can’t marry anyone, if I do that, then it will be wrong, it will be wrong with me and that girl, if I marry you, then it will be injustice with you, me and … She asks who is she, who is standing between us, tell me, who is in your heart. He says Bondita….

She cries happily. He says her name is Bondita. Rishta tera mera….. plays…. He says she is between us, she is in my heart, thinking, dreams, day and night, I have not taken her name since 8 years, I will take this name today, because its imp, I had promised Bondita 8 years back. He recalls Bondita asking him to promise, he will never make her away from himself. He says I had played piano that day, why I had eaten the Rasgulla, I had smiled after 8 years, because it reminded me of Bondita, I said yes for marriage just in anger, when I went in the court, I have seen… FB shows some the fellow lawyers burning Bondita’s dummy, her degree and coat. Anirudh runs and tries to save the barrister robe and degree from the fire. He scolds the men. He says you are mad, coward people, you aren’t able to think this girl’s struggle to reach here, this degree is a result of her hardwork of 8 years, its easy for a man to study and reach here, if a girl has to study, then she has to work hard hundred times more, she has to leave her house, family and relations behind if she has to study, she is barrister babu Bondita, everyone here will say the same about her. The man says she is Bondita Das, not Bondita Roy Choudhary, she is your enemy’s daughter. They ask Anirudh what’s his relation with Bondita. He gets sad. FB ends.

Anirudh says their questions made me realize the truth, they made me think of my relation with Bondita, then I realized that Bondita wasn’t just my responsibility, she was much more than that, she completed me, after she left, I was living an incomplete life. Bondita cries. He says Bondita fulfilled my dream, she has become a barrister, our relation is unique, Bondita knew everything that I would not see her face, even then she has tried to save our relation by risking her life, she always valued relations, I have tried to learn it from her, she did a lot, what did I do, I broke her heart. He recalls meeting Bondita. He says I can’t apologize to her, I don’t know you will understand or not, I have not seen her face in 8 years, but even then I feel like she is here with me, I always feel her around, her voice hurts in my ears and heart, I have hurt her a lot, I also got hurt, I can’t give her place to anyone else, Bondita is in my heart, she will always be there, I could have told this before, but its the first time that I spoke my feelings to myself. Bondita thinks you told it now, but I have seen love for myself in your eyes before itself, I want to tell you what’s in my heart, I love you a lot, I can’t find words to express.

He says sorry Vaijanti, I did wrong with you, I can just apologize to you. She thinks you didn’t hurt me, but healed all my wounds with love, you gave me a big happiness, its my turn to say now, I m your Bondita. She says I want to tell you that… Chandrachur comes there playing dhol. She hides behind Anirudh. Anirudh says stay here, I will just come. He goes to Chandrachur.

Chandrachur taunts him. He says this time, we have an ace, we can get a chance to do puja in the temple. Anirudh asks what’s the weapon. Chandrachur says it will be a dangerous strike, so we are playing dhol nagada in advance. Anirudh says I m enough alone for you all, I practice swordfighting, not dhol. Chandrachur goes. Anirudh looks for Vaijanti. The man says she left. Anirudh says maybe she felt bad of my words and left. Trilochan asks where is Vaijanti, her parents didn’t come. Anirudh says she left. Sampoorna asks why. He says I refused to marry her. Trilochan asks why did you do this, because of Bondita.

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